Deep Ladybug Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning [2022]

Ladybugs have always been known for their messages of good luck, trust, abundance, wishes fulfilled, and vibrant living!

But, what you might not know is that these little creatures carry many other secret messages beneath their wings; messages that can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life.

In this post, we’ll dive into the deeper spiritual meaning of a ladybug, its true symbolism, and what it means to see one both in real life and in your dreams.

Ladybug Meaning: Symbolism & Significance

The ladybug has deep ties with happiness, positivity, and success, but this powerful spirit animal is so much more than that. She carries the energy of life-changing transformation, soul discovery, and childlike wonder and curiosity.

This small, but colorful creature is a trustworthy ally when it comes to turning a dark, gloomy day into a significantly brighter one. Seeing a ladybug is therefore generally considered a very good omen.

Ladybugs go through the same process as butterflies, transforming from an unsightly larva to a beautiful being with bold, vivid colors – even if it does take many weeks!

Masters of metamorphosis, they’re true symbols of death, rebirth, recreation; the art of knowing when we must surrender to all that was, all that is, and all that could be even when things don’t seem to be moving as fast as we’d like. Ladybugs, therefore, bear the message of patience.

Beautiful things take time to create, and whilst change may seem difficult, we can choose the path of lightness, simplicity, and ease by learning to go with the flow.

A Ladybug Crossing Your Path – A Time for Gratitude

The most common meaning behind a ladybug crossing your path is one of total soul alignment; the idea that we can never truly stray from our soul’s path, no matter how tough and challenging life becomes.

Ladybugs are not only symbols of unrelenting joy and serendipity, but they’re also symbols of unrelenting strength, perseverance, and commitment.

They usher in waves of positive transformation and signal good times ahead. It’s safe to let your guard down and feel immense gratitude for how far you’ve come. 

Above all, they symbolize that life is what we make it; that at any point we can choose to find pockets of joy and happiness whatever our current situation.

The main meanings of a ladybug, regardless of color, are:

  • True love
  • Creative passion
  • Great success
  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Embracing change & the depths of our psyche
  • Self-discovery
  • A call to satisfy your wildest dreams & desires
  • Surrendering something harmful in our lives
  • Seeing the miraculous beauty in everyday life

Here are the 5 main messages behind a ladybug or ladybird sighting.

#1 Your goals are much closer than you think

Ladybugs have the ability to stay low to the ground or take flight and gain a better perspective of their environment.

Have you been feeling stuck or trapped lately? Have you been hopping from place to place seeking a safe place to stop and rest? This is a message that you can choose to see the freedom that was and always will be there; there are always options even if you see none.

With this powerful spirit animal by your side, you’re being reminded that this entrapment is but an illusion, there is always an action you can take – no matter how small – that will move you closer to your desired intention.

#2 It’s time to reinvent yourself

Ladybugs carry many different names including ladybird (UK), ladybeetle, ladycow, and the scarlet bird – this alone carries a very important, yet often overlooked message.

At any point, you can choose to shift how you see yourself. You can choose to switch your identity, form a new sense of self, and forge a new life moving forward. You’re not limited or bound by the titles, labels, and images you truly thought were a part of your core identity.

In this instance, ladybugs are symbols of death, rebirth, and reinvention. This is particularly true if you’re harsh on yourself, hold negative images of your being or self-sabotage.

The overarching message here is one of self-work; it’s time to embrace shadow work and shed all that is no longer serving you.

#3 Embrace the duality of your life (and work with it)

A ladybug’s defining characteristic is its spots; the sheer contrast of a vibrant red or amber body against midnight black spots. This represents the duality that is present in our lives; the yin and the yang, the light and the dark. The idea is that there are always two sides or aspects of ourselves we could be working on.

Have you been wholly focusing on the negative in your life recently? Or (and you might find this odd), have you been focusing on only the positive? Neither of these are particularly great, and both lead to the development of unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Too much high vibe, high energy, high positivity, can make life seem superficial, fake, and void of meaning. Too much negativity, dwelling on past mistakes, and trauma can create a warped perception of the world.

The ladybug wants you to heal, grow and nurture both sides of yourself; neglecting one will only lead to problems further down the road. 

#4 Embrace the forgotten inner child within

When you were a child, did the sight of a ladybug fascinate you? Did it make you stare in sheer wonder? Did you want to play with it or giggle as it crawled over your skin? Adults are often out of touch with this child-like state of innocence and curiosity, believing it to be foolish, immature, or impractical, but from a psychological point of view, it’s one of the healthiest reactions in the world.

Allowing some elements of ‘childishness’ into your life allows for a symbolic retreat from modern-day reality, encourages eccentricity, and helps us refind parts of ourselves we may have lost a long time ago. The message here is to embrace the little one within and set him or her free.

Alternatively, seeing a ladybug can represent that your inner child is deeply wounded and needs healing.

Inner child wounds are deep, complex, and reach far beyond the breadth of this post, but here’s an idea of some wounds you might not realize are inner child issues; fear of abandonment, not liking to ask for help, low self-worth, repressing emotions, fear of being left out, not feeling psychologically safe, etc. 

#5 Something is invading your peace

These beautiful creatures aren’t as harmless as you think. The Harlequin Ladybird is considered an invasive species and is killing other species at an alarming rate.

Harlequins are tricky to identify given that they look like most other ladybug species. This means there could be something harming you without your knowledge.

Is there something invasive in your life? Does something seem too good to be true? What have you allowed to take over control? What red flags have you ignored?

Now is the time to take a step back and analyze all areas of your life; what’s working, what’s not working and can be improved, and what needs to be purged completely?

The Spiritual Meaning of a Ladybug

It’s long been believed that ladybugs have a connection to the celestial divine. Their ability to stay low and gain higher ground represents the bridge between the earthly and celestial realms. As such, this little totem animal points to transformative spiritual awakenings and sudden flashes of insight. 

Specific Ladybug Sightings, Colors & Spiritual Meanings

As with all animal symbolism and sightings, it’s important to note how you feel when you see and interact with the creature.

Similar to spider symbolism, if you feel scared seeing a ladybug, then the resulting message will likely carry a message of inner transformation, minor warnings, or will highlight something that needs healing. If you feel happy seeing a ladybug, then the message will carry a similar energy.

If a ladybug lands on you it’s considered extremely lucky, as is finding one in your home. It’s a positive sign of transformation, wishes coming true, and celebration.

Some cultures believe that whatever a ladybug touches will improve; in this instance, it could mean your life in general or a more literal meaning of return to good health.

A classic red ladybug signals auspicious energy and good luck! Some believe the brighter the coat, the stronger the luck. The number of spots you see on a red ladybug is said to correspond with the number of years you’ll be blessed with luck!

An orange ladybug is associated with strength, courage, and perseverance. It has ties with the sacral chakra, the sacred 2nd energy system in the body. It carries the message of transformation, creative passion, and wellbeing. 

A black ladybug symbolizes bravery, adventurous spirit, and the purging of anything unaligned. It encourages us to create a life that is true to our authentic self and to reconnect with emotions that we’ve pushed aside or buried for too long.

A grey (gray) ladybug highlights the merging of both parts of ourselves; the light and the dark. It’s a message to uncover and work on the deepest aspects of our ego and soul. Shadow work and inner child work are encouraged here.

A blue ladybug has ties to freedom, emotional security, and introspective journeys whereby we embark on a lifelong quest for wisdom and depth of understanding. This stunning creature represents the inner depth of the human psyche and brings a sense of serenity with it.

A lighter red or pinkish ladybug means good fortune in love, financial endeavors, and friendships.

Is Ladybug Symbolism Tied with Death?

There are a few reasons. In ancient Japanese culture, the ladybug is said to mean certain death; the idea being that each spot on its back represents the ‘tears of God’ and so this little creature carried a rather misfortune message for centuries.

Secondly, there was a long-standing belief in Celtic tribes that the ladybug was a sign of protection, both spiritually and physically.

To kill a ladybug meant bringing bad luck upon oneself and the immediate next generations (one generation for every spot the ladybug had). Some tribes in Ireland believed that killing a ladybug would result in death the following day. 

What Does Seeing a Dead Ladybug Mean?

A dead ladybug doesn’t mean all hope is lost, or that all of the wondrous qualities this totem animal brings into your life are forgotten. Spirit animals appear to us in the format we need the most; some alive, dead or even in weirdly intense formats via dreams and visions.

The key to deciphering this message is to notice your initial reaction. Is it one of joy, curiosity, or light? Or are you instantly afflicted with a pang of sadness, shock, or confusion?

The first may suggest a simple need to slow down, to take life as it comes. This message generally appears during times of burnout or emotional challenge. 

If it’s the latter scenario, I encourage you to see this beautiful creature as a mirror for your own life experiences and to analyze what’s truly happening below the surface.

Has something recently squashed your happiness? Are you denying yourself simple pleasures? Are you riddled with doubts, worries, and fears? These are all plausible questions to ask when coming across a dead ladybug.

A dead ladybug isn’t a bad sign by any means. Remember, it’s still positive to see things within yourself that need transforming.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Ladybug?

Ladybug dreams typically signal good news is on its way; a long-awaited change, a new opportunity, or the end to a difficult situation. 

A common ladybug dream involves seeing a ladybug flying high in the skies or crawling over your body; both of which are beautiful representations of your connection with the divine and your spirit guide team.

This dream indicates that more opportunities than ever are opening up on the horizon; opportunities that have been divinely woven into your soul plan.

If your ladybug dream has transformed into a nightmare, including the vision of ladybugs suffocating you or becoming large in size, this signals emotional distress or disillusion.

There’s likely a situation or past experience being replayed on a loop – something that still haunts you to this day. It’s time to bring this distress to the surface so you can address it head-on.

Wishing you love and light,

Charlotte x

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