When it comes to maximalist bedrooms, more is always better. Whereas the minimalist style focuses on white wash walls, minimally decorated rooms and quiet or mute color tones, maximalism is the complete opposite.

Graphic and bold, quirky and busy, maximalist bedrooms seek to put on show everything a room has to offer; think head-turning art pieces, in-your-face color palettes and contrasting patterns. 

However you style your room, Bohohemian, Victorian, Coastal, Art Deco or otherwise, you’re sure to find a maxi style you love here.

I’ve carefully curated a range of styles and themes, designed to suit every bedroom size and shape. 

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21 Must See Maximalist Bedrooms

1. Maximalist bedrooms don’t always need loud, obnoxious colors. Color the room with pops of color from accessories and rugs

grey maximalist bedroom with textured linens, animal skull and vintage art pieces

2. A maxi-style bedroom with a retro themed twist

retro themed maximalist bedroom with patterned rug, green drapes, hanging light, red bed throw

3. A classical artist’s dream: ancient Greek or Roman styled Maximalist bedroom

classical maximalist bedroom with roman and greek art pieces, red accessories and bedframe

4. A jungle themed bedroom with every plant on display, a true botanophile’s sanctuary

maximalist bedroom with hanging plants, blue green throws, white wash walls

5.Combine an exposed brick wall with colorful geometry and patterned furnishings

maximalist bedroom with exposed brick wall, colorful geometric paintings, colored throws

6.Loud prints are perfect for an maximalist styled room

neutral maximalist bedroom with blue wall print, single bed frame, natural light

7. Classy, yet not overwhelming; the perfect combination for those seeking a Maxi-mini mix

maximalist bedroom with royal blue cushions, flower print wallpaper, beige headboard, gold vintage lamp

8. Chinese yen and ying paradise; animal prints add a neutral yet bold tone to this room

chinese styled maximalist bedroom with animal prints, green walls and jade rugs

9. A foreboding bedroom with lots of gothic character and charm

gothic maximalist bedroom, dark black walls, green queen bed, coved wall

10. Darker furnishings and accessories pair well with a lighter wood floor to open up the space

dark maximalist bedroom with patterned wallpaper and light wood flooring

11. Traditional maximalist style; more is always more. Everything on show.

green maximalist bedroom, more is more, lots of decoration and accessories on show

12. Maxi doesn’t always mean showy; small contrasts are ideal for more compact spaces

maximalist master bedroom with light blue bedframe, white furnishings, off white walls, dark oak nightstand

13. An abstract’s dream, combine bold bright colors to form a classy and inviting bedroom

bold and bright maximalist bedroom with heavy feminine style, pink and blue interior decor

14.A maximalist bedroom that looks like a true canvas: carefully curated blues, golds and oranges really bring this room together

art maximalist bedroom with blue, gold and orange interior decor, large queen bed, 1970's wallpaper

15. Pick a passion and run with it; a maximalist bedroom styled purely around one’s love of the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’

red bold maximalist bedroom with red interior decor, orange hanging canopy, dark oak drawers

16. Combine contrasting wood colors with weathered fabrics for a more outlandish look

african animal print maximalist bedroom with weathered fabrics, orange drapes

17. Bedframe mirrors and bay windows work to maximise light and style

bright maximalist bedroom with large bay windows, light high ceilings

18. A gorgeous and colorful maximalist bedroom without too much overwhelm

boho hippie maximalist bedroom with green walls, textured rugs, plants, white bedding

19. The perfect maxi bedroom, with serious spiritual vibes

colorful maximalist bedroom spiritual vibes, minimalist style, tidy and clean look

20. Layered throws and comforters add style and grace to an otherwise dark room

abstract maximalist bedroom, boho styled single bed, statement art pieces on wall

21. Elegant, classy and chic, these colors work well together despite being typically loud

elegant maximalist bedroom, small mounted mirror, red and black furnishings, dark king bed

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