”No matter where you are in your journey, it’s always possible to turn things around”

Hey, I’m Charlotte, the voice you’ve just been reading in your head the whole time! 🙂

I achieved 45A* grades and 12A*s overall from a very average state school (in fact, it was one of the worst schools in the nation).  Despite this, I ranked within the top 2% of all international test takers and I achieved 95%+ in every exam!

I then applied for, and won a few scholarships for Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge Summer Schools.

At 17, I secured a fully-funded internship position working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London and became a Guest Writer for the UN Special Magazine.

Sounds like life’s perfect right? Not quite.

In fact, by this time I had already faced 7 years of bullying from peers and ‘friends’, but… it got a whole lot worse.

Teachers then started to participate in the bullying, calling me ‘a waste of time’, ‘pathetic’ and even saying ‘you have to realise you’re not as good as you think you are’.

The cherry on top of the cake? Teachers handed a voting survey out to over 300 people in my year asking them to vote for ‘someone most likely to be a….’

The next assembly, I was called out to collect an award. An award for ‘someone most likely to be a teacher’s pet’. I was also handed a certificate that said ‘most likely to be a failure in the future’.

My name was on the big screen and everyone roared with laughter.

My school life was a living nightmare.

After being handed these ‘awards’ by teachers in front of hundreds of students, being denied university references from said teachers, and enduring years of emotional abuse, I left school early.

For a straight-A student I was devastated.

But…I decided this didn’t have to be game over.

A few months later, I managed to secure a role with a humanitarian organisation in Switzerland, and supported and coached thousands of young people from around the world.

At 18, I secured a prestigious job at a world class scientific facility in Switzerland, and worked with some of the best universities across the USA and UK.

This wasn’t by luck or by chance, and this wasn’t because of connections. I didn’t know anyone abroad or even in these fields.

I made sure I achieved the best possible grades and rankings in my exams (even if I absolutely HATED the subject). I developed my application, writing and employability skills. I improved my mindset, focused on my confidence, and built a solid personal brand.

I also enrolled myself into the Open University, and using my unique study techniques,  I am working at a 1st class honours level, getting over 85% in each of my assignments whilst growing this community!


By the time I was 19, I had gained 3 years worth of incredible work experience across 4 different organisations, some of which was based abroad.

Now at 20, I’m a published writer, international anti-bullying keynote speaker, Womenspire Award Winner and now Founder of Typically Topical.

Whether you’re looking to boost your grades, or  you’re a parent looking to help support your child, I’ve got you covered.

I truly believe that anyone can achieve success, as long as they have the guidance, support and encouragement to do so.

This is what Typically Topical stands for.

Curious to know a little more about me?

I was awarded the Womenspire National Award 2018 in recognition of my work helping thousands of young people & parents around the world.

Won national acclaim at speaking events, including being invited to speak at Cambridge University as a thought leader.

My work has been covered by 4 major broadcasters.

Named one of Wales’ most inspirational women 2018.

I published my first ever written article at the age of 16. It was printed in the UN Special 70th Anniversary Magazine. 

More importantly, I help ambitious students, parents & homeschoolers thrive, develop & succeed.

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