Stunning, elegant and charming, the Scandinavian style can be quite the eye-pleaser. With its minimalistic feel and rustic look, classic Scandi-styled bedrooms emphasize functionality over design.

Cold and neutral colors such as greys, whites and beiges focus heavily in Scandivnaian bedrooms, but don’t let that fool you into thinking these bedroom designs are anything less than cozy.

With some well-chosen accessories, these minimalist bedrooms are quickly transformed into a calming sanctuary.

For a pop of color, consider toning the room with pastels; baby blues, mauves, light pinks and pale yellows are all a good option.

Incorporating these colors into linens, pillow cases, throws, art and even flowers is an easy way to warm up a neutral room.

I’ve chosen a selection of Scandi styles for your inspiration; everything from vintage to industrial to cabin style charm, you’re sure to find a Scandinavian bedroom you love!

19 Heavenly Scandinavian Bedrooms

1. White background with monochrome throws and accessories

2. Rustic wood cabin look with a white wash decoration

rustic wood cabin Scandinavian bedroom with few accessories

3. Modern Scandinavian bedroom, monochromatic look

Monochromatic scandinavian bedroom

4. Simple, yet elegant Scandi style, minimalist feel

elegant yet simplistic Scandinavian bedroom

5. Natural greys with snowdrop hanging, lots of natural light

Natural greys with snowdrop hanging, lots of natural light

6. A modern country take on Scandinavian bedrooms

modern take on a country style Scandi room

7. Pair light greys with pastel pinks for a lovely feminine finish

Pink and grey Scandinavian bedroom for a lovely feminine finish

8. Small Scandinavian bedroom uses lots of whites to emphasize natural light

small scandinavian bedroom with beige bed throw

9. Pretty in pastels, add a pop of color using baby blues and pastel pinks

Pastel Scandi bedroom

10. Scandi bedroom turned office, wall art statement piece

Modern office style Scandinavian bedroom

11. Traditional, warm and cozy, dark woods bring out a natural look

Rustic scandi style log cabin bedroom with a natural and warm feel

12. Lovely bedroom with grey hanging canopy on exposed beam

Lovely Scandinavian bedroom with hanging canopy on exposed beam

13. Add a floating bed for a high-end, yet simplistic Scandi look

Scandinavian bedroom with a floating bed

14. Faint orange accents to liven up an otherwise neutral room

Scandinavian bedroom with faint orange dashes of color

15. Cozy in fur, a faux fur throw or rug is the perfect addition to any bedroom

Cozy Scandinavian bedroom with grey and white furs

16. A 1950’s take on traditional Scandinavian bedrooms

Vintage style Scandinavian bedroom

17. Textured linens and fabrics add to the whole rustic feel

Scandinavian bedroom with textured linens and fabrics

18. Bedroom full of charm and character, airy and bright

pastel scandi style room with lots of natural light

19. A stunning hygge room with bright wood panelling

stunning hygge room with bright wood panelling and cozy throws

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