The Meaning of a Spider: Deep Spiritual Symbolism & Message

Isn’t it fascinating how so many folklores, stories, and legends have arisen from one of the smallest creatures on Earth? I’m referring to those tiny (or in some cases big!) beasts that dangle from your ceiling or walk across your arm when you’re not looking; spiders.

Spiders can trigger both a sense of amazement and a feeling of fear in people, depending on who you ask. So, what does it mean spiritually when one appears in your life? And, is it a good or bad omen to see?

Depending on when, where, and how you felt when you first saw the spider(s), relays a lot of information about which message you’re meant to hear.

In this post, I’ll deep dive into the most common spider meanings, what each occurrence means, and the hidden spiritual meaning behind each of them.


Spider symbolism is one of effortless creation, weaving one’s destiny, flowing with the rivers of life, stepping into your personal power, and capturing opportunities that come your way.

It asks you to heal the unresolved emotions and memories that keep jumping into your life.

This eight-legged creature encourages you to use your inner wisdom, knowledge, and know-how to manifest the best possible reality.

Questions to ponder when you see a spider:

  • Are you weaving your dreams into reality?
  • Are you honoring your talents, skills, and abilities?
  • Are you moving toward a central goal or are you scattered and going in multiple directions?
  • Are you focusing too much on the future or the past?
  • Are you letting past trauma and memories overwhelm you in the present?
  • Are you focusing on others’ accomplishments and not on your own? (The web of others?)
  • Do you feel called to express yourself creatively but are denying yourself?
  • Are you developing a need for freedom? To seek and explore the big world around you?
a spider weaving a web on a golden background
A Spider Weaving a Golden Web


Spiders are the perfect symbolism for dualism in our current reality. They highlight our attention to both the light and dark sides of ourselves – the yin and yang.

On the one hand, they can express a need to go deeper into the shadow side of our psyche and unearth triggers we never thought were present. They can show us what needs to be healed to move forward on our journey of life.

On the other hand, spiders represent flourishing creativity, effortless manifestation, personal power, and flow. They wholly embody the energy of the divine feminine, and more importantly – they are the makers and keepers of their own destiny.

Whether they show up to serve a divinely timed message or walk alongside us as a spirit animal, these eight-legged creatures have much to share with the physical world.


Spiders are magnificent creatures that come in a myriad of colors and sizes. Not to mention, they’re over 300 million years old and are found on every continent in the world, except Antarctica.

The rise of horror movies and stories of fatal bites have led to the spider being associated with death, fear, survival, and panic. But, this major imbalance overshadows the creative, potent, and inspiring qualities of the spider.

They’re the energetic weavers, time masters, and travelers of this world. Even when one web is destroyed, they’ll quickly get to work building another.

An interesting spider meaning focuses on not holding onto our creations too long either. We often try to hold onto what we create but the spider spirit animal reminds us that we are free to create, destroy and rebuild as we please.

Spiders represent effortless manifestation, unbelievable strength when faced with adversity, and the ability to remap our destiny whenever we wish to. 


  • Creativity
  • Divine Feminine Energy
  • Steadfast Guardians
  • Manifestation
  • Web Weaving
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Shadow Self


If you frequently find spiders on or near your body, this is a surefire sign that you are a master manifestor. A true magician who has the ability to transform energy into anything they wish to have, be or think. You carry the energy of the visionary within your body, and spirit wants you to know just how creative you are.


One of the hallmark signs of this animal spirit guide is its silky web. Spider webs represent intuitive knowledge, insight, and manifestation. When applied to our own lives, the spider web represents the energy we wish to attract.

If we are quick to act, the web captures the golden opportunities that we seek, leading to a path of true abundance, success, and victory.

If not, we can quickly feel a pang of resentment as we let our cobweb attract dust and deteriorate.

There’s deeper hidden symbolism here too. A spider is consistently patching up the holes in its web. Or better yet, they take it down only to rebuild it again so it’s kept in the best possible condition to trap prey.

Our energy is very similar to how a spider weaves a web. Over time our energetic aura becomes filled with negative energy that we can’t shake due to emotional absorption from others or illness.

Seeing a spider could mean don’t be afraid to rebuild for a greater chance of success.


As spiders represent manifestation, duality and personal power, how we react when we see one is a clever way of determining what reality we are creating with our energy. 

Do you feel the need to scream, panic and get it off you or out of the house immediately?

Does seeing one stir you up into a frenzy of survival? This chaotic energy represents that you are creating your reality on autopilot, or are using all your energy to solve other people’s problems instead of your own.

There are subconscious traumas, beliefs, and patterns that are playing out in your head which are sabotaging your own success.

This message can sometimes show up when you’re considering going self-employed but don’t feel ready because you’ve worked for someone else your entire life.

Or, instead of panicking, do you gently brush the spider off, lay it down somewhere or let it crawl off you naturally? Do you feel a connection to the ‘little guy’ and put it somewhere it will be safe?

This is a sure sign that you are the master weaver of your destiny. You are in control of the energy you emit, and aren’t afraid to tackle the ‘beast’ head on.

It’s likely you are involved or will be involved with many creative projects full of passion, purpose and personal meaning.


Seeing a spider on a web or seeing a spider web means you have valuable ideas that need to be bound together to create something even more fantastical.

This can be a call to think bigger and better than ever before – freeing the mind, body and spirit from all earthbound limitations.

Having a spider fall down onto you from above is actually a good sign. It means you will suddenly be struck with good ideas, flashes of inspiration and guiding visions.

It can also be a sign that the effort and energy you’ve put into manifestation is paying off.

Finding a spider crawling on you is usually a positive omen, especially if it’s small. Smaller spiders have associations with financial reward, prosperity and good karma. They represent a swift return to financial balance.

If, however, you have a fearful reaction to spotting a spider on your body, it can represent an energetic imbalance within your solar plexus, throat, and crown chakras – all of which are deeply connected to our creativity, emotions and spiritual self.

Finding a spider in your hair or on your head suggests that you’ve been plagued with doubts, worries and overthinking recently.

However, the arrival of the spider signals that there are creative and intuitive solutions at hand. You’re being asked to consider your gut feeling when making any important decisions moving forward.

Finding a spider in your bed is alarming and eerily frightening, even for those who like spiders. This omen can either serve as a cautious reminder or a positive sign of spiritual progress.

As a cautious reminder, a spider in the bed means that there’s something you’re letting slip, something you’re too afraid to do, or something that’s hidden from your view.

This can also mean that someone has been hiding something from you for too long, and that the truth will be revealed soon.

Alternatively, if you’ve been doing shadow work recently, the kind that unearths traumas and subconscious blocks, this is a good sign that the layers of your psyche are starting to peel away in the most spectacular fashion.

Witnessing a spider from afar carries a fascinating message. Interestingly, spiders are both hunters and are ‘hunted’. Seeing a spider at a distance can represent a need to face your fears head on.

These are often what I call ‘play fears’ though – fears that are usually created within your own mind. Whilst many people are scared of spiders, the vast majority can do no harm.

Having a spider walk alongside you or follow you on your path is a sign that you’re being led and guided onto your soul’s unique path and mission. This is likely the energy of an animal spirit or power totem walking alongside you.

Seeing a spider scuttle away from you is a sign that there’s something you need to face up to and do. Something that you know has needed to be done for a long time, but have procrastinated on.

A spider bite means there’s something in your waking life that needs urgent attention. The bite of most spiders won’t kill you, but it will cause some swelling, inflammation, and general pain and discomfort.

This is a forewarning of what could happen (metaphorically) if this issue isn’t dealt with soon.

A spider bite on your hand relates to the giving and receiving of energy. Look at your personal relationships and attachments. Be aware of financial investments too – are you overgiving in any areas of your life?

A spider bite on your arm signifies personal power, authority, and emotional freedom. Are you feeling trapped or overwhelmed? Do you feel powerless or helpless to change?

Now would be a great time to focus on strengthening your solar plexus and root chakra, both of which can help with emotional stability.

A spider bite on your foot relates to past trauma. Is there a memory that is keeping you stuck in the past? Is there something you’re too afraid to do because of this previous triggering experience?

This totem animal is asking you to heal your energy so you can reconnect with the present moment.

A spider bite on your leg refers to your foundations and home matters. If you’ve moved recently, or just generally feel unstable, you might benefit from energetic cleansing.

This is an invitation to explore your unresolved emotions and what’s bringing turbulence into your life.


Do spiders carry a specific message for love? Yes, they do! Spiders are divine feminine goddesses.

Male or female, they represent finding someone who is compatible with your unique energy, and not accepting anything less.

The spider spirit never settles for anything less than the best. They naturally command respect, appreciation, and worth.

With eight legs, you’re reminded of the power of 8 in numerology; a symbol of infinity and longevity. The person who you choose to spend the rest of your life with will have a profound effect on not just your physical world, but also your spiritual one too.

The message here is to be careful who’s web you get caught tangled in – make sure it’s a home you feel truly safe within and not a spun illusion. 


Spiders are common in homes, but if one has piqued your curiosity recently or you keep seeing them at the same place or time, take note – there’s likely a message you need to hear.

Whenever spiders are seen in the home, you should take a look at how secure you feel; financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The home is governed by the 1st house or root chakra, aka the foundation of our energy systems and lifeforce. It looks at your defining characteristics, personality, temperament and most importantly, how you view the world.

Accompanied by feelings of fear and panic or a ‘fight or flight response’, seeing spiders in the home means that your sense of self needs grounding, rebalancing and building up.

For the body, this speaks of your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Spiders in the home teach a valuable lesson of strengthening your power where you need it most; home. This home can also represent your soul’s spiritual home, aka your body.

Seeing spiders around the bathroom? I frequently see spiders in my bathroom and bedroom. Interestingly though, the ones in my bathroom are often trapped. They fall into the bath or wash basin and can’t get out.

If this is the case for you, this is a message relating to emotions; trapped ones, more specifically. It’s a reminder to embrace the sensuality of the spider spirit; to let your emotions flow freely and to ask for help when you can’t dig your way out of an emotional situation. 


Seeing a spider at night is always a positive sign. You’re being reminded of your true personal power and creativity, something which you may have let hide in the shadows recently. Seeing one at night, no matter the size, is a sign of manifesting the life of your dreams.


Dreaming of spiders? Take note how you felt during the spider dream. The meaning of your dream will depend on your instinctual reaction to the spider(s).

Feeling afraid of spiders in your dreams is a possible sign you feel trapped or stifled somehow in your waking life.

Interestingly, it is only a sign of illusion though – the spider represents creativity, which means there is a creative solution at hand to your problems.

If you have no fear seeing spiders in your dreams, they will always have a positive connotation. They can relate to a motherly figure in your life, or one about to enter your life, future success, or reward for your recent hard work.

Seeing a spider crawling towards you in your dreams is a symbol of new beginnings and new relationships entering your life.


If you see spiders all around you, or they seem attracted by your energy, it’s likely you have a spider as a spirit animal, spirit guide, power animal, or totem.

Animals have an uncanny way of delivering messages to us via dreams, astral projections, and synchronicities. 

a spider spirit animal or totem
Spiders are powerful spirit animals to have by your side


As spirit animals, spiders appear when you need to be reminded of the amazing power of co-creation of spirit. The spider spirit animal asks you to set your guiding intention free and let it be known by the universe.

When you do this, you’ll be surprised how quickly and effortlessly visions and ideas come to you. As if by magic, you will find yourself taking one step forward, only for Spirit to move you a further ten ahead.

The infinite well of creativity, divine power, and inspiration is ready to be channeled through you.  This is the power behind the elusive, mysterious spider spirit animal.

The message here is to be clear about what intentions you set for yourself – for spirit will always weave them into motion. 


A spider power animal carries incredibly powerful energy. Are you seemingly stuck in what is the web of life? Do you have powerful guiding visions but never seem to follow them through?

Are you expecting your boldest, wildest visions to come to weave themselves into your reality?

Your spider power animal wants you to know that the Web of Intention isn’t enough by itself to make your dreams a reality – you must co-create with the universe and become its ally in action.

What are you willing to do today to make those visions come to life? Take but one action and run with it. You only need to move a molehill for spirit to move mountains.

A spider spirit animal makes a wonderful ally for writers, makers, designers, and inventors. Creation is the physical art of turning a thought into a reality.

Calling upon the spider spirit animal is a sure-fire way to transform your life and turn your desires into a reality.


Having a spider totem animal means you’re being called to rediscover your place in this world through creation.

Spider totem is inviting you to explore the darker areas of your soul, to venture into the unknown, and forge your own path (or weave a web).

You might feel a call to explore more areas of esoteric practice and search for your own grounded truth right now.

As a shadow animal spirit guide, the spider represents a renewed sense of self-worth, confidence, and courage to follow the path of self-discovery.


A White Spider can be a symbol of good luck, health, purity, innocence, confidence and simplicity, but it can also represent blandness and disappointment. Because of the vast difference in meanings, a white spider can represent that all emotions and thoughts are valid.

If you’ve had cluttered thinking recently, this is a sign to simplify your thought processes and return to a more gentler way of thinking.

A Black Spider represents dualism, the shadow and light side of ourselves. A black spider symbolizes our ability to step into the past, present, and future realms at once. Our ability to manifest and be the weavers of our destiny.

A Red Spider serves as a vibrant symbol of creativity, action, passion, lifeforce, and excitement. It can represent the need to take swift action on a wonderful and miraculous opportunity.

A Green Spider serves as a beautiful reminder of your spiritual growth, productiveness, and originality. A green spider also symbolizes fruitfulness, personal wealth, and upcoming financial gain. 

A Grey (Gray) Spider is a blend between black and white, and represents a need to return to balance within yourself. It can also represent a need to create a calm, serene and peaceful living environment.

A Brown Spider is associated with the energy of forests, wood, and earth beds. Seeing one symbolizes a deep need to ground your energy and return to the natural frequency of Mother Earth. 

A Golden or Yellow Spider represents abundance, material wealth, and prosperity on all levels of your life. When you see a yellow spider expect things to start tipping back into alignment.

A Blue Spider means that you’re divinely protected and have the ability to repel negative energy with ease. Trust that you are safe at this moment in time. 

An Orange Spider is a sign of true warmth, nurturing energy, determination, encouragement, and freedom. They are the epitome of vitality, self-control, and positivity.

A Purple Spider is associated with powerful ambition, luxury, ancient wisdom and extravagance thanks to their odd, but fascinating body color. It signifies finding the magic within your life and releasing self limiting blocks to fully step into your most authentic self.


A Wolf Spider is the ultimate symbol of divine masculine energy. They are hunters and can come across as overly aggressive, but when paired with the harmonious divine feminine, this type of energy is a force to be reckoned with.

Seeing one represents a need to find balance, switch off the hustle and find your own creative flow.

A Black Widow Spider is one of the most feared spiders because of their venom, yet less than 2% of all bites inflict major damage.

Because of their feared status, they’re meant to show you where you need to set better boundaries in your life.

Who are you letting sap your energy? When do you say ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’? Which areas of your life do you need to take back for yourself?

Jumping Spiders are the time weavers and travellers of the spider family. They show us how our past, present and future are all deeply interconnected.

Yet, a jumping spider shows us that at any moment we can jump out of a situation we don’t like. Instead of thinking we’re trapped and powerless, we can rewrite the present to create a better, more meaningful future.

A Common House Spider represents the illusions and stories you face and create on a daily basis. It asks you to question what beliefs you identify with and take on board to be true.

It’s a symbol of the ego battling with the higher self – whichever you feed becomes stronger and dominates which way you sail in life.

A Huntsman Spider is a symbol of the supernatural world – the realm of phenomena and entities that are not subject to the laws of nature.

Seeing a Huntsman can symbolise a beginning of a deep spiritual awakening; the death of ego and the reawakening of self. The being inside of you that ‘be’s’ rather than ‘does’.

Tarantulas are the mothers. A tarantula is the ultimate symbol of divine feminine power. The shedding of their external skeletons represents the shedding of heavy emotions that drain us, and the return to balance, unity and oneness.

They are symbols of bright new beginnings; often after the darkness of a turbulent storm. 

A Daddy Long Legs represents introspection and internal awareness. It asks you to pay attention to your surroundings and environment.

Where have you found yourself recently? The energy they carry can give us a broader, bigger picture overview of our life and where we’re heading.

It asks you to be still and take a step back before making any big or bold changes in your life.

A Golden Silk Orb Weaver Spider symbolises true abundance, prosperity and fruitfulness coming into your life. A sudden end to hardships and troubling times.

It’s time to weave your own golden thread of intention, and be clear about it.

A Hobo Spider reminds us of our ability to create a life of optimism, hope, and joy even when it feels like our back is against the wall.

Hobo Spiders are the epitome of thriving despite struggle. They are creatures of isolation and can survive even the coldest of cold conditions.

A Recluse Spider is a symbol of intense grounding and protection. They keep their legs firmly on the ground at all times unless otherwise provoked. They carry the energy of the natural world.

Now is a good time to reset your own energetic systems with the soothing energy of the forests and oceans by taking a solo trip.

A Money Spider brings a significant spiritual meaning in relation to wealth and finances. It can signal an uptick in income, a career promotion, a sudden financial windfall, or investments paying off. Seeing a money spider is a positive omen and carries much good luck.

A Baby Spider brings an invitation to heal your inner child and past, unresolved trauma. It wants you to connect with childlike curiosity, freedom and joy.

Take note if the spider has any shadows too. As I was writing this post I saw a daddy long legs hanging upside down, and because of the light striking its body, it looked like 3 spiders.

These numbers, especially repeating ones, can form part of the message you’re meant to hear too. In my case, looking up the meaning of number 333 was important and added more depth and clarity.


As a child I always thought spiders were a good omen! I think it’s because my dad always taught me that they were good for the house, so I never really feared them.

But because of their connection with Halloween, fear, nightmares and death in some cultures, they are often mistaken as a bad omen. However, this is an over exaggerated interpretation presented by the media. 

Spiders are neither bad nor good omens in themselves. They are guides and teachers who appear to show us deeply profound wisdom and messages; messages that help us learn more about our spiritual selves and energetic centers. 

You might see energetic spiders in the form of dreams, visions, ‘hallucinations’ and astral travels. Energetic spiders can come in an array of colours, but the main ones are black, grey or white.

Not to be confused with actual spiders, energetic ones aren’t real; they’re merely symbols of what needs healing in your life.

They often appear when you’re going through a deep spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul; grief, depression, loneliness and anxiety are other common triggers.

After the death of my dad, for many nights I had intense visions of many spiders crawling out of my bed. It felt so lifelike that I shook down all of my bed covers hoping to get rid of them, but of course, I was in some sort of trance or dreamlike state. I believe it was a deep symbol of my grief playing out in real life.

Whilst it’s true that some types of spiders carry lighter messages than others, no spider is truly a bad omen.


In many cultures, killing a spider isn’t seen as bad luck. But, that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

Spiders, like all of Earth’s creatures, are created with the intelligence of the cosmos within them. They carry the exact same lifeforce and stardust DNA within their skeletal bodies as we do.

Humans have a tendency to kill anything they have a strong aversion to which is a purely dominant response to living life on Earth.

Learning to live alongside such creatures, especially creatures that rarely set-out to harm us, carries a strong spiritual lesson; a lesson of patience, understanding and cooperation. 

So, is killing a spider bad luck? I’m not a superstitious kind of person, but I do believe in a wonderful thing called karma. Killing a spider is the equivalent of killing a part of you – purely from a karmic sense.

‘That which is done to others must be done to you’.

All creatures, big or small, have just as much license to be here as you do. And I’m not trying to be ‘preachy’ here, but this quote sums up what I’m trying to say. 

‘She asked me to kill the spider. Instead, I get the most peaceful weapons I can find. I take a cup and a napkin, put it outside and let it crawl away. If I am ever caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, just being alive and not bothering anyone, I hope I am greeted with the same kind of mercy’ – Rudy Francisco.

There’s a strong spiritual lesson to be learned here.


Native American spider symbolism is rich with meaning. Perhaps the best example is that of Spider Grandmother (Gogyeng Sowuhti) who is a constant helper and protector of humans.

In Native American symbolism, she is affectionately known as the Good Spirit, and offers good luck to anyone who calls upon her presence.

In Native American Shamanism, the spider is also said to represent the medicine wheel, offering hope and direction to wanderers, nomads, and tribes.


Animal spider symbolism doesn’t just appear on the physical planes either. Sometimes spirit can send messages through objects or things like a tattoo.

Seeing a spider tattoo encourages you to embrace your inner mystic, the side of you that knows anything is possible. The side of you that spins your own reality.

Wanting to have spider tattoos can also represent your inner goddess or god, the deeply powerful soul within. The soul that wishes to be free and roam the Earth.


Spiders are the dream weavers, time masters, and creators of this world. They come to serve as a spiritual reminder that all things are interconnected via the web of life.

Remember to pay close attention to your emotions and instinctual reactions when seeing spiders either in real life or in your dreams. This is the key to discovering what spiritual message and symbolism you were meant to hear.

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