Are You a Draconian Starseed? 29 Signs, Traits, Soul Mission & More

Draconian starseeds get a bad reputation in the spiritual community, and by bad rep, I mean bad. Power hungry. Cruel. Malicious. Ruthless.

These are all words that have been used to describe this soul group. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, there is a deep shadow aspect within the Draconian race, but they are deeply misunderstood. 

What is a Draconian Starseed?

There are actually two types of Draconian starseed. The dark and the light kind. The difference lies within their energy type.

The dark kind are the souls that tarnish the Draconian reputation. These are the manipulators, the resource-hungry and ill-intentioned souls in the world. The ones who stop at nothing until they get what they want.

Then, there’s the light kind; the kind that’s loyal, altruistic, confident, and yet quietly compassionate. The light Draconian starseeds probably have the toughest time of all on Earth.

a dragon lizard on a black constellation background

As they awaken to their true starseed self, they’ll have to battle with the overpowering shadow side. The dark side of them that is in-built and screams to take over.

It’s encoded deep within their DNA; almost primally.

It influences their thoughts, actions, behaviors, and relationships in this world, making life feel extremely difficult at times. This is very similar to the Reptilian starseed experience.

Who are the Dark Draconians?

Dark draconian starseeds have been incarnating on Earth since the dawn of mankind. They’re master recyclers, shifting from one human family to another, always avoiding the light in between lifetimes.

They rule as they please, create their own systems, and seek to manipulate. They’re incredibly power hungry and have no good intentions, though it is possible for them to truly change if they so wish. 

Some traits include;

  • Dominating and controlling
  • Calculating
  • Has their own agenda when interacting with others
  • Asserts power
  • Compelling to have their needs met
  • Cunning and sly
  • Master manipulators
  • Good at lying

Who are the Light Draconians?

Light Draconian starseeds are the master builders, architects, and creators. They’re the logical beings of light.

Whereas other starseed types can come across as flighty and ungrounded, Draconian energy is the complete opposite. It’s rooted in structure, routine, order, and physicality.

It’s almost military-like with marching orders. It demands attention.

This isn’t a bad thing though. Everything in this universe has and needs an equal and opposite to create harmony and balance.

It’s this energy that gets things done, things ticked off the list and new structures built and woven into the fabric of our planet. Draconians are very much needed in this lifetime and are not just an ‘add-on’ to other types. 

Draconian Soul Origin

Draconians come from the Draco constellation. Draco means “dragon” in Latin. Draco is home to several stars including Thuban or alpha draconis.

draconian constellation with the head of the serpent, alpha draconis
The Draconian Constellation Map showing the ‘Head of the Serpent’, Alpha Draconis

Thuban was known as the original North Star by ancient astronomers before Polaris replaced its status.

Did you know the Egyptian pyramids were built with an entrance passage that perfectly aligned with Thuban at night?

But here’s where it gets super interesting; Draco is a massive cluster of galaxies and interacting clusters.

Within its constellation, Draco has stars located as close as 142 light years away all the way to 3 billion light years away! Spiritually, this shows just how expansive and far-reaching the impact of Draconian energy is.

Draconian Starseed Traits and Signs


A life-long battle, Draconians struggle with the dark side of their being. They have incredibly dark and negative thoughts.

At times, they feel so strong it completely overwhelms their body and everyday functions. They never intend to harm anyone else. In fact, most of the damage is internal, always at odds with themselves.


These soul beings have a very strong and charismatic aura. Its main colour is green, though it can sometimes flash white, blue or even purple. It easily draws people in.

Draconians might not have a lot of people they can call ‘true friends’, but they typically do have large circles of ‘acquaintances’. 


Draconians typically get on well with starseeds who come from Lyra and Polaris. The Draco constellation neighbors ‘Ursa Minor’ as well as the ‘Lyra’ constellation, so Draco is a galactic neighbor.

Whilst these types are so different to one another, they bond over a shared sense of familiarity. 


There’s no doubt about it, Draconians have to slay many demons in their lifetime.

Not only have they incarnated from a lineage that is riddled with trauma and suffering, but they must also embrace the pain and suffering that comes from this life experience.

Inter-generational and ancestral trauma locks a vice around Draconians, which plays a huge part in their soul mission.


With a strong sense of justice, they hate inequality and mistreatment of others. They’re very quick to notice when someone is being treated unfairly.

You’ll frequently find them taking part in charitable events, organizing their own protests, or even launching a new foundation to draw attention to a cause. 


Draconians are natural attention grabbers but in the best possible way. They know what it takes to lead and teach.

They inspire through action and have no problem navigating rough seas. They’re one of the first to help in sticky situations and think of out-of-the-box solutions.


Though they don’t have an overly empathic side, they are gentle and caring by nature. They can effortlessly read other people’s body language and know when it’s time 


There’s something magical about the open water that appeals to this soul type. The fluidity, the movement, how open it feels.

a woman exploring a lake
Draconians are true explorers and love adventuring outdoors

The element of water embraces all aspects of the Draconian starseed; both the light and the dark. Similar to Mintakan beings, they’re attracted to it because it allows them some freedom in a world that is constantly trying to bring them down.


Dracos have a deep connection with all animals and creatures on this planet, but reptiles and lizards hold a special place in their heart.

They also find dragons incredibly fascinating. Reptiles and lizards are often considered outsiders or outcasts by many, not too dissimilar to how Draconian starseeds feel, even within starseed communities. 


Almost to a fault, these souls will stick by any cause, person, or scenario. They’re incredibly loyal and hold those around them in a completely positive light.

Sometimes, they put the ‘wrong’ person on a pedestal, admiring them and their qualities, whilst forgetting their own.


Similar to Arcturian starseeds, Draconian starseeds are relentless action-takers. They are the doers of this world.

If you needed something doing and doing well, give it to a Draconian. They love a good challenge and will stop at nothing until the task at hand is finished.


This starseed can sometimes across as emotionally distant and cold, but this is only ever a trauma reaction.

They’ve learned over the years that being vulnerable gets taken advantage of, and so they choose not to open up unless they feel a strong soul connection.

Can comes across and distant and cut off to others which can feel isolating

This is possible with a starseed twin flame, a soul mate, or a past life connection.


Rebellious by nature, they have a fairly challenging personality. They don’t take anything lying down, and hate being told to abide by rules that feel morally and ethically wrong.

They frequently question why another soul gets to hold so much power over another being who should be an equal.


Another dark aspect of the Draconian starseed, though it’s deeply misunderstood. Draconians can wear different masks around different people, depending on what they wish to portray.

This is seen as manipulation, but they do it because they want to fit in. They want to be loved and be seen as worthy.

It comes from a place of good intention, though many don’t see it that way.

Other Traits Might Include:

  • Very intuitive
  • Physically active – the type to take up many hobbies including going for achievements such as climbing Mount Everest, swimming with sharks, cliff diving etc
  • Knows when to break off damaging and toxic relationships
  • Longs for more emotional fulfillment in life
  • Strong-willed
  • Grounded, father-like energy
  • Analytical mind
  • Confident (though not all)
  • Materially successful (rags to riches stories in some cases)
  • Stubborn
  • Absorbs info quickly
  • Highly observant
  • Good storytellers and entertainers
  • Overachievers
  • Incredibly passionate and has many projects on the go at once

Draconian Starseed Mission

Draconian starseeds are the trauma breakers of this time. Collectively, they’re here to tear down the structures and systems that are keeping people stuck in this infinite loop of pain and suffering.

two women who are generational trauma healers

On an individual level, this might look like healing negative patterns running through a dysfunctional family, breaking ancestral patterns, or deciding to be a voice for the less able.

You can think of these souls as the peacemakers, ironically fixing the wrongs in this world.

They make wonderful therapists, teachers, leaders, engineers, scientists, and executives. In the right position, they hold a beautiful balance between power and action to bring about much-needed change.

Draconian Starseed Apperance

Other articles mention Draconian starseeds as being tall, well-built, ‘reptile humanoids’ with dark skin and blue or green eyes.

As I mention in all of my starseed articles, I don’t believe a soul on a true journey of growth and exploration will pick a body based on its appearance.

Instead, it selects a vessel based on its pre-determined energetic blueprint. That’s why a Draconian starseed can be tall, short, thin, fat, have pale or dark skin, be of any race, have any hair or eye color etc. 

The above description is likely channeled information based on what someone saw during a dream or hypnosis visitation.

I see this all the time in spiritual communities and forums where people argue over what appearance and form different starseed beings take, but it truly will be different for everyone.

The Legend Behind the Dark Draconians

There is a legend that surrounds this race, and it’s a rather tragic story. It was believed that the Draconians (the dark kind) originated from an entirely different dimension than all other soul groups.

Almost like an upside down world. They created such massive destruction in their universe that they were ‘banished’ to another dimension.

That dimension was ours, the 3D world, in which they entered through a portal connected to the Lyran constellation.

These beings that were cast out were first known as the ‘Lizzies’ before taking root in Draco, becoming fully fledged Draconians. 

Other Races That Come From Draco

  • Lifgarians (a very malicious, power-hungry race)
  • Reptilians (they also have a bad rep, but have both light and dark kinds)

Rooting into Draconian Energy

If you’re looking to get closer to your own Draconian roots, I highly recommend practicing kundalini breathing to awaken the energetic serpent that lies within.

You can also try meditation and working with a green or blue crystal such as malachite, serpentine, bloodstone, or sodalite. Galaxite is also one of the best crystals for starseeds.

Also try to keep your heart chakra balanced, open, and bathed in green light. One way to do this is by practicing grounding or ‘earthing’ where your bare feet are covered either by grass or soil. This has a calming effect on Dracos.

A Final Note From Me

Discovering you’re part of this wondrous soul group might feel like both a blessing and a curse.

I understand the alienation many Draconians feel because of the spread of misinformation, but I want you to know that you’re always valued here.

This site serves as a community for spiritual seekers, wanderers, and nomads who wish to come together.

I hope this article has brought you some much-needed clarity and answers that you’ve sought for years if not decades of your life.

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