22 Dreamy Parisian Bedrooms For Your Inspiration

Plush, elegant and chic, Parisian bedrooms are just as stylish as their citizen’s fashion sense. The high spaced ceilings, the wide gold gilded mirrors and the ultra-vogue accessories all aid in creating a calm and inviting space.

A neutral color palette is a Parisian’s go-to when it comes to styling, not only because it gives the illusion of a more spacious room, but also because it brightens and mutes darker oak furniture.

Want a more modern twist? Adorn the room with a few pastel colored accessories, and opt for natural wooden tones to give your room a little bit of life.

Everything about Paris comes with a worldly charm; the food, the drink, the architecture, you’re sure to find a bedroom idea to fall in love with that perfectly mimics this classic style.

I’ve chosen a selection of Parisian style bedrooms for your inspiration; everything from 18th century haute couture to simple and chic modern day Paris.

22 Heavenly Parisian Bedrooms

1. A classic, regal Parisian bedroom with plush blue and gold styling

classic, regal Parisian bedroom with plush blue and gold accessories

2. Bright and airy, this beautiful bedroom maximises natural light with all-white furnishings

small Parisian bedroom idea, natural light, bright, small mirror

3. Floor bed with vintage, 70’s style accessories in a Parisian apartment

Parisian bedroom with bed on floor and vintage accessories

4. Blast into the past with this religious, rural France Parisian bedroom

religious, rural France Parisian bedroom

5. Combine both modern and old pieces together to recreate this simplistic look

modern mid century French Parisian bedroom

6. Textured, rough walls paired with a gold gilded bed frame really make this look

rough walls paired with a gold gilded bed frame

7. Pretty in pink, this master Parisian bedroom is fit for a princess

pretty parisian bedroom with pink walls and furnishings

8. Maximise space by keeping accessories minimal

minimalistic parisian apartment

9. Cozy and elegant, every Parisian bedroom needs a draping chandelier, no matter how small

elegant and cozy parisian bedroom with draping chandelier

10. Dark, gothic statement art pieces are a focal point for any stylish French bedroom

parisian bedroom ideas and inspiration

11. Swap whites for greys for a more muted and warm atmosphere

grey, vintage parisian themed bedroom

12. Marie Antoinette’s guest room; vintage 18th century furniture with gorgeous textured fabrics

marie antoinette style bedroom, rural country french Parisian room

13. 2 styles combined: art deco meets classic Parisian

art deco styled parisian bedroom

14. A modern Parisian bedroom with 4 central pieces of landmark French photography

modern Paris city bedroom apartment with 4 pieces of landmark french photography

15. Lush, chic and elegant, this heavy duty golden bed frame pulls this looks together

lush, chic bedroom with golden bed frame

16. True French country charm, perfect for small and guest rooms alike

French country bedroom

17. A wide open apartment, natural light maximised by sheer white drapes

minimalist Parisian bedroom with natural light

18. A high and wide mirror propped up on a fireplace gives the illusion of a higher ceiling line

Parisian bedroom with propped up mirror and beige accessories

19. One simple style accessory can be enough to give that Parisian feel without the overwhelm

pink and blue bedroom with duck egg walls

20. Dark paneled wood floors are classic in most central Parisian apartments

dark panelled wood floors in Parisian bedroom apartment

21. Go all out with your Parisian bedroom, styling with appropriate art pieces, aged drawers and off-beige throws

vintage, 18th century haute couture Parisian bedroom idea

22. A simple modern twist on a classic Parisian bedroom, style with retro geometric pieces

retro modern bedroom idea

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