Getting top grades doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or overwhelming.

Once you have a clear, step-by-step action plan and the right strategies in place, getting the grades you’ve always dreamed of is a piece of cake (yes, really!).

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When you’ve put so much time and effort into your studies, the last thing you want is to end your year with a disappointing grade, especially when you’ve got big plans for your future.

But (and there’s a big but…), you feel as though there are SO many things stopping you from getting those dream grades.

I totally get it.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You don’t know what revision strategies are best for you, you don’t know what your true learning style is, so you’re stuck with useless study methods such as rewrite your notes, make posters and reread the material. Help please!
  • When you sit down to study, you either have no idea where to start, or you suddenly find 100 other things you would rather do (laundry anyone?). As a result you feel completely overwhelmed and don’t actually get much done. Disaster.
  • You know you should have study systems in place, but you either don’t know what they are, or they confuse you, and sound way too technical and time-consuming to set up (Psst, they’re lifesavers & super simple!)
  • You’re finding it hard to fit all of your subjects into a manageable revision schedule whilst juggling a heap of social, work and other life commitments.
  • You constantly ask yourself, ‘how on earth am I supposed to remember all of this!?’
  • You put so much time and effort into your studies, only to fall at the least hurdle – the dreaded exam. You need solid exam strategies, and exam prep techniques ASAP.
  • You’re super TIRED of seeing lame, old generic advice such as ‘drink more water’, ‘get 8 hours sleep’ or worse ‘just use flashcards!’ (Not helpful. Cringe)
  • You feel as though you understand the subject material, until you try a past paper or practice exam and poof, all of that hard earned info is either gone, or you’re struggling to apply what you’ve learnt to the question.
  • BUT, you’re ambitious, willing to do the work & are desperate to achieve your dream grades!

You’re just looking for real TRIED & TESTED study techniques, powerhouse exam strategies and a solid study system that will get you the grades you’ve always dreamed of WITHOUT feeling burned out, overwhelmed or running to the freezer every night to drown your sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Getting top grades can feel challenging, but it’s about to get a whole LOT easier.

Hi, I’m Charlotte, award winning International Educator & Study Skills Expert.

I achieved 45A* grades and 12A*s overall from a very average state school (in fact, it was ranked one of the worst schools in the nation). I was also being bullied by teachers in this school.

Despite this, I ranked within the top 2% of all international test takers and I achieved 95%+ in every exam.

It wasn’t always like this though.

A few months prior to my final exams, I was burnt-out, overwhelmed and I felt like getting top grades meant I had to study for hours and hours on end.

Some tests I would ace and then the next test I would dip to a lower grade.

I was sick and tired of lame, generic study advice that never helped, and wanted a permanent solution for getting my dream grades.

I tried and tested over 70 strategies, and I found those that worked, and by worked, I mean really worked. Along the way, I also created my own signature strategies and systems for faster, more efficient studying.

Using my unique systems and techniques, I ranked within the top 2% of all international test takers, whilst juggling a heap of extracurricular activities.

Now, I’m currently maintaining a 1st degree in International Relations, Business & French whilst working full time, so I 100% understand the need to balance study with other commitments.

I’m all about studying smarter, not harder.

To date, I’ve helped over 2000 students across the world to ace their exams, reduce stress and feel 10x more confident about securing their dream grades.

I’m here to help you do the same!

I know, I know (thousands of people say they get top grades and then never show any proof). Here are copies of my certificates 🙂

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Take a look at the easy-peasy lemon squeezy roadmap to getting your dream grades.

MODULE 1 –  Mastering the Foundation for Ultimate Study Success

Ultimate Revision Plan & Study Schedule > Study LESS whilst getting BETTER grades? Yes please. Using the easy-to-follow study plan and revision schedule, you’ll be saying hello to top grades (and a great social life!) in no time!

Beating Procrastination > Super simple, but effective strategies to beat procrastination and get more studying done. Learn how to manage your time like a pro, structure your study sessions, and hack your mind for ultimate study success!

Motivation Mindset > Doubt getting good grades is even possible for you? It is, I promise. I show you how to develop a growth mindset, ditch the pesky gremlins inside your head, boost your confidence and finally find the motivation to study.

Understanding the Format & Structure of your Exam > Learn how to break down the format & structure of your exam so you know exactly what you should be studying, and how to best apply your knowledge during that precious exam time.

Calculating Your Grades & Goal Setting > Shoot for the stars with the handy grade calculator, and keep on track at all times with the visual goal templates.

MODULE 2 – Study Like a Pro

Making Sense of your Syllabus/Curriculum & using it to your advantage > Hint: Most students don’t do this AT ALL, so you’ll be way ahead of the game with this ultimate super strategy. Discover how to use & decode your syllabus/curriculum (without wanting to bang your head against the desk!) so you can tackle anything that comes your way with confidence.

Creating Grade-Boosting Study Guides > Ever wondered how to condense 100’s of pages of material and class notes? Now you can. Follow this step-by-step method to cut the overwhelm, condense tons of key information, and study like a pro.

Condense, Condense, Condense > Highlighting the entire page? Learn how to shorten and paraphrase your notes so you can actually remember what you’ve studied.

Lifesaving Note-Taking Strategies > The 4 types of note taking strategies (and templates!) you should be using to keep organised & prepared at all times. Be prepared to love the word ‘trigger phrases’ 🙂

Ultimate Note Taking System to Save Oodles of Time > 87% of students who don’t have a note-taking system achieve at least 2 grades lower than students who do have one. Discover how to organise your notes before, during and after class the RIGHT way.

Smart Skimming Method > Struggle to find what’s relevant and what’s not when reading? Use the time-saving colour coding strategy to pick out and identify key themes, concepts and ideas quickly and easily.

MODULE 3 – Super Study Strategies & Revision Techniques (With Real-Life Subject Examples!)

True Learning Style Check > 90% of students think they’re verbal learners, but the majority of us don’t learn this way! Discover your true learning style(s) and find the strategies which will help you to secure your dream grades in the most efficient way possible.

Top 10 Tried and Tested Study Strategies & Techniques > The best strategies and techniques that helped me achieve 12A*s and 95%-100%+ in every exam (including the subjects I HATED). Use the techniques that have helped over 2000 students worldwide gain top marks! Plus, discover my signature House Technique, Visual Thinking & 1-2-1 Review Strategy.

The Powerhouse Flashcard Trick > Think flashcards don’t work for you? Think again. This is the technique that many students DON’T KNOW about.

Recall vs Recognition > How to remember a TON of subject knowledge & information (the easy way!), and avoid opening an exam paper and having a blank mind with my ACCRO method.

Active vs Passive Revision > Remembering stuff is great, but remembering alone won’t get you top grades. You need to physically understand what you’re learning, and be able to apply it. That’s why I developed the student R.O.T.E Method, a helpful way to get you to study actively.

MODULE 4 – Acing Your Exams

E.D.U. Hack > Need practice questions? Find additional past papers and exam questions using this super effective online hack so you NEVER run out of practice tests.

Ultimate Exam Preparation > Get inside the examiner’s head, stop making silly mistakes on your exam, & learn what to do when you’ve only got a few days left before the final exam.

Proven In-Exam Strategies > 20 proven in-exam strategies to maximise your time, gain the best marks & structure your answers, whilst calming your nerves.

Establishing a Solid Future Exam Foundation > Fitting exam revision into your daily routine, whilst juggling social life & other commitments.

Secrets of a Straight A Student > Learn the truth behind what it takes to get top grades (you might be surprised)!

And…of course, there are some serious TIME-SAVING, GRADE-BOOSTING bonuses!

Bonus #1 : The Official Typically ‘Top’ Grade Binder Templates (30+ Pages) ($49 Value)

Exam Trackers

Success Mapping

Topic Planners

Complete improvement checklist

Note-taking Templates

Study Technique Tracker

Daily Planner

Core Themes/Concepts

Study Session Planner

Study Definitions

Assignment Tracker

Bonus #2 : The 1-2 week ‘Save my Grades’ fast exam revision pack & system for those ‘Help! I’ve run out of time moments’ ($29 value).

I’m not one of those people who pretends to be perfect. I have ‘run out of time moments too’.

This is the exact study plan & system I used to study for my final history exam (one of my weaker subjects), and still achieve a 98% distinction with just 2 weeks of study for 2 hours a day.

Consider this a streamlined, but effective study method for those ‘help me’ moments. 😉

Bonus #3 : A motivational pep-talk video recording that you can download and take with you everywhere you go.

Just plug and play when you’re lacking motivation, feeling overwhelmed or just need some quick inspiration! ($15 value)

Charlotte has been an absolute lifesaver! As a law student, I have lots of detailed and often crucial information to remember.

Using Charlotte’s systems & awesome strategies, I not only understood the information, but I could easily apply what I had learnt to the exam questions. For the first time in 8 months, I scored 92% on my final exam!

The best part? It didn’t even take that long to implement everything. I went from a ‘nearly drop-out’ to a top student in 2 weeks.

Fari, College Law Student


I had tried 4 different tutors by the time I found Charlotte’s course, and she was the only one who made complete sense to me!

This course is AMAZING. Every single strategy is backed up with real life subject examples, so you know exactly how and when to use it.

Her Save my Grades plan is realistic and helpful. Every tutor used to scold me for not spending more time studying, but Charlotte doesn’t do that. She understands that students are under pressure to do well, and ensures you make the most out of the time you have left.

I went up 2 grades in my end of year test, and even achieved a 9 (A*)! I have NEVER achieved this grade before.

It also helps Charlotte is a student herself – many tutors either haven’t been in school for years or never achieved top grades. With Charlotte, you get the best of both worlds.

Joy, High School Student


This course was super easy for me to understand, which is important as English is not my first language.

I was feeling extremely burnt-out and tired from spending hours studying, but Charlotte quickly helped me to understand where I was going wrong. I recently took a SAT subject test, and got a 770, 120 points more than my first attempt.

Her printables are great too, they really help you structure your study sessions, and realise what you need to focus on the most.

Thanks Charlotte!

Zosia, Homeschooler


Everything you need to ace your exams without burning out!

Your investment for results that last a lifetime?

Just $129



That’s less than just 90 minutes with a tutor!


Imagine walking into an exam with confidence knowing you’re going to absolutely ace it.

Imagine studying for LESS time but getting BETTER marks.

Imagine how happy you’ll feel to see those dream grades next to your name.

You’re just a few clicks away from all of this and so much more.

Enrolment is currently CLOSED for more amazing, grade-boosting updates.

Got questions? Great! I have answers.

Who is this for? Will it work for me?

This course is ideal for students in middle & high school right through to university/college who have exams, tests or finals, and are seeking powerhouse, time-saving, grade-boosting strategies to secure top grades. This course is also great for homeschoolers who are seeking to study more effectively!

To date, I’ve worked with over 2000 students (in mainstream education & homeschooled) either through this course or via 1:1 coaching, and every student improved their grades, with the majority improving by at least 2 grades.

Some students even went onto secure full scholarships to their dream university! This is also the exact same system & strategies I used to gain 95%+ in every exam (even in the subjects I HATED!)

How long will this take me to complete?

As a student myself, I know how busy student life is, so I designed this course with that in mind. It’s split into 4 main modules, and only contains the strategies, techniques and systems you’ll actually need to get those top grades. Absolutely no fluff.

As this is a self-paced online course, you decide how long it will take you to complete the modules.

You can plough through the whole course in a weekend (although I wouldn’t recommend that), or you can take your time and digest the information as you’re going along. Completely up to you.

Is this course available to international students?

Of course! I help students from all around the world who are taking very different exams.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the UK, the US, India, Australia or some other cool place in the world – study skills, strategies, & techniques are transfereable to any education system.

I have less than 1 month before I sit my exams. Will this help me?

Ideally, you would have more than a month left to study, but that’s not always possible.

I created the ‘Save my Grades’ Plan for this exact reason. This is designed with those ‘help me – I’ve run out of time moments’ in mind. It’s short, sweet and to the point.

I'm getting fairly good grades at the moment, but I want to know how to get the top grades. Is this suitable for me?

 Yes, this will work for you whether you’re completely new to the whole world of effective studying or whether you’re a seasoned exam-taker.

I take you through everything step-by-step, and cover both the fundamental basics as well as advanced strategies and techniques to make sure you cover everything you need to know!

Can't I just find this stuff online?

Nope! 90% of the information I find on studying at the top of google searches is plain outdated and incorrect. I also tend to find that this ‘advice’ is often written by people who have never actually achieved top grades which is fairly counter-intuitive. 

The techniques and strategies in the Student Survival Academy have been tried and tested by over 2000 students. Plus, I update the course whenever I find or create something else that will help you to study LESS whilst getting BETTER grades (e.g. study templates, which definitely can’t be found online!).

Is there a refund policy?

Unlike many online courses, there is a 15 day full refund policy (I’m that sure you’re going to love the Student Survival Academy based on previous results and reviews), but I do ask that you have tried everything, including all of the materials, resources and trainings. After all, if you don’t implement anything or take action then of course you won’t get the grades you’re looking for. Please see the refund policy disclaimer for more information.

I'm a parent. Can I buy this and then give it to my child?

Sure! Once you recieve your login details to the member vault (where the online course is held), you can just give those login details to your child, who can then access the course from any device.

How do I access the course? Will anything be mailed to me?

This is an online self-paced course. Nothing will be mailed to your address.

Once purchased, you can access the course via the login details which will be sent to the email address you used to purchase.

I love this! How do I get started?

Awesome! Super happy to have you on board. Simply click the payment choice button above to be directed to the member’s vault and follow the directions to get started! 🙂