This real simple speed cleaning checklist is great for days when you want a clean home but don’t have lots of time to spend cleaning! The whole routine only takes 30 minutes, and covers all four main areas of the home.

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Real Simple Speed Cleaning Checklist

Sometimes (despite our best intentions) mess can be pile up. Real fast.

Maybe you’ve been super busy at work. Or maybe the kids have taken up lots of your time (in the most adorable fashion of course).

Whatever the reason, life can get hectic, and cleaning often takes a backseat.

When it does, you can use this super quick speed cleaning checklist to get your home looking super clean even when you’re pressed for time.

The Approach

The key thing to remember with speed cleaning is that it’s not decluttering or a true cleaning session.

A speed cleaning session focuses on working quickly without getting distracted.

Pro Tip: Whilst you can break these tasks up during the day, it’s not recommended as you will spend more time cleaning in the long run. It’s easy to get distracted whilst trying to multi-task.

This task requires a fully focused 30 minutes of your time. If you don’t have kids or pets, or live in a smaller home, speed cleaning might not even take a full 30 minutes.

Materials Needed

– Disinfectant Wipes

– Microfiber Cloth

– Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Scrubbing Brush

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Kitchen Speed Cleaning Checklist

Allocated Time: 10 minutes

– Do Dishes

– Wipe Counters

– Change Towels

– Empty Trash

– Scrub Sink

– Wipe Front of Kitchen Appliances

Living Room Speed Cleaning Checklist

Allocated Time: 5 minutes

– Fold Blankets

– Sort Cushions

– Move Dishes to Kitchen

– Wipe Tabletops

– Throw Away Trash

Bedroom Speed Cleaning Checklist

Allocated Time: 5 minutes

– Make Bed

– Put Clothes in Laundry

– Move Dishes to Kitchen

– Throw Away Trash

– Pick Up Items Off Floor

Bathroom Speed Cleaning Checklist

Allocated Time: 5 minutes

– Change Towels

– Wipe Vanity

– Wipe Mirror

– Wipe Toilet Seat

– Wipe Toilet Handle

– Scrub Toilet Bowl