Spread a little leprechaun fun this St.Patrick’s Day with my free St.Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt, complete with 16 printable clues and interactive props!

If you’ve ever fancied chasing a silly leprechaun around your home (a leprechaun that leaves a trail of items in its wake), then you’ll want to grab this printable game. It truly is a fun-filled bonanza!

Family friendly, little kids and big kids alike will adore this interactive game.

Simply print out the St.Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt printable clues and hide them throughout the home for players to find a hidden surprise at the end.

st patrick's day scavenger hunt clues with printable cards on an irish themed background

It’s completely up to you what the surprise is. You can make it St.Paddy’s day themed, or not at all, completely up to you!

Further in this post, I’ll give you some ideas that I know have gone down a hit in the past!

All of the locations mentioned on the cards are fairly simple and common in most households i.e. a bed, a tv, a sink etc. 

Let’s get Shamrockin’ and rollin.


I’ve made these St.Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt clues as accessible as possible, especially for families with younger children.

The clues refer to common household locations and items you might find during this charming holiday. Think bookshelves, clothes, tv, fridge etc.

As this Scavenger hunt refers to chasing a leprechaun around the home, I thought it would be fun to also include interactive props you can print and place with the mini cards.

It completely adds to the whole scavenger hunt atmosphere! Little kids adore it!

I’ve added a note on the printables as to which props go with which card so please make sure to read them after printing. 

There are 16 rhyming printable clues in total, and they’re all in order.

Each card is numbered so don’t worry about mixing them up.

Here is a complete list of locations you will need to hide the clues in:

  1. You choose the first location
  2. A fridge/freezer (+ interactive props)
  3. Under a cleaning cloth/sponge/something you clean with near the fridge (+ interactive rops)
  4. Under a tissue or a roll of toilet paper
  5. Near a toaster or grilling machine
  6. In a washing basket, laundry tub
  7. Outside, where you might find chicks (+ interactive props)
  8. In the sink or where you wash hands
  9. Behind the TV
  10. In a pile of clothes
  11. With kid’s craft materials or in a make-up
  12. A dining table
  13. An oven
  14. Near a bin
  15. Computer
  16. Bookshelf
  17. Under a giant cookie (inside the bookshelf/near books)


You could easily use this St.Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt to hunt for a small or big present. 

I always like to put the printable cards in a little envelope and hide a small gift with the clue, especially if I’m playing with a bigger group or family.

You can gift wrap some tiny presents to keep little ones entertained.

Other amazing ideas:

  • A St.Patrick’s Day themed basket
  • A coloring book
  • Small, collectible toys
  • A book/chapter book
  • Family movie night in basket
  • Small arts and craft set
  • Hot chocolate sachets
  • Marshmallow Spring Camp Kit

This way, everyone has a chance to at least get a small gift as you’re hopping from room to room. Ideal for larger families. 

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I decided to include interactive props with this St.Paddy’s scavenger hunt this year, and the result was fantastic! It really brings the clues to life, and is perfect for pretend play. 

printable st patrick's day scavenger hunt for kids with printable interactive props

Note: you can replace some of the props with real items if you wish, but I’ve included a printable version for last-minute family games. 

Scavenger hunt props include:

  • A Leprechaun Crust (a real St.Patrick’s Day pie with googly eyes!)
  • A Horrendous Mess the Leprechaun Left (put these printables in your fridge)
  • Golden treasure coins
  • Baby chicks
  • Crumbly Cookies
  • A Giant Cookie 

Simply cut them out, laminate if you want, and place in the appropriate locations.

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Download your free St.Paddy’s hunting clues right here using the link below.

This will open up the printable game in a new tab/window. Note, the file might take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.


To save it to your computer simply click the downwards pointing arrow. Or, if you’re ready to print, simply hit the print button.

Make sure to select the correct paper size and scale for your printer.

These files are sized to US Letter, so will print perfect on both US letter and A4 sized paper.

You can resize for A5 or smaller if you wish using the percentage option.


Other than the small presents and a pair of scissors, nope! That’s the beauty of Scavenger hunts, they’re lots of fun but don’t require lots of extra prep. Plus, with the interactive props, you can print and go.

You might also want:

  • Mini envelopes (optional)
  • Big present at the end (optional)


Simply follow the instructions below for a quick set-up!

1 – Print out the scavenger hunt clues and interactive props (download the printable clues and sheets above). I recommend printing on card stock so the cards aren’t super flimsy. These clues are set to print on US letter size. Also will print well on A4.

2 – Cut out the cards and props.

3 – Place the St.Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt clues and props in the correct locations around the house. I recommend making the clues easily visible for small kids. Playing with adults or older kids? You can hide them really well. There’s more finding hard to find clues!

4 – Hide the main present, and small presents (optional)


I’ve put this FAQ section together which will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Will This Scavenger Hunt Work For My House/Family?

Everyone should be able to use this printable scavenger hunt. As with all my scavenger hunts, I’ve tried to make the clues as common as possible.

The clues lead to objects or items routinely found in most homes.

I realise not everyone decorates their home for St.Patrick’s so I’ve stayed away from anything referring to decorations specifically.

How Many Clues Are There?

This St.Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt has 16 clues in total. Please refer to the location hiding list above to hide the clues. The last clue leads to the main gift or present.

I Can’t Seem to Get the File to Open For Me. What Can I Do?

Please wait a few seconds for the file to load, especially if you’re seeing a circle going round and round. 

If you’re being asked to ‘request permission to access’, I recommend trying to open the file on a desktop using Google Chrome or a similar browser. 

Important: If you’re using a work computer, work email address, or intranet VPN it’s not likely to open due to your company’s strict server settings.

If that doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section below making sure to provide your email address (don’t worry, it doesn’t get published), and I’ll send you a copy of the scavenger hunt.

Do You Have Blank Cards Or Editable Checklists I Can Use?

Unfortunately, not yet (although I am definitely looking into this!).

I designed these cards myself using a graphic design software, so they’re not editable. Please do not edit or redistribute this game either.

Is This Scavenger Hunt For Adults Or Just Kids?

This St.Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt is aimed at kids, though the whole family can join in too!

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Happy Shamrock Day!

Charlotte x