”I left the corporate world at 19 to turn my big vision into an even bigger reality” 

The truth is I never believed in being average, nor being the same as everyone else.

I was that kid in school curled up in the corner of the class pouring over dusty novels and ancient encyclopaedias whilst everyone else threw paper at each other and laughed like shrieking hyenas (or at least I imagined that’s what a shrieking hyena would sound like).

For birthdays, instead of asking for the next up and coming game I would ask for, you guessed it, more books.

I was fascinated by how ink printed on dried out old pieces of tree could magically transport me to a new world in less than 30 seconds flat.

The immersion, the emotions, the imagination.

I was completely and utterly mesmerised.

As I read more and more books I began to dream, wondering what I would be when I grew up.

Hundreds of ideas flooded into my head.

A linguist? A scientist? A diplomat?

I never really settled on an idea, but I knew one thing for sure.

I was going to make it happen. No matter what it took.

Well, so I thought….

As I grew older, that well thought out fantasy became exactly that…a fantasy.

My school life became a living nightmare.

I was severely bullied for wanting to do something different.

After being handed an ‘award’ for most likely to be a ‘teacher’s pet’ by teachers in front of 300 students, being denied university references from said teachers, and enduring 3 years of emotional abuse, I dropped out.

For a straight-A student I was devastated.

What happened next was a pure combination of chaos and self-discovery.

Probably more chaos than anything else.

I’ll let you decide.

3 years of hopping from one soul-sucking corporate job to the other, moving countries twice, learning a new language, and feeling as though I was constantly chasing something bigger, better and more fulfilling made me realise that I really wasn’t doing what I loved.

The cherry on top of the cake?

The company I worked for at the time radically changed their ethos, and not in a ‘we’re getting office dogs and doughnut deliveries everyday’ kind of change.

They became all about the money, and only the money. 

I was at a complete loss as what to do next.


What’s that I hear? Did someone say ‘start again?’

That’s exactly what I did.

Despite people telling me I was crazy, at the ripe old age of 19, I left the corporate world, leaving a ‘good’ job abroad to finally tap into my creative side.

I loved the idea of starting my own business.

Was I terrified? Yes.

Did I know much about starting a business? No.

Did I do it anyway? You bet.

I crawled back to the proven fountain of literary knowledge hoping for some revolutionary business advice.

I found some golden nuggets of information, and having seen the authors’ conveniently placed course pitches, I was dying to find out more.

I trawled through their blogs and sales pages, but the truth is, they all sounded the same.

Their messaging and pitch came across as someone who was ‘uninterested’, someone who had a bad case of ‘talking to everyone syndrome’ or worse ‘salesy’.

Where was the personality, the oomph, the connection behind the brand?

One entrepreneur even repeatedly said ‘you can get access to the entire course for just $297’, but on checkout it was a recurring $297 MONTHLY fee! Not good.  

Putting my debit card away, I launched my first online business helping people to excel in their education and early career.

After all, I learnt a lot from my ‘chaos’.

I knew it was a highly competitive field and I needed to standout, so I tried something a little different.

Something that felt authentic and genuine to myself AND my audience.

I didn’t want to sound salesy or like a telemarketer.

I didn’t want to use scammy marketing tactics.

I wanted to really help people.

I wanted my message, content and brand to embody the idea of being unforgettably authentic in an increasingly ‘fake’ digital world.

And…the result was incredible.

In the space of just 14 days after hitting that scary little publish button on my first article, I received over 700 notifications to say that my article had been shared. I was shocked. Was this a fluke? Was this real?

I tested the theory.

I later published another article, and within 2 days, it received 236 shares, and that number kept climbing. I was bombarded with hundreds of ‘thank you’ emails for being so honest.

My traffic spiked to over 8,000 unique visitors in less than 30 days of a brand new website.

My email list blew up (even with a double opt-in), and I caught 1,100 high quality business leads in a super short space of time. 

I was fully booked in less than a month of starting my business, and I even had to create a waitlist.

The appreciation aftermath.

When words translate into major impact.

Hey Charlotte!

I’m so happy to be part of your awesome blog and community.

I know I definitely didn’t make a mistake in joining this group. Thank you for creating this!

– Fari

Fari, Office Assistant


Hi Charlotte,

I think it’s the first time I am seeing so much dynamism. I think just by reading your email and the amount of work and dedication put into it, I am impressed and really inspired.

I do hope to reach your level and you are truly an inspiration for me and hoping to learn a lot from you.

Yours sincerely,


Joy, Recent Graduate


Hey Charlotte!

I found your blog from an article online, and I gotta say I am very impressed! Everything I read so far has been super helpful and easy to understand which is important for me since English is not my first language.

Thank you for putting your time and effort into something like this. I hope we have amazing communication and I am looking forward to your next email.



Zosia, Postgraduate Student


Those little words scribbled onto a piece of paper, those unforgettably honest posts, those story-rich emails were connecting me WITH my audience on a much deeper level than the obvious surface level ‘like’ or ‘share’.

My words made a difference in someone’s life thousands of miles away.

A truly international message with a truly meaningful connection.

I knew I had finally found what I loved doing.



Words loaded with meaning, purpose and impact.


Words that had the potential to build a fierce brand loyalty.


Words that could provide immense value to both the audience AND the business owner.


Words that had the ability to transform browsers into buyers through a sense of connection.

We’ve almost lost the true sense of human connection in the world of business, especially when it comes to sales ‘copy’, marketing materials, and blog posts.

It’s as though the blank white screen terrifies us into using ‘business’ talk that doesn’t really mean much to our audience.

I’m here to change that.

I’d love to work with you if…

You want to build an unforgettably authentic brand that enchants your audience and makes them fall so head over heels in love with you that they say ‘holy moly, where have you been all my life?!’

You want words loaded with impact, value and meaning that embody your vision and express your value effortlessly. 

You want your message to resonate, truly resonate, with your ideal audience so they feel you are the only person they would want to work with.

You want to use your talents to make a major impact and drive positive change in people’s lives.

Curious to know a little more about me?

I was awarded the Womenspire National Award 2018 in recognition of my work helping thousands of people around the world.

Won national acclaim at speaking events, including being invited to speak at Cambridge University as a thought leader.

My work has been covered by 2 major broadcasters.

Named one of Wales’ most inspirational women 2018.

I published my first ever written article at the age of 16. It was printed in the UN Special 70th Anniversary Magazine. 

Most importantly, I help entrepreneurs to get the results they deserve, and unleash the power of human connection in their business.

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