With these crazy fun virtual 4th July party ideas you can still host an epic 4th July party even if ‘in real life’ meet ups are still off the radar.

If there’s ever been a 4th of July we really should celebrate, it should be this one. 2020 hasn’t been the kindest year, and with everything going on in the world, we could all do with a little festive fun right now.

Whilst we can all still fire up our barbecues and watch fireworks at a distance, most of us are craving that ‘in-person’ contact with our family, friends and neighbourhood communities.


While meeting in real life is still a big no-no for many of us, it doesn’t mean the 4th of July has to be cancelled. With these 13 crazy fun virtual 4th of July party ideas you can still ‘see’ your loved ones and have a blast doing holiday themed activities too! Let’s jump right in.

13 Crazy Fun Virtual 4th July Party Ideas

1) Get Your Trivia On

Love a bit of trivia? Throw an American History Trivia party. Compile some facts about the U.S, making sure to double down on difficult trivia for those history buffs in your group and challenge your guests to a bit of competition. Host it via zoom to get everyone involved.

2) Host a Dress-Up Competition

To get your guests in the party mood, ask them to come dressed to impress! Host your very own 4th of July costume party from your own living rooms. Kids will love it, especially younger ones, and giggles are guaranteed.

3) 4th July Bingo

Perfect indoor fun. Print out a few free patriotic Bingo cards online or design your own using construction paper and stickers. Winners can win small prizes which can be delivered to their door or mailed. Check out some free printable bingo cards here.

4) Uncle Sam Hat Competition

Set up a competition to create the best looking Uncle Sam Hat! With some simple crafts; card, glue, star cut-outs and glitter, you can create a fun hat in no time. After everyone is finished, let the party decide on the winner, or better yet, hop onto Facebook Live and do a virtual parade. Perfect idea if you’ve already opted for the 4th July dress up!

5) Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are all the rage right now for homeschooling, but why not tap into some of that virtual goodness for your 4th July party? Celebrate the history of our country with virtual visits to the Statue of Liberty, NASA, Smithsonian Museum and Mount Vernon amongst others.

6) Swap Your Baskets

Instead of abandoning your 4th July picnic tradition this year, why not plan a picnic basket swap instead? Swap baskets of delicious goodies with participating neighbours, friends and family and host a virtual picnic. Set up a Zoom for everyone can join in on the fun together.

7) Guess the 4th July Jar

Challenge your guests to work out how many candies are in the jar. Fill a large fishbowl or mason jar with red, white, and blue candies and ask your virtual guests to guess how many candies are in the bowl. The winner gets a small prize, or the whole jar of goodies delivered to their door.

8) Red, White and Blue Round Robin

Simple, but fun game to play with the family. The first person must name something red, the second names something white, and the third something blue. Carry on around in this fashion. Anytime someone repeats an item or can’t think of something, they’re out!

9) Patriotic Charades

Hone your acting skills and put on a show for a patriotic spin on this classic game. Write some famous American heroes, cartoons, places and characters on some index cards, host a Zoom or Facebook Live and play a good ol’ game of charades.

10) Visit Philly Virtually

Visit the first capital of the United States to remember the tradition behind the 4th of July, making sure to note the places of signing for key documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

Make sure to check out iconic sights such as Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall, and the Betsy Ross House with Visit Philadelphia’s virtual online tour.

11) Online Patriotic Move Night

Download browser extensions such as Netflix Party, twoseven, or Metastream and host your very own patriotic 4th July mega themed movie night. These extensions allow you to synch videos on different platforms.

Some even let you add text and have video chat features for a more family get to together feel. Choose from old classics such as Yankee Doodle Dandy to newer hits such as Independence Day and An American Tale.

12) Get Your Craft On

Kids will love this idea! For some serious crazy crafty fun on the 4th, make stars-and-striped-themed crafts like blue and red popsicle stick flags, handprint crafts for family keepsakes and even tin can fireworks. Go live on Facebook so the whole crew can follow along.

13) Fireworks at a Distance

Despite many firework displays being cancelled this year, some cities such as Boston and Nashville are televising their dazzling displays on TV. Some will be pre-recorded events whilst others may be live.

Set-up a conference call with your gang and watch them together, or grab some sparklers and Catherine Wheels to host your own low-key event in your backyard.

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