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Let’s build you an unforgettably authentic brand that enchants your audience, expresses your value effortlessly & transforms browsers into buyers with ease. 

You can have the best product in the world, the slickest website, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads, but if your audience can’t connect with your brand on a deeper level or understand the value you’re offering through your choice of words, they’ll never turn into customers (and most likely click away after the first sentence).

Bye bye buyers!

I’m here to change that.

I unleash the power of your brand’s unique and powerful story.

I write copy that shows your audience why you’re the peanut butter to their jelly, the guiding light they’re so desperately seeking.

I invite your audience into the story, position them as the hero, and make them fall so head over heels in love with your brand that they’re just dying to buy.

More importantly, I focus on being people-driven, not product-driven. Why?

Because people don’t buy products or services.

They buy into beliefs, experiences, dreams, hopes, and transformation.

They buy into the way you make them feel.

But we both know achieving all of this (aka what feels like ‘mission impossible’) is no easy task, especially when you’re juggling a heap of other projects on your ever-growing to do list. 

That’s why I created what I like to call the ‘heavy-lifting’ program.  

Basically, I do the writing for you so you don’t have to. 

So if any of these soul-crushing problems sound familiar…

You’ve come to the right place.

Your grammar is flawless, you passed English Lit with flying colours, but you have an 'about me' page that’s drier than the Sahara desert.

Did someone say ‘fixer-upper’? Like a world-class artist painting a masterpiece, with every stroke of the keyboard, I’ll finetune your writing, and infuse personality into every word so you sound more like a real person and less like your snooze-inducing terms and conditions.

You went to town on the whole ideal client persona exercise, only to realise you have little to no clue how this translates into your content, messaging and branding.

You might be wondering, ‘how on earth do I craft words that appeal to a guy called Lewis who likes baseball, is a brownie junkie, loves the color blue and spends his weekends getting lost in the mountains? 

I uncover what your audience really care about (which might not even be on your radar), and craft messages that speak to your dream clients on a deeper level, like a freezing cold ice cream on a blazing hot summer’s day kind of level.

You end up riding the emotional roller-coaster of write, edit, delete only to want to rip your hair out (or drown in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s) when you realise you've spent half the day staring at a white screen with 3 measly lines.

If writing is about as appealing as dental surgery, you’ll spend hours upon hours cutting, chopping and well, pulling your hair out.

With my expert help, you can dock your coaster cart at the nearest exit, say adios to frustration and hola to writing that does the work for you (aka hitting the emotional mark and making more moolah).

Your brand story and messaging is more inconsistent than your internet connection. (I really hope you’re not an internet provider…)

Your brand story reaches far beyond the copy on your website, the words in your marketing materials, and the images in your ads. It’s not just about what you ‘show and tell’, it’s also about the signals your brand sends to your audience, and what they believe to be true about your business.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, we’ll work together to uncover your brand’s magical narrative, and then I’ll craft a laser-focused, powerful, authentic brand story that captivates thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of hearts (and wallets).

You’re about to launch, the stakes are high, but...

You need sales pages, email sequences, website copy, social media captions – oh my! AND you need them sparkly, bursting with personality, and what’s that other thing? Oh yeah.

They need to convert into sales.

Done, done and done.

You need a fresh set of eyes.

You believe you have a solid sales page, but you’ve spent so many hours pouring over it that you’re not so sure anymore.

You need a fresh set of eyes to make sure you’re really hitting the mark, and not just any old pair of eyes, but those that will pay attention to detail, understand your vision and embody your brand to a T.

You just wish someone could do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on more pressing areas of your business, because hey, that empire is not going to build itself, right?

Want everything in a ready-to-go package with a pretty bow on top? Yes please!

Ready to unleash the power of ‘being human’ & transform browsers into buyers? 

Let’s do this.

So if any of these frustrating problems sound familiar to you…

 You’re feeling completely overwhelmed with the whole ‘content creation’ thing and the words ‘branding’ and ‘messaging’ make your head spin.

 You’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts, free trainings and webinars (and maybe even wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on programs) but you still have no idea which direction to take to start manifesting the results you deserve, so your current strategy looks more like ‘try everything and see what sticks’.

 You’re spending hours upon hours crafting content, pouring sweat, blood and tears into your research and writing only to launch it to crickets

 You’re posting on every social media platform under the sun, but no-one is engaging with you or your offers.

 You aren’t sure how to communicate the life changing results you can provide for your clients in a clear, and concise manner,  so you worry if strangers will see the value in your programs and services.

 You’re struggling to grow, and even if you are growing, it’s slow and you’re not attracting the right clients.

 You avoid charging ‘high’ prices for your valuable work, but still don’t sell out. You might even be tempted to drop your prices. (Eek! Don’t do it!)

You hate the idea of sounding ‘salesy‘ or pushy, but don’t know how else to ‘sell’, so you follow what everyone else is doing instead. (Hint – this is not the way to go).

 You’re sick and tired of putting in so much hard work and not seeing the results you had hoped for. 

 You’re just looking for a clear-cut, personalised and laser-focused strategy that works for YOUR business.

AND you want a passion-filled mentor who truly cares about helping you to get RESULTS.

You’re in luck.

Typically Profitable is the ultimate all-in-one content, marketing and brand strategy solution for busy entrepreneurs who are seeking to clarify their message, create compelling content that connects them with their dream audience and transform their brand into a sales machine without ever sounding salesy.

This high-level, intimate 3 month 1:1 program is reserved for those who are 100% ready to take their business to the next level, whilst receiving direct and even creative support from me.

Look, I totally get it. 

You’ve seen the glossy insta-feeds and the facebook pages of other entrepreneurs.

They’re usually full of comments such as ‘when do the doors open? I want to enrol!’ and the entrepreneur is raking in the money,  jetting halfway across the world or sipping half-fat skinny lattes (is this a thing?) from some quaint coffee shop in the middle of the city whilst making a positive impact in someone’s life.

They are absolutely crushing it.

Whilst you might not want that exact lifestyle, you still secretly (or openly) envy that success, that impact. That financial freedom.

The ability to live life on your own terms whilst being a major force for positive change.

You probably wonder ‘how on earth do they do it’? What makes them so special ?

A good funnel?

Oodles of money to spend on paid advertising?

A drop dead gorgeous website?

It’s human connection.

Something many entrepreneurs are missing in their business.

Here’s what most ‘gurus’ don’t tell you about your messaging and branding.

All of those funnels, ads, and other so-called success creators won’t work unless your audience already has a deeper and emotional connection with you.

Let’s be honest, we can smell a marketing pitch a mile off.

Consumers are savvier than ever. We hate being ‘sold’ to, and here’s the crazy thing, most entrepreneurs hate doing the ‘selling’ too!

With thousands of brands desperately trying to grab the attention of the exact same customer as you,  it’s no surprise that brand loyalty is dying, and by dying, I mean falling off the cliff kind of dying.

75% of all brand emails never get opened.

99.5% of all banner ads never get clicked.

A whopping 68% of people who have ever attended a webinar have clicked off before a product was even pitched.


85% of consumers wished that brands ‘involved’ them, instead of selling at them.  

The Truth.

People don’t buy products or services.

They buy into beliefs, dreams, hopes, and transformation.

They buy into the way you make them feel!

Your products and your services are just a transformational tool to get them from point A to point B.

Your audience don’t care how they get to point B. They just want to get there, but they want to know that they will actually arrive at their destination.

This is where the trust factor, reliability and human connection comes into play.

You wouldn’t book a flight from London to Miami, only for the airline to drop you off in the middle of Greenland would you? You would expect to go all the way.

Your products and services are not the core of your business, and it’s not where your focus should be.

You could have the best product in the world, but if your message doesn’t speak to your audience, like a freezing cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day kind of speak to them, they’re never going to become a customer.

They don’t know why they need you. Fact.

Your focus should always be on being seen, being heard, and being understood BUT in a way that’s authentic, and connecting you WITH your audience, not alienating them.

True self-expression, authentic storytelling, human connection, and high value content that addresses your clients’ REAL needs.

Combine all these elements together and everything starts to fall into place. 


Creating an unparalleled presence online that positions you as an expert in your field and drives customers to you.

Crafting incredibly authentic brand messaging and content that captivates thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of hearts (and wallets), and makes your audience fall so head over heels in love with you that YOU are the ONLY person they want to work with.

Generating thousands of leads, growing your audience, and instilling a fierce brand loyalty on auto-pilot without spending a dime on FB ads or creating complicated funnels.

Waking up to payment notifications blowing up your phone and published feature length articles showing off your expertise.

Having a lifestyle where you can run a wildly successful business and still have down time to spend precious moments with your family, friends and furballs.

 Knowing that your vision is becoming a reality. Every. Single. Day.

This is what Typically Profitable is all about.

Here’s a brief overview of what we will look at during our magical time together.

Getting crystal clear on your vision, ideal clients and their struggles so you know exactly who you’re serving (and who you’re creating content for!)

Crafting high value content that generates thousands of leads, builds your email list on auto-pilot, and positions you as a thought leader in your industry without running out of ideas, giving everything away for free, or spending hours upon hours churning out content without a clear plan.

Crafting an unforgettably authentic brand message and story that’s enchants your audience, expresses your value effortlessly and of course, sells.

Selecting (and mastering!) the platforms and social networks that are a perfect fit for you and your business (because trying to juggle all of them is not the answer…)

Jumping off the entrepreneur train heading to burnoutsville, and implementing savvy systems that automate your growth, and allow you to focus on the high strategy tasks that will generate you more money and serve more clients.

Above all, unleashing the power of human connection in your business.

Want to know a little more about me?

I launched my first online business helping people to excel in their education and early career. 

I knew it was a highly competitive field, but I tried something a little different.

Something more authentic and genuine to myself AND my audience.

I didn’t want to sound salesy.

I didn’t want to use scammy marketing tactics. I was tired of other entrepreneurs using them on me, so why would I do the same?

I genuinely wanted to help people.

And…the result was incredible.

In the space of just 14 days after hitting that scary little publish button on my first article, I received over 700 notifications to say that my article had been shared. I was shocked. Was this a fluke? Was this real?

I tested the theory.

I later published another article, and within 2 days, it received 236 shares, and that number kept climbing. I was bombarded with hundreds of ‘thank you’ emails for being so honest.

My traffic spiked to over 8,000 unique visitors in less than 30 days of a brand new website.

My email list blew up (even with a double opt-in), and I caught 1,100 high quality business leads in the same month.

I even had to create a waitlist for my core program. 

I was fully booked in less than a month of starting my business, and I didn’t use webinars that included a hard sell, paid advertising of any kind or ‘guru’ marketing tactics.

Instead, I focused on what I like to call ‘connective’ marketing, authentic storytelling, and high value content.

I provided value to my audience in a way that was true to myself.

I created a clear cut content creation and brand strategy that wasn’t time consuming, complicated or product driven (but yet, I was still fully booked on my top tier program).

I didn’t just create a business, I created a brand that both myself AND my audience connected with on a deeper level.

That right there is what I call fulfilment.

I would love to work with you if you’re looking for the same.

I’m so ready to take my business to the next level! How do I get started?


Step 1: Schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for eachother.

Step 2: Get ready to take your business to the next level!

Let’s get you seen, heard and understood by your audience in an unforgettably authentic way.

Schedule your complimentary discovery call today.


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