Nothing says spring like seeing a bright pink flower bloom from the Earth. Feminine, elegant and graceful, pink perennials are known for adding a touch of Parisian romance to the average garden.

No matter how big or small your garden, these beautiful pink perennial flowers are sure to brighten up your outdoor space.

When it comes to pink, there’s no one-size fits approach either – light, pastel pinks are perfect for adding an airy feel, whilst the rich hot pinks bring a touch of drama to any garden bed.

And if you love low maintenance gardening, you’ll love perennials as they’re sure to bloom for at least a few years to come!


1. Bergenia

This pretty pink perennial has long enchanted gardeners. It grows heart shaped leaves and large, glossy rosettes. It has a unique common name, “Pigsqueak”!

pink bergenia perennial flowers

When it’s leaves are rubbed together they make an odd squeaking sound hence its name. Bergenia makes excellent groundcover as it doesn’t grow very tall, but it does spread far and wide.

2. Tulips

Tulips come in a variety of colors thanks to the clever work of hybridization, and will fill your flower bed with color long before other plants have gained momentum.

pink tulips perennial summer flowers

The pink variety is truly an iconic flowering spring bulb, with its glossy leaves and cup-shaped petals. They thrive in hardiness zones 3 to 8 (USDA).

3. Foxglove

Foxgloves are truly eye-catching flowers with attractive tubular blooms. They can be sown directly into the soil in late summer and still bloom.

pink foxglove perennial flowers

Growing up to 6 feet in height (yes, really!), these beautiful pink perennials make excellent additions to the back row of a flower border.

Note, they’re actually very toxic to small children and pets, so I’d pick another flower to grow if you have either in your household.

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4. Aster

As a gardener, I hate that summer coincides with the decline of the most beautiful blooming plants in my garden.

pink aster flowers in the garden

Thankfully, Asters are one of the rare exceptions to that rule; they bloom in the cooling days of Fall leading to a dazzling display of pink hues throughout August and late October. Bees and other busy pollinators love this flower too!

5. Delphinium

Delphiniums remain a firm favorite amongst gardeners and landscapers; after all, it’s hard not to notice them. Grown in stacks, their blooms look like clusters of buttercups (they do come from the same family!).

pink delphiniums perennial flowers

Their tall structure adds a sense of grace, elegance and poise to any outdoor space. They thrive in hardy zones 3 to 7 (USDA).

6. Forget-me-not

Forget me nots are incredibly beautiful, delicate and humble little flowers to add to your garden. They’re typically grown for their bright and vibrant colors, but also because most garden pests don’t bother eating them!

pink forget me not flowers perennial variety

These perennial flowers are rabbit and deer resistant, though they do attract another magnificent creature; butterflies!

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7. Fragaria

If you love growing your own edibles, you’ll love the Fragaria plant. Commonly known as the Strawberry plant, the Fragaria is an easy to grow perennial fruiting plant that will reward you with bountiful harvests of sweet strawberries for years to come.

pink fragaria strawberry plant

It was first bred in the 1700’s in France, but now can be found in most nurseries or growing centres.

8. Amarcrinum

Amarcrinums produce large, soft pink funnel-shaped blooms with a delicate fragrance. They add a wonderful tropical statement to any garden bed, and during winter months, thanks to their wide strap shaped leaves, will add a little structure.

amarcrinum pink perennial flowers

Fun fact! It’s botanical name is widely disputed in the horticulture community. In March 2014, the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families regarded the name as “unplaced”, meaning it’s a hybrid misfit!

9. Coral Bells

A traditional but foolproof perennial foliage plant, the pink coral bell variety sprouts small bell-shaped flowers in spring to early summer.

pink coral bells flowers in the garden

Rich in nectar, this delightful flower naturally attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. They make great additions to borders, containers, ground covers and even rock gardens.

10. Lupine

Wildflower watchers like me love spotting a lupine; it truly means spring has arrived.

pink lupine flowers perennial variety

The hybrid varieties are purposefully grown for their bright, bold and vibrant colors. And there’s nothing subtle about these colors. They can be grown in hardy zones 4-8 (USDA).

11. Impatiens

Impatiens, also known as Busy Lizzys, have a lot to offer: long-lasting blooms, shade-tolerance and brightly colored blossoms!

pink impatiens perennial flowers

Delicate, but easy to grow, they look amazing in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

12. Hyssop

This tall, semi evergreen hardy perennial from the herb family will attract all types of pollinators to your garden. Bees and butterflies absolutely love its sweet fragrance.

pink hyssop flowers

Growing up to six feet tall, this stunning pink perennial is best grown at the back of flower borders or against fences. I’ve found Hyssop to grow well in sandy, moist soil in a part of full sun position.

13. Dahlias

One of my favorites! Dahlias are unrivalled for giving a showy display from summer through to autumn. They look just as wonderful in a border as they do in a vase, and bonus – the more you cut them, the more they flower.

bright pink perennial dahlias flowers

They come in all shapes and sizes, boasting over 20,000 cultivars in the US alone. They can be a little finicky when it comes to growing, so you’ll need a little gardening experience to keep these alive.

14. Rodgersia

Rodgersia is one of those landscaping plants you probably didn’t even know existed. They produce strikingly large leaves, and showy large, light pink plumes in summer.

pink rodgersia perennial garden flowers

Rodgersia are butterfly magnets, and you’ll be glad to know they’re deer and rabbit resistant. They can grow up to 3 to 4 feet in height and look amazing in water gardens.

15. Chrysanthemums

Come fall, mums are as easy to find as pumpkins. They’re everywhere and anywhere. The pink variety flowers gorgeous sprays of lavender-pink blooms with a dark centre.

fuschia pink chrysanthemums growing in the garden

They’re not the easiest plant to care for though – they dry out in what seems like a nanosecond. These jewelled beauties make a wonderful impact in containers.

16. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a common favorite amongst gardeners, and despite its name it’s part of the asparagus family, not the lily family. Pink lilies of the valley produce petite, fragrant drop shaped flowers in the height of spring.

pink lily of the valley flowers

Don’t let their delicate nature fool you though, they spread fast and make excellent groundcover!

17. Anemone

Ever tried growing the exotic Himalyan blue poppy without any luck? Try the more forgiving anemone instead!

pink anemone flowers with white speckles

These spring and summer blooming plants have simple, daisy-like flowers, and truly make the garden pop with their dazzling displays of pink, red, white and yellow hues. They pair well with Tulips and Daffodils.

18. Oriental Stargazer Lily

I LOVE the oriental stargazer lily, they produce amazingly showy blossoms with striking streaks of pink. Plus, they’re one of the easiest lilies to grow.

pale pink oriental stargazer lily

They have a very strong fragrance, almost spicy in nature which attracts lots of butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators.

19. Peonies

Classic garden plants, peonies can thrive for decades with minimal care when planted in a spot that meets their basic needs.

bright pink peonies perennial flowers

They produce big, fluffy and fragrant flowers, and are considered one of the most hardy perennials out there. Peonies have a rich history of being handed down generation by generation in families.

20. Hardy Hibiscus

A landscaper’s delight, hardy hibiscus, also known as rose mallow, tolerates the punishing winters often seen in plant hardiness zone 4 (with protection).

pink hardy hibiscus perennial flower

They produce a rainbow of colors, with pink being a variety. A distinct feature you’ll notice, they grow tissue thin leaves.

21. Yarrow

This fast growing plant is a member of the sunflower family, and makes a wonderful drought-tolerant addition to any garden.

bright pink yarrow perennial flowers growing in the garden

Wispy, feathery and very delicate, yarrow adds a touch of grace and elegance to most outdoor spaces. Interestingly, some consider pink yarrow a weed because of its quick growth.

22. Veronica Spicata ‘Red Fox’

You’ll have seen veronica spicata in many floral arrangements, they make wonderful cut flowers.

pink veronica spicata flowers

Veronica flowers with their showy spikes of long lasting flowers look amazing amongst rock gardens, border beds and open spots in the landscape. They naturally attract butterflies and bees to the garden, but deers and rabbits seem put off by their scent.

23. Verbena Tenera ‘Sissinghurst’

The pure species of Verbena are only grown by fairly specialized gardeners, but the ‘Sissinghurst’ variety make wonderful additions to any novice’s outdoor space.

pink verbena tenera sissinghurst flowers

They usually produce a cluster of low-growing flowers that bloom continuously throughout spring and fall. They look beautiful in classy containers.

24. Petunia

A true showstopper that looks beautiful in hanging baskets and containers. Petunias, especially the Galaxy Petunia variety, make excellent and eye-catching bedding plants.

dark pink galaxy petunia perennial flowers with white speckles

This plant actually won the prestigious Fleurostar award in 2016, and it’s easy to see why when you’re looking at a cosmos on a petal. It can be a little tricky to get the white spots to show up, but those who live in cooler ‘warm’ climates (zones 9-11) will see their dazzling display every summer.

25. Camellia

Camellia ‘Japonica’, commonly known as ‘pink perfection’ dates back to the late 18th century and features extraordinarily beautiful pink, sweetly scented blooms.

pink camellia flower plant

It’s native to Japan, China and Korea and is used in lots of celebrations in those countries as a symbol of peace. Camellias are reliably hardy in zones 7-9 in the US.

26. Carnation

Carnations, especially pink ones, are a universally known and loved flower.

Famous for their light, sweet fragrance and pretty petal formation it’s no wonder many Renaissance painters in the 15th and 16th century used it in their scenes as a symbol of love and devotion.

pink carnation flowers

They’re one of the world’s bestselling flowers!

27. Begonia

A low maintenance plant to add to your plant collection, begonias are versatile and easy to care for. They’re naturally deer resistant and only require occasional pruning to keep them looking beautiful.

light pink begonias flowers

They’re one of the few bedding plants that thrive in complete partial shade.

28. Geranium

Hardy geraniums make excellent border and rock garden plants as well as ground cover.

pink hardy geranium perennial flowers

The cup-shaped flowers attract plenty of butterflies, bees and other pollinators. The hot pink variety is perfect for adding a splash of color to any garden bed.

29. Hollyhock

If you’ve ever fancied growing your own cottage style garden, this is the plant for you.

pink hollyhock perennial flowers

Hollyhock mallow is a low maintenance and easy to grow perennial flower that produces large, vibrant and showy pinky-purple blooms, making it an attractive option for wildflower meadow or cottage gardens. Bees especially adore this plant.

30. Fuschia

Fuchsias grow brightly colored teardrop shaped flowers which look incredibly elegant in a hanging basket or container garden setting.

dark pink fuschia flowers growing in the garden

Remarkably, they thrive in shady conditions where many other plants would struggle. I’ve found hummingbirds really take to this plant, and it’s a lovely thing to see.

31. Mandevilla

Mandevillas, also known as rocktrumpets (no idea why!), typically bloom all summer and sometimes into fall.

pink mandevilla flowers perennial variety

They produce five petalled flowers that are paper thin – you can sometimes see through them! This fast growing species will thrive when planted in mid to late spring.

32. Phlox or Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox is a mat forming plant that looks beautiful as a pink groundcover. Similar to Mandevillas, they grow five petalled flowers in a spiked star shape.

pink creeping phlox groundcover flowers

Even after blooming, their foliage remains attractive for the rest of the year before dying back in winter.

33. Turtlehead

Generally found along stream banks and damp ground, the Turtlehead plant produces rich pink flowers that look like gaping turtle’s mouths, hence the name!

pink turtlehead flowering perennial

A fast growing plant, it’s extremely hardy in zones 4 through to 8 in the US. Amazingly, this plant can remain in full bloom for 3 to 6 weeks!

34. Snapdragon ‘Pretty in Pink’

A well known pink perennial flower, the Antirrhinum ‘Pretty in Pink’ plant produces masses of pastel pink snapdragon blooms from summer through to the cooling days of late fall.

pink snapdragon perennial flower to grow in garden

They’re a classic garden flower with many uses, ranging from hanging baskets, flower beds, patio planters and more. They’re a true staple for any garden, no matter the size.

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Pink is the universal color for love, devotion, affection and charm.

Adding just a few of these pink perennial flowers to your garden is sure to bring a smile to your face.

After all, there’s probably some truth in the expression, ‘tickled pink’, which means to be completely content and happy.