Looking for stocking stuffers for men? In this post, we’re sharing the best cheap and cheerful stocking stuffers for men, all under $5.

From weird and wacky to downright useful, you’re sure to find a small present idea that he’ll love. 

And…as we know not all men like the same presents, we’ve made sure to include a variety of stocking stuffers ideas, designed to suit every man in your life.

These inexpensive stocking stuffers are perfect for husbands, boyfriends, brothers and even male colleagues. 

50+ Cheap & Cheerful Stocking Stuffers for Men Under $5

Add a little festive cheer to the men in your life with these cheap stocking stuffers.

As far as gift giving goes, we’re all looking for ways to make our dollars stretch a little further. 

With just 5 bucks you can net yourself some pretty enviable stuff that you would normally pay a fortune for.

If you want to save more money at Christmas this year, consider swapping out the big presents for many little stocking stuffers instead.

Let’s jump right in.

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stocking stuffers for men under 5 dollars

Multi-functional Pen. Serves as a handy tool with a ruler and screwdriver ($4 on Amazon).

Gold Face Mask. Head to Target to grab yourself a 24 karat gold face mask for just $3.99. Now you have no excuse not to pamper every man in your life.

DIY Date Night Cards. Put together a list of date night ideas that your partner can ‘cash in and redeem’ when wanted. You can also make a friend version too for guy friends. FREE.

Coffee Mug.

A Water Temperature Indicator. This little gadget shows you, with colors, if the running water from your faucet is freezing cold, just right or hot. Insanely practical, and affordable at just $3.96 on Amazon.

Batch of Yummy Christmas Cookies. Bake a batch of yummy Christmas cookies and bundle them together using an eco-friendly, yet elegant wrapping look.

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Pocket Notebooks.

Pack of Guitar Picks.

Paper Weight.

A Set of Sheet Grippers. Everyone wants their bed sheets as taut as a guitar string. With these beauties, that dream can become a reality. $3.49 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Hand Sanitizer Spray to keep germs at bay whilst leaving hands feeling soft and pampered ($3.49 Amazon)

Pair of Work Gloves. Harbor Freight offer a durable $2 pair that come with grips for manual labor.

His Favorite Magazine. You know that glossy car or golf magazine that’s always out of the weekly shopping budget. Yes, that’s the one. $3-5.

Stress Ball. Working from home? This might come in handy. $2-5 depending on where you shop.

Artificial Plants. For when you just can’t keep up with the maintenance of real ones. $4.99 at Target.

Fun Shaped Paper Clips. Inject some fun into your office work with these cute shaped duck paper clips. Available in other animal shapes too. $4.58 on Amazon.

An Old School MP3 Player. Yes, really. Remember when you couldn’t buy these for less than a couple hundred dollars? Now you can buy them for around $3.98. What a bargain.

A Lottery Ticket. Imagine if you won the jackpot. What a Christmas that would be!

A fleece throw. $4.60 on Amazon.

stocking stuffers for guys under 5 dollars

A Sneaker Wash Bag. No more stinky shoes. $4.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

A Bottle Opener Ring. A real, wearable ring that opens bottles. Only $2.06 on Amazon.

A Bottle of Wine. Trader Joe’s sells a whole bunch of wines for around $1.99. Keep an eye out for Two Buck Chuck. Tastes so good, you wouldn’t believe it was cheap.

Silver Stainless Steel Metal Straw. Help save the environment and your bank account this Christmas with this neat stocking stuffer idea. $4.00 on Amazon.

A TSA Compliant Travel Kit. Skip the airport security line headaches with a TSA approved travel kit, all ready to go at $4.49. Find at a local Target near you.

A Snack Storage Container. Nothing feels worse than when you’re hangry, a combination of hunger and anger. Stock up on snacks with this simple snack storage container for just $4.49 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

An Extension Cord. Know a guy that loves his gadgets? This essential household item might just be the best stocking stuffer for men under $5. Find at Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99.

An Outdoor Votive Tiki Torch. Get ready to light up your guy’s summer days without breaking a sweat – or your bank account. $3.99 at Target.

Personalized Travel Luggage Tags. Add a personal touch to their stocking stuffers this year with a personalized travel luggage tag. Support a small business and go homemade with an Etsy seller for a neat stocking stuffer under $5.

Collapsible Shot Keychain. $3.29 on Amazon.

Pack of Syringe Pens for the Inner Doctor or Mad Scientist. $4.47 on Amazon.

Cassette Tape Iphone Case. Go a little retro this Christmas with this neat Iphone Case. $4.99 on Amazon.

A 7 Piece Grooming Kit. Perfect for the nails and eyebrows and comes in a stylish leather style travel case for just $4.99 on Amazon.

Compact Multi Use Keychain. Complete with ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, box cutter and more. $4.96 on Amazon.

Non Toxic and Sterilizable Stainless Steel Mouth Scraper. $4.98 on Amazon.

Cards Against Humanity (Plant) Expansion Pack. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the original game cards. $5.00 on Amazon.

Pack of Beef Jerky Snacks. Lunchbox ready! $4.80 on Amazon.

Gaming Socks. For the game loving man in your life. $4.59 on Amazon.

$5 Amazon Gift Card. Or any $5 gift card for that matter.

A Colorful Razor Holder. Brighten up their morning with an adhesive colorful razor holder. $3.99 Bed Bath and Beyond.

A Spare Key Holder. Disguise your keys and keep them safe with this surprisingly convincing rock design. $4.59 at Amazon.

A Newton’s Cradle. Outfit their desk with this mesmerizing physics contraption for just $1.60 on Amazon.

cheap stocking stuffer ideas for men

Pictionary, the Card Game. Everyone’s heard and played the board version. Try the handheld pocket version for a new twist on an old game. $1.99 on Amazon.

A Golf Tee Clip. Guys forever losing their tees? Help them clip them to their golf bag with this clever holder, all yours for just $3.45 on Amazon.

An HDMI cable. These trusty cables can retail for up to $30 in tech stores or places like Best Buy. Head to Amazon for a bargain at just $3.99. Oh, and trust us, they work. When we started working from home, these were a godsend!

Reusable Chopsticks. Because eating sushi with a fork is a big no-no. Swap out the flimsy balsa wood chopsticks and try these chestnut wood reusable chopsticks instead. $2.69 on Amazon.

A Scalp Massager. Scratch that itch in style for just $4.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Seatbelt Cutter. Here’s hoping you’ll never use it, but it’s always better to have it and never need it, than need it and not have it. Helps you escape a car quickly if needed. $4.91 on Amazon.

Vinyl Decals. Decals can be a super fun stocking stuffer, especially if you have a cricut machine. Decals can be added to walls, computers, desks and more.

A Box of La Croix or similar. Love it or hate it, it’s a sparkling beverage that’s inside your budget. $4.00 at Target.

Headphones. Needn’t break the bank. These cost $4.50 at Amazon.

A Hand Juicer. Know a guy that likes to make his own smoothies and homemade meals? This hand juicer might make his job a little easier. $3.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Order a ‘Grande Dead Eye’ at Starbucks. So technically you couldn’t stuff this in a stocking but it’s well worth listing. It’s only $2.50, is delicious and boasts a serious caffeine kick.

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What are you thinking of getting the men in your life this Christmas? Which stocking stuffers ideas are you thinking of purchasing? Let us know in the comments.