There’s something truly magical about decorating a Christmas tree full of lights and ornaments.

With these small Christmas trees you can still decorate for the festive season even with a small space.

You can definitely decorate to the nines without having a towering tree in your home.

Swap out your festive firs for these mini trees.

Or better yet, check out the easy DIY alternatives that evoke the same magic as a grand evergreen.


No matter how you choose to decorate these, small space friendly christmas trees are sure to brighten your season.

1. Simple Small Space Christmas Tree

small christmas trees ideas

To save on floor space, add a small Christmas tree to a side table to recreate a gorgeous luxury festive look on a budget.

2. Aspen Plywood Corner Tree

aspen plywood christmas tree

Cut out some aspen plywood to create a cozy present holding nook space, ideal placement for small corners.

3. Candlestick Decorative Mini Trees

mini candlestick christmas trees

Deck out the halls with these simple, small yet beautiful Christmas trees. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

4. Retro Candy Tin Christmas Tree

retro christmas small tree

Stack this tiny vintage tree in a candy tin. Add a few decorative baubles and silver tin to round off the glam glitter look.

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5. Pink & Blue Mini Christmas Tree

pink and blue mini christmas tree

Skip the red and green Christmas theme this year and instead opt for bright blues and pinks to brighten up your living room this holiday season. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

6. Medium Scandi Tree

medium sized scandi Christmas tree

Neatly tucked into a tall basket, this medium sized Scandi tree is perfect for apartment small corners.

Choose to decorate in a minimalist style or go all out, depending on your style.

7. Multi Colored Small Christmas Tree

multi colored christmas tree

Don’t feel the need to just stick with traditional red and greens this year.

Make your small tree especially merry and bright with some multi-colored ornaments and lights instead. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

8. Country Charm Mini Christmas Tree

country charm rustic mini christmas tree

Bring some major country charm into your life with this dazzling mini Christmas tree.

Trim with burlap banner, lantern ornaments and stand in a galvanized bucket.

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9. Vintage Children’s Room Christmas Tree

vintage childrens bedroom christmas tree

Perfect for a kids room, this vintage retro tree is as jolly as Santa Claus himself.

These old school full size ornaments of reindeers, stockings and Santa look beautiful.

10. Minimalist Scandinavian Basket Tree

minimalist scandi small christmas tree

Sometimes less is more – with this Scandinavian tree minimalist tree, all you need is a cozy blanket and a woven basket to complete this festive look. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

11. Glitter and Gold Corner Tree

gold glitter small christmas tree idea

Go for gold this Christmas with this gold and silver glittered tree.

Pack with a handful of giant baubles and silver tinsel to round off the look.

12. Kitchen Magic Mini Tree

mini christmas tree for the kitchen

Get into the spirit of holiday baking with this mini kitchen sized Christmas tree.

This fun idea comes complete with a toaster and cheese grater ornament , of course! Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

13. DIY Small Space Greeting Cards Tree

DIY christmas greeting card wall tree

No room for a Christmas tree? Try out this DIY dollar store, super budget friendly Christmas card wall tree. 

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Love these small Christmas tree ideas? Which decorating ideas are you thinking of trying? Let us know in the comments.