Looking for ways to make $100 a day? I totally know the feeling. It wasn’t long ago that I was working full time as a writer for an international humanitarian organization, trading countless hours for money.

I read so many articles about how to make money fast that never really delivered. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

I started working online for myself a little over a year ago.

Since then with the help of a side hustle, a full time publishing company and a little know how, I now make a six figure income working online.

I’ve been working on ways to make money online for a while so have a trick or two up my sleeve.

I’m not going to lie it will take a bit of upfront effort, especially if you are looking for ways to make passive income online. However, the hardest thing you will have to do isn’t anything physical.

The hardest thing is learning to change your money mindset and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving the level of wealth you desire.

Your money mindset is simply your perception surrounding money and your current reality.

If you have a negative mindset with money, making $100 a day might sound like a pipedream.

But, know that these are simply self-limiting subconscious beliefs sitting under the surface waiting for you to release them. They are not your reality.

I worked through my money mindset by journaling.


  • It allows you to leave your job if it’s not making you happy
  • It can put a stop to the worry, fear and doubt that comes with living pay check to pay check
  • It enables you to pay off looming debts and financial obligations
  • It means you can finally focus on building something that makes life feel fulfilling

Let’s dive right in. These are the best ways to make money in 2020.

No matter your level of skill or age, you’re sure to find something that suits you.




With a simple TEFL qualification, you can earn anywhere between $3000-5000 per month working an average of 5 hours day teaching English.

If you love working with younger kids and prefer to set your own hours, teaching English is a great way to earn $100 or more a day.

Platforms such as VIPKid and QKids will even provide the learning materials to you for a small fee if you’re new to the curriculum and aren’t sure what to teach.

Once you have enough experience, you could easily transition into setting up your own English school, and finding your own clients to further maximise revenue.

Michelle is an English teacher online and records her lessons so you can see exactly the kind of thing that would be expected of you. I personally think it’s super cute and would always bring a smile to your face.


If you love using your creative skills to imagine and design a new product for someone to use, making money on Etsy and selling passively might just be the perfect way to make $100 a day online.

Whilst many think of Etsy as a place to sell physical products that need to be made, packaged and shipped, there’s a side of Etsy that’s rarely ever covered. Instant download printables.

I personally make an extra $1000 a month passively from selling downloadable printables. Once I’ve made the product I don’t have to do anything else which is perfect for my busy life!

It hasn’t quite reached the $100 a day mark, but I’m only spending a few hours on it every month so it’s absolutely not a bad earner for the small amount of time invested.

The best-selling products? Birthday invites, baby shower cards, wedding banners, children’s stickers, cricut patterns and so much more!

Most of these can be designed in Canva, a free online graphic design software. To make even more money at home, I highly recommend allowing your customers to personalize their items.

You can do this with a software like CORJL for a small monthly subscription.

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Proofreading is one of those business ideas that is recommended a lot, but we rarely see in action.

Proofreading is simply looking through documents and trying to spot grammatical errors, typos and poor sentence structure.

According to Glassdoor the average salary of a proof-reader is right around $45,000 per year, but there’s a huge potential to grow this into a 6 figure or even 7 figure business once you have loyal clients.

Remember just because there’s an average, doesn’t mean you can’t surpass it.

To get started, you’ll ideally want to take a proofreading crash course or better yet a recognised qualification.

These can take as little as 2-3 weeks to complete and are often self-paced, online. To start finding clients straight away, you’ll want to join sites such as Scribendi and Prompt.


Thanks to graphic design sites such as Canva and free online e-commerce platforms such as Cafepress and Redbubble, anyone can open a free online store and can start selling custom merchandise or products for free. Yes, free.

Cafepress and Redbubble are effectively like Ebay. They’re gigantic pre-existing stores where sellers list their designs for a profit.

You’re making a profit on a free listing. Unlike Shopify where you have to pay upfront for hosting, domain names and marketing,  Redubble and Cafepress only take a slice of the profit after you’ve made your sale. There’s no upfront costs.

But do people actually buy stuff off Cafepress? Absolutely.

Last year alone, Cafepress turned a $76.3 million revenue. That’s just their share, not a total sum of all their sales.

This idea is also completely passive. You don’t need physical items to sell, package and ship.

These print on demand companies do all the hard work for you, including dealing with any customer service issues.

But I’m not a designer…can I still make this idea work? Absolutely.

The best-selling products on these sites are actually basic text overlays. In other words, a t-shirt with some text that says something like ‘nothing makes sense before coffee’. That’s it.

You can easily design this in Canva, a free online graphic design software in as little as 5 minutes. Just make sure to remove the white background using a free tool like this one before you upload to Cafepress to make sure the design looks great for your customer.

If you’re witty with quotes or are good at coming up with catchy slogans, this could easily be a killer way to make $100 a day online.


If you’re looking for a highly flexible work from home job with a low upfront investment, transcription fits the bill.

A transcriptionist (or transcriber) is someone who listens to recorded speech and types it into a document. As simple as that.

They are often employed within medical or legal industries, but whilst it might help you to have a background in that field, it’s absolutely not necessary.

According to optal transcription services, you don’t need a fancy degree, just some basic training. Transcriptionists can work in pretty much any general field including insurance, police, marketing and education, although legal and medical pay much more.

Transcriptionists can expect to earn anywhere from $40-60 an hour, more for highly specialised fields. Linkedin job searches and groups are one of the best places to find these jobs as they’re rarely advertised on mass job boards.


Love a good clothing bargain? If you love heading to thrift stores and up-cycling vintage finds, selling on Poshmark could easily become a six figure earner for you.

Poshmark is similar to Ebay in that you send a physical product to your customer, but Poshmark tends to only sell clothes. A friend of mine, Sara, sells clothes on Poshmark and makes $130,000+ a year. That’s only within 2 years of starting.

She does say it takes a bit of time to understand what sells well on Poshmark, but if you keep a close eye on trends and seasonal finds, you’re on your way to success.

She finds all of her clothes at dollar stores, charity shops or donation centres and then sells them on for a profit. It’s also a great way to give an old piece of clothing a new lease of life. Plus, it’s better for the planet.


Special freelance writing involves narrowing down your area of focus so you can offer the best services to the highest paying industries.

If you’re freelance writing for the healthcare or technology industry for example, you can expect to command a much higher hourly rate than say if you were writing general posts for people’s blogs.

If you’re great at translating high-end, technical concepts into easy to understand concepts for end users, then you’d make an ideal specialist freelance writer.

Freelance writers can expect to earn anywhere from $60-80+ an hour for speciality subjects.

Jordan at Creative Revolt built her freelance writing business to thousands of dollars every month despite not having a degree in that area.

Highly recommend checking out her website for free resources to get started.


Affiliate marketing is essentially where you get paid to promote someone else’s products, and every time someone uses your unique tracking link to purchase that product, you make a commission.

Some commissions can easily be 40-50% of the product’s total cost. If you are promoting a high cost product, you can see why that adds up very quickly! There are two great ways to start earning money through affiliate marketing.

1) Start a high priced review blog, and 2) Create Youtube tutorial videos.

Videos that show people on Youtube how to set something up using a software or a tech gadget for example usually are top money earners. Why?

Naturally, people want to follow along with a tutorial and so by dropping your unique tracking link in the description of the video, you can expect a good conversion rate.

These tutorial videos don’t need to be super long either to generate good commissions.

Photoshop for example will pay you 85% commission on the first month of the person’s subscription. That’s serious money!

Bluehost and other hosting companies will pay a flat fee of $65 if someone joins using your link. There’s definitely good money to be made in affiliate marketing.

OBS is a free software you can use to record your screen. You can also use the free Open Shot video editor or iMovie if you have Mac/Apple to edit your videos.

The great thing about this idea? Because it’s a tutorial video, you never need to show yourself. It’s a fab way to make $100 a day or more.

Check out my other post on ways for teens to make money for more in depth detail on affiliate marketing. You can absolutely read this even if you’re not a teen!


The online education industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whilst this may take a little more time to grow than the other money making ideas, creating courses can easily turn into a passive income source.

Here’s the good news though, you don’t necessarily have to pay for a website or expensive course hosting fees.

If you are knowledgeable in an area but want to test the market before going all out, upload your course to Udemy.

Udemy is a pre-existing platform where millions of people search for courses day in day out.

Whilst Udemy do take a fair share of the profit, seen as they helped you find the customers, this is a very quick and easy way to create a course and start earning $100 a day relatively quickly.

A guy called Joseph Michael did the exact same thing. He spotted a gap in the market for writers and authors who were struggling to use, Scrivener, an editing software.

He created a Udemy course and makes roughly $40k a month with his business now.


A sponsored post is a simple way to generate new content for your blog/accounts and get paid for it. Even with a small blog or audience size, sponsored posts can be incredibly lucrative.

You don’t need 1 million followers to succeed either. In fact, having a smaller, more engaged audience is what brands are now looking for when it comes to sponsored partnerships.

They want to know that their product is being shown to the right people. Quality over quantity.

Beginners with an engaged audience size of 1k+ can expect to charge $400-500 per post.

The top price I’ve seen for this size audience is $850! Imagine if you landed 6 brand sponsorships every month.

That alone would make you an extra $3000 per month! To get started, you’ll want to create a brand media kit to maximise your chances of the company saying yes to working with you.

Check out this Canva post on how to create one.


You don’t need to be an influencer in the traditional sense to start making money on Instagram.

Accounts built around copyright free and credited videos can easily turn into a reliable stream of income with sponsored shout outs.

Think about how many cute animal and pet accounts you’ve seen with thousands of followers.

Companies will pay anywhere from $50-500 per Instagram shout out, be it a post, a story or a reel. If you built a cat account for example, you could promote cat toys, cat treats, cat grooming services etc.

You can do in this any niche; sports, fashion, animals, personal development, positivity etc.

The key is to niche down to a relevant audience. It’s well worth taking the time to build an engaged audience to offer Instagram shout outs. It’s best to reach out to brands yourself rather than joining those shout out sites.

Brands are far more likely to collab with someone who is genuinely interested in their product.


I’m adding coaching to the list because when done right, you could easily make thousands of dollars a day, not just hundreds.

This will take a bit more time to build than the rest of the small business ideas here but it’s worth it in the long run. The average coach makes around $60,000-80,000 a year.

Of course, don’t think this is your limit!

There are thousands of coaches making that a MONTH. The key to becoming a successful coach?

Focusing on the transformation you will provide the client. People pay for transformation, not information.

Focus on the pain point and make it obvious in your content that’s the solution you provide.


Virtual assistants can earn anywhere between $40-60 an hour, sometimes more if you have knowledge or expertise of the area you’re in.

Business owners everywhere are on the lookout for professional and organized virtual assistants to help out with admin based tasks. Don’t let the word ‘admin’ fool you though.

Virtual assistants actually have a very diverse and varied role to play.

Tasks could include anything from social media scheduling to writing thank you notes to clients to helping set up live events and functions.

Just last month I hired an amazing virtual assistant to help manage my Etsy shop.

She specialized in managing ecommerce stores so for me it was a no brainer.

She’s been so helpful! I found her on Linkedin through some simple outreach, but little did I know she was also in some of the Etsy Facebook groups I’m in.

The key to being found as a VA is to go to where your client hangs out.


If you want to earn $100 or more a day without any experience or qualifications, this is a great place to start!

Companies are always hosting focus groups.

Focus groups are put together to gain valuable feedback and opinions which are then used by the company to improve a product or service.

At first I was hesitant to include this as a genuine way to earn money, but just last week I was invited to take part in a tech study; $250 for just an hour of work!

It was simply answering questions and providing simple feedback. No professional experience required. In fact, they actually wanted me to be a non-user of their service.

Most focus groups I’ve seen will pay anywhere from $75-350 for 30 minutes to 60 minutes of your time.

User interviews have a diverse range of studies for you to look at.

Anything from gaming, travel, tech, sports, pets, hobbies, social media, music, books are all common. They boast some big name clients too including Pinterest, Wayfair, Vistaprint, Spotify and more!

How does focus group testing work?

Super simple.

  • You apply to participate in studies that you think are a good fit for you.
  • The company/sponsor of the study reviews the applications and then invites those who are best fitted to the study to join.
  • If you receive an invitation, you choose a time that suits you from those made available by the researcher.
  • After you have completed the study, you are paid via PayPal, cash, or Amazon gift cards. Payment type is often your choice.


If you love animals, pets especially, becoming a pet sitter is an easy way to make $100 a day or more.

Owners of smaller animals in particular have a hard time trying to find suitable places to look after their pets as most kennels will not board them. Pet sitters can make an average of $15-25+ an hour, more if you have a pet care qualification.

One thing to note here though is that pet owners like myself aren’t necessarily looking for qualifications, we’re looking for whether you’ll really take care of our pets.

If you join sites such as Care.com, you’ll want to note whether you’ve had pets in the past, what breed, any volunteer experience, and just show a real passion for pet care in your profile!

I, and many other pet owners, prefer to see genuine care over qualifications.

Another great site is Rover.com.

Rover offer many different services to pet owners, and once you’ve registered with them, you’ll be able to decide which ones you want to offer to potential clients. These include:

  • Dog boarding – Care for a dog (or cat) overnight in your home! Sitters who offer this service often earn double than sitters who don’t offer this service. This is ideal if you have quite a bit of pet care experience under your belt, and have a decent amount of space for them to stay.
  • Doggy Daycare – Look after a doggo just for a few hours! Kind of like childcare. You don’t have to keep them overnight, but you do get to keep them entertained, fed and watered for a few hours. Doggy daycare is perfect for a busy schedule as you can decide when to work.
  • Dog Walking – Choose to walk a dog when it fits your schedule
  • House Sitting – Stay with pets in their natural home whilst their owners are away

If you want to give pet sitting a go, and create your profile, head to Rover.com to get started.

Even with just a few hours a week, you could make an extra $100-300+ a week which quickly adds up.


Around the globe, 5 million Youtube videos are watched every day. The average user spends over 40 minutes on the platform per session.

That’s vastly higher than other social media platforms.

Ryan’s Toy Review for example earn a whopping $22 million by playing around with toys. Not bad for 30 minutes of ‘work’ here and there.

Making money from Youtube isn’t just limited to musicians or popular influencers either.

If you become a Youtube Partner, the average content creator can start making money online in different ways. These are; ads before your videos, channel memberships, or Google AdSense banner ads.

There are some entry requirements to this program; you must amass a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers.

However, depending on the area you’re posting, this can be fairly easy. Think about it: once you’ve created a video and provided you’ve tagged it correctly; you will rack up views even as you sleep.

Want to master your Youtube SEO and gain more views? You’ll need to focus on hitting Youtube’s key ranking factors;

  • Number of comments
  • Subscribes after watching a video
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down ratio
  • Video length
  • Click-through-rate on the YouTube search result

Plus, YouTube is making many changes to try to make it easier for creators to earn more ad revenue, including giving creators access to mid-roll ads on eight-minute videos starting later this month.

Previously, a video had to reach 10 minutes to enable these types of ads.

For every 20,000 views you get, you’ll receive roughly $60 in earnings.

This can of course increase and decrease throughout the year.

The best thing? All you need to get started on Youtube is video editing software and a camera.


I never usually include any kind of real estate investing tip into my blog posts because for the general population looking to make money quickly, we often don’t have thousands of dollars to play with. This, however is different.

Crowdfunded real estate investing lets you invest in real estate without the hassle of managing properties or becoming a landlord.

Websites such as Fundrise allow you to add money into your account which professional real estate investors then use to invest into properties on your behalf.

You then receive the dividends from this investment.

This is perhaps the cheapest way to get started with real estate investment. You can start with $500 in your account.


Having worked at a tech start-up for a few years, one thing I absolutely know is in high demand are website testers. Website testers are used as part of product development and to check how accessible and easy to navigate a website is.

It absolutely does not matter that you don’t have tech or website design experience, in fact, it’s preferred if you don’t.

Website designers and product teams want to see how the average user interacts with the site, not how a total tech buff handles it. Sites such as UserTesting are a great way to break into this ever growing industry.

You can get paid around $10-20 for 20 minutes of work.

You’ll just need a software that records your screen so you can send the video to the companies. Check out this free software to get started.


This is pretty neat, and something I didn’t know about until a friend of mine who is a student started making money doing it.

Top websites such as Google need to make sure their search engine is working as effectively as it should and that it’s bringing up the most relevant search results.

Bonus, you can make money from home with this idea as many companies are actively searching for remote workers to do these tasks.

Sites like Appen enable you to become a search engine evaluator, making roughly $13-15 hourly.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on ways to earn money online and generate some extra income passively! Let me know in the comments if you’re thinking of giving any of these ideas a try!