Unforgettably Authentic Brand Coaching

You’re just one step away from discovering the true power of YOU, building an unforgettably authentic brand that generates serious influence, impact & income & uplevelling your mindset for infinite success and limitless potential.

Who is it for?

My coaching is for you if…

  • You’re an incredibly ambitious entrepreneur or professional with a big vision. You are SUPER serious about bringing this to life.
  • You know you have something special deep down, and want to build an unforgettably authentic brand that creates real influence, impact & income and more importantly feels TRUE to you.
  • You worry about blending into the background when you know you were born to shine.
  • You’re 100% committed to dedicating 1 month or more (depending on your goals) to this program. You’re also ready to implement these changes and take major action.
  • You feel as though you’re messaging could be better, needs a revamp or you’re just confused as to what your ‘special sauce’ is.
  • You want to tap into the special gift only you can provide and position your brand as an incredible experience worth buying into.
  • You’re seeking to pave the way to a future you never even thought was remotely possible.
  • You’re ready for a complete, radical transformation in the way you think about success, your goals, and life in general.
  • You’re 100% open to change, even if that sounds scary right now.
  • You have already had some success, but you KNOW you’re destined for more in this beautiful world.
  • You’ve been working hard to see results, but you’re hitting brick walls, and not seeing many breakthroughs.
  • You’re ready to stop holding yourself back, ditch the little gremlins in your head, and say ‘hola’ to self-mastery and infinite success.
  • You want a passion-filled mentor who has ‘been there and done that’, but someone who doesn’t judge, and instead creates a safe space for you to flourish, grow and conquer.

What is it?

In my signature 1:1 coaching sessions, we deep dive into the mystical, yet magical realm of story branding, self-mastery, & mindset specifically designed for ambitious, but impact-driven entrepreneurs & professionals.

Each session usually lasts for 60 minutes, is personalised to your goals, and will be scheduled once a week, depending on your schedule and preference. You will also have access to me in between sessions via email and my Messenger/private client app.

This isn’t just branding coaching. Think of it as awakening your most authentic self and then building a brand that 100% embodies you.

What can you expect?

As this is a tailored coaching program, results will differ depending on your goals, but here are just some of the things you can expect…

  • Build an unforgettably authentic brand that not only embodies your unique gifts, experiences, and story, but generates serious influence, impact, & income. Double whammy.
  • Discover absolute clarity on who you are, what you stand for, your purpose, and why you’re unique (even in a crowded market).
  • Up-level your entrepreneurial and money mindset, and discover how to leverage your most powerful asset of all – YOU.
  • Hone in on your gifts, talents and strengths like never before, and gain absolute clarity on how to use them to build a core brand message & story that’s so unique that nobody, and I mean nobody can copy even if they tried.
  • A content strategy that effortlessly positions you a thought leader and expresses your value. (Did I also mention you will fill your content calendar for at least 6 months for ALL your platforms?) Bye bye content treadmill.
  • Success mapping techniques to support continuous major breakthroughs, and transform your big goals into a super manageable reality.
  • Ditch the doubt, eradicate limiting self-beliefs that are preventing you moving forward, and replace fear with bottomless confidence.
  • Demystify and unravel the thought patterns and processes that are preventing you from becoming the powerhouse you are meant to be.
  • Spice up your communication and marketing efforts, and transform browsers into buyers with your new found voice, and brand identity.
  • Reach the next stage of your life, business or career and keep on climbing long after our sessions.
  • A feeling of utter fulfilment, joy and inner peace as your dreams start to become a reality. Get ready to be excited about your future!
  • And more!

If you’re a visionary, a dreamer, a big picture thinker, ambitiously crazy (the type where people think you’re a little cuckoo when you talk about your vision), you believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it, you aren’t afraid to buck the trend, innovate, and be unforgettably authentic, I’d love to work together.

To get started, simply book a free Discovery Call!

Got questions? Great! I have answers.

How long does the whole 'coaching' thing typically take?

Well, that depends on what your goals, vision, what your current brand experience looks like, and what personal self-discovery work needs to be done (sorry, don’t shoot me!).

Coaching is highly personal, and customised to you (at least in this house it is), and I want to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for. I work with your vision, brand and personality so it’s a truly custom experience. No cookie cutter approach here!

However, with that said, if after a couple of sessions, you feel completely confident in your brand’s direction, messaging and identity, and the pesky mindset issues have been eradicated, then awesome! We can put a hold on the coaching, and keep in touch.

I’m NOT one of those coaches who will keep you from progressing just to earn an extra buck.

What does the custom coaching experience look like?

Wondering what working with me looks like? Of course you do!

I created this step-by-step process page so you can see exactly what will happen during our magical time together. 

How much will the custom experience cost?

Ah, the age old question. I’m not the cheapest out there, but I do provide A LOT of value and bring a shed load of experience to the table that others flat out can’t or won’t provide.

My average hourly rate (i.e. 1 hour session) is $500. This includes the personalised materials, and prep work behind the scenes for our awesome sessions.

This also includes the necessary amount of gold dust that needs to be woven into your brand and story (I’m kidding about the last part of course).

I would love to work with you! How do I get started?

Right back at you! To get started, simply book a discovery call with me, and if we’re a good fit for eachother (plus cover the legal stuff), we can kick-start bringing your brand to life. Sound good?

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