101 Thoughtful Zero Waste Christmas Gifts – Zero Waste Christmas

These zero waste christmas gifts are incredibly thoughtful and are perfect for when you want to give the gift of memories and experiences that will be treasured forever.

For a simpler, more cost effective Christmas you might want to take a look through these meaningful zero waste Christmas gift ideas to give you inspiration on gifts for her, him and the kids. 

I have recently taken on the challenge of zero waste gift giving, and so far I’m loving it!


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I always felt so flat purchasing those last minute christmas gifts, wondering if the person was going to use it, knowing it wasn’t entirely meaningful, and just added more plastic and paper to the landfill. 

Not to mention the guilt that washed over me when I thought of all that beautiful wrapping paper going to waste in every household around the world. It’s just so wasteful! 

Plus, there’s nothing worse than spending lots of money on something for someone only to discover it’s sitting in a drawer or cupboard for months and months on end. 

But low waste doesn’t mean ‘hippie, not worth having gifts’. In fact, some of the best presents I’ve ever received would be considered low waste christmas gifts!

Naming a star after myself, wild safari tours, homemade hot chocolate bars…all of these were incredible gifts that I remember far more than the mass produced, commercialised stuff.

I’d much rather have experiences than things. 

There are so many fun things to do! Check out groupon or living social for some fun things to do locally too!

Last year I was gifted some meditation classes by a friend, and went for 6 weeks. It was great!

Let’s jump right into this ultimate zero waste Christmas gift guide.


Zero waste simply means living by a set of principles which focus on reducing landfill waste and preventing excessive plastic usage.

The aim is to try and select products and gifts that are meaningful to the person and will actually be used.

With the way the world is this year, it’s no surprise lots of us are searching for ways to have a simpler Christmas.

This means tight knit family gatherings, small gift exchanges and cost effective ways to make memories we’ll treasure forever.

Having a zero waste christmas is one way to do that; not only does this encourage you to select or even DIY christmas gifts that the person really wants, but it’s a great way to cut down on all that excessive wrapping paper, plastic and general stuff just not good for our beautiful planet.



zero waste christmas gifts
  1. Restaurant/Meal Outings
  2. Experience Day Gift Cards
  3. Name a Star Membership
  4. Become a WWF supporter and ‘adopt’ a wild animal
  5. Audible Membership
  6. Digital Magazine Subscription
  7. Plants
  8. Books
  9. Netflix
  10. Online Course Membership e.g. ALISON, ShareSkill, Udemy
  11. Go out to favorite wine bar or cocktail place and offer to pick up the tab
  12. Candles (non-toxic, non-carcinogenic kind, The Very Good Candle Co are my favourite)
  13. Homemade Food Hamper
  14. Homemade Sweets/Cake
  15. Homemade Bread
  16. Bamboo Travel Utensils
  17. Baked goods in a reusable tub
  18. Crocheted Mittens, scarves, hats
  19. Package Free Soap
  20. Gym Membership
  21. Dance Lessons
  22. Cooking Lessons
  23. Piece of Art 
  24. Personalised DIY Coupons (e.g. free cups of coffee for 1 day, unlimited hugs etc)
  25. Fountain Pen
  26. Homemade Quilt
  27. Museum Tickets 
  28. Reusable Travel Mug
  29. Reusable Water Bottle
  30. Bees Wax Wraps
  31. Gift Certificate for family photos
  32. Bulk Coffee
  33. Bulk loose tea leaves
  34. Save the Ocean Bracelet
  35. Bouquet of Seasonal Flowers
  36. National Parks Passport
  37. Movie Passes
  38. Library Card
  39. Theme Park Passes
  40. Bath Salts
  41. Bath Lotions
  42. Money
  43. Handmade Socks
  44. Homemade Jams and Jellies
  45. Tickets to Ballet
  46. Bamboo Gym Wear
  47. Jar of Trail Mix (Nuts and Fruit)
  48. Homemade Chocolates
  49. DIY Wooden Toys
  50. Guitar Lessons
  51. Gardening Seeds
  52. Grow your own DIY Kit
  53. Ice Skating Tickets
  54. Winery/Brewery Tour
  55. Sugar Scrubs
  56. Homemade Perfume/Cologne
  57. Bath Bombs
  58. Reusable Shopping Bags
  59. Shampoo and Conditioner (Ethique is a great non-toxic brand)
  60. Donate to charity on their behalf
  61. Sports Tickets
  62. Yoga classes
  63. Reusable Coffee Cups (Frank Green)
  64. Toy Library Subscription
  65. Homemade non-toxic Play-Doh
  66. Scuba Lessons
  67. Reusable Cloth Napkins
  68. Homemade Cookies
  69. Homemade Salsa
  70. Restaurant Gift Certificate
  71. Massage Gift Experience
  72. Fruit and Nut Basket
  73. Homemade Cosmetics and Lip Balm
  74. Safety Razor
  75. Stainless Steel Food Container
  76. Cleaning Services
  77. Gardening Services
  78. Homemade Pet Treats
  79. Homemade Hot Sauce
  80. Guitar Lessons
  81. Local Pottery
  82. Compost Bin
  83. Homemade Spice Blends
  84. Piano Lessons
  85. Guided Tours
  86. Alcohol – recycle the glass
  87. DIY Cookies in a Jar
  88. Homemade Soup Mix Kit
  89. Camping Smores Kit
  90. Second Hand Tent for Camping
  91. Wind-up Torch
  92. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board
  93. Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set
  94. Homemade Hot Cocoa in a Jar
  95. Infused Olive Oils
  96. Brownie Mix in a Jar
  97. Homemade Crayons for Kids
  98. Bus or Train Passes
  99. Christmas Light Tour
  100. Homemade Caramel Sauce
  101. Spend time together!

When in doubt use this hierarchy to determine whether a gift is meaningful or thoughtful. Time being the best thing to give someone, commercial being the absolute last case scenario. 

If you absolutely want to send something to someone, make sure it’s something they actually want.

Say you wanted to send something worth $20, sometimes people would rather the $20 in cash.

That way, we can buy what it is we really want ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with gifting money!

What are you thinking of gifting this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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