The Julia Method: Successful Reality Shifting in 4 Simple Steps!

The Julia shifting method has been hailed one of the most effective shifting methods for beginners.

And for good reason too. It’s simple, effective and in comparison to other shifting techniques, only requires the power of your imagination.

Personally, I love using this method alongside other popular shifting methods to create long-lasting positive change.

I caught up with some Reddit and Tiktok users who claim to have used the Julia method to shift into the desired reality within a matter of moments or days. Here’s how they did it.

the julia shifting method for reality shifting


Also called the ‘I am Method’, the Julia Method, is a reality shifting technique that uses “I am” shifting affirmations to create your desired reality.

In case you’re wondering, the Julia method is actually rooted in science; it’s a blend of lucid dreaming and self-hypnosis.

Is it safe? Just as you can’t get stuck in a daydream, you can’t get stuck in an alternate universe or reality that’s visualized by your mind. So yes, it’s a safe way to shift.


Small side note: establish a primary shifting location (PSL) first! Ideally, this is somewhere you’ll be shifting from most of the time i.e. a bedroom.

Make sure it’s quiet, comfortable, free of disturbance, and private.


Many sites say that listening to pure Theta waves is best when attempting to shift realities, but this isn’t strictly true, and could actually be hampering your progress!

The sweet spot lies within the 7-8Hz range. This is the Alpha-Theta border, and represents the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

It immediately puts you in a more creative, yet relaxed state. But, it’s not so relaxed that you can’t visualize your desired reality.

‘I’ve yet to try a theta track that actually works with the Julia method!’ says Jenna, a 25 year old college grad student from Oregon.

‘This Alpha-theta mix works for me every time, though some days I need to listen to it longer to see results. Think stress definitely affects how quickly it works.’

What to do: Listen to this alpha-theta brainwave audio for 10-15 minutes. Lay back on your bed in a comfortable position and breathe deeply. Relax as much as possible.


Just repeating the words ‘I am’ won’t get you very far. It’s like only typing half your question into Google.

Instead, you need to make your reality as real as possible through the spoken word.

What do you want your desired reality to look like? Do you want to be more successful? Call in more love? Feel better emotionally?

Start by saying shifting affirmations such as;

  • ‘I am grateful to be in my desired reality’
  • ‘I am successful’
  • ‘I am confident’
  • ‘I am in transit to my desired reality.
  • “I am pure consciousness untethered.”
  • “I am free to move to any reality.”
  • ‘I am beautiful’
  • ‘I am full of joy and happiness’
  • ‘I am in a wonderful and healthy relationship’
  • ‘I am in my desired reality’

What to do: Use whatever you want to happen as an I am affirmation. Repeat these affirmations out loud until you start experiencing shifting symptoms.

Symptoms of shifting include;

  • Tingling throughout the body
  • Having a positive feeling wash over you
  • A floating sensation
  • Seeing a bright white light
  • A headache
  • Feeling detached from the world around you
  • A heaviness in your heart chakra
  • An overall lightness in your physical body

‘Once you’ve started to feel symptoms, you can be sure the julia method is working,’ says Michaela Brown, a small boutique owner in West LA.

‘Easier said than done, but try not to focus on these shifting symptoms. Staying as grounded as possible is key when shifting realities.’


Now, it’s time to visualize your desired reality. Be as specific and detailed as possible!

This is the difference between successful reality shifting and staying in your current reality.

What do you want to shift into? How does your desired reality (dr) look different from what you already experience?

Let your imagination run wild!

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it smell like?

‘I wanted to move to Lisbon in Portugal, and so used this as my desired reality’, says Jenna.

‘I chose my I am mantra to be ‘I am resting comfortably on my couch in my apartment in Lisbon.’

I noticed the sensation of the fabric. I pictured the morning sun streaming through the blinds as well as the distinctive shadows it cast over the room. I also noted the orange rooftops of the buildings outside and the smell of freshly baked bread wafting in through the window.

I made it as real as I could! And guess who’s moving to Lisbon in just 2 weeks with a new job contract?!’

Turns out the Julia method can also be used for manifesting too.

What to do: Engage your senses as much as possible when you start visualizing!


Counting from 1-100 might seem odd, but it’s a form of self-hypnosis and puts you into a sleep-awake state – exactly where you want to be.

Once every 5 seconds, add in one of your shifting affirmations,’ says Jenna.

‘It helps create repetition. For example, “1…2…3…4…5….I am ready to shift into my DR….6….7….8….9….10….I am grateful to be in my DR.’

Notice how you feel as you count upwards. Do you feel closer to your desired reality? Does your current reality feel as though it’s faded slightly?

What to do: Count from 1-100 slowly, remembering to add in your affirmations and breathe deeply.


Open your eyes! You should be in an ideal state by the time you finish counting. If not, try repeating the method.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get it the first time.

‘If you don’t feel much difference and didn’t experience any strong shifting symptoms this time round, that could be the problem. The shifting symptoms really do tell you when you’re on the verge of reality shifting,’ says Michaela.

The Julia method shifting process really is simple and easy to follow.

‘Success with the Julia method usually comes after a few tries, so don’t be too put off if nothing happens this time,’ adds Jenna.

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