Some people find laundry therapeutic. Others find it a chore. And there are those of us who would rather do anything, literally anything, rather than wash our own clothes. Sometimes, we even pay people to do it for us. Not today. In this post, we’re sharing with you 13 lazy person laundry hacks guaranteed to change your life (or at least save you some time on ironing and cleaning, which we think is kind of the same thing). Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

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1. Get rid of tough grease stains with chalk or baby powder.

We knew there was a reason for stashing away so much baby powder. When left overnight, chalk and baby powder (you don’t need to use both) lift tough stains and leave your garment looking brand new (or at least to its pre-stain state). Bonus, no scrubbing, machine washing or heavy action required.

2. Delicates washing taking up all your free time? Use protective bags instead.

No time to hand wash all those panties? Can’t believe I just wrote that sentence… Try these protective wash bags instead. You’ll want to use fully protected bags for delicates such as bras and underwear rather lumping them straight in the machine to prevent delicate stitching from tearing or elastic bands from snapping. Always air-dry them though…or try the salad spinner hack below.

3. Create a DIY ‘Lost Socks Seeking Soulmates’ Board for rogue socks.

Honestly, we LOVE this idea! So, you can either DIY this yourself or do the lazy person thing and just buy one. Find a rogue sock? Hang it on the board ready to reunite it with its partner in crime. Is it me or does this make it tempting to actually lose socks on purpose?

4. And keep socks in mesh wash bags to prevent a pair becoming a single.

Ideally, you’ll want to prevent your socks from being pegged on the ‘naughty single seeking mate board’, so try these mesh bags instead. Mesh wash bags are a great way of keeping your socks together whilst they go for a spin. We honestly never know where all those socks go…some kind of machine washing vortex?

5. To speed up a load’s drying time, add a dry towel.

Adding one medium-sized dry towel helps to absorb all of that excess moisture from an otherwise soaking wet load. This can drastically reduce the load’s drying time. Whilst you could argue it creates even more things to wash, we see it as sacrificing one for the good of the many. Plus, you’ll be able to dry more loads in less time. Ultimate time saver!

6. Hate static? Aluminium foil should do the trick.

There’s nothing worse than putting on a shirt only to find out it sticks to you like a glove (and not in a good way). To combat this, scrunch up some aluminium foil to make a ball. Toss it in the dryer to absorb the extra static electricity. This should last you about 6 months.

7. Hate sorting your clothes? Use multiple hampers to pre-separate colors.

Throwing all of the colors under the sun into the washing machine is going to result in a multi-blended, runny mess. If you have the space, set-up separate hampers for each color e.g. darks, lights, coloreds etc to make sorting laundry a breeze. You can get a double hamper on Amazon for around $40.

8. Spritz your clothes with fabric spray for effortless ‘freshening up’.

Okay, so this might just be the laziest laundry hack of all time, especially seen as it involves no actual washing, but hear me out. Washing your clothes all the time may actually ruin them.

If you’re the ‘one wear and it’s dirty kind of person’, you might want to try using some of this fabric spray (no scary chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde!) to freshen up your clothing. Alternatively, throw some no-effort scent sachets into your drawers for clean smelling clothes all year round.

9. Keep a ‘pocket finds’ bowl nearby the washing machine.

How many times has something treasured gone through the washing machine only to come out crumpled or a soggy mess? This neat little hacks stops that. Label a jar, ideally something that won’t break with ‘pocket finds’ and throw everything you find in pockets into here so you can sort later.

10. Add a teaspoon of salt to the wash to keep colors from bleeding.

Want to keep your colored clothes from bleeding during the wash? Just add a teaspoon of salt to the washer. Salt helps to set the color into the fabric, and prevents the color from fading while the clothes are being washed.

Oh, and we’ve seen the ‘vinegar tip’ roaming around the internet – don’t add vinegar to your wash (it’s great for cleaning, but the acid will start to corrode the hoses and plastic fittings on your machine!)

11. Try a salad spinner to wash and dry delicates to prevent wear and tear.

This one is a little weird, we admit, but some ‘laundry hackers’ swear by it. This handy little appliance can be used to wash and dry delicates such as bras which often get mangled in the machine. This hack helps them to last as long as possible.

All you need is some gentle wash soap, some warm water and a salad spinner dedicated to the task (we don’t recommend using the same salad spinner you use for salad for well…obvious reasons.)

12. Or try a colander for larger delicates.

Don’t have a salad spinner handy? Try a colander instead. A colander will help you to rinse the detergent from your favorite delicates, and also prevent the weight of excess water from stretching the fabric (and save you an arm workout…).

13. Wrinkles? No iron? Put the dry item back into the dryer with a few ice cubes.

Simple, but effective for those times when you need to get rid of garment wrinkles but have no iron handy (or just don’t want to do the ironing…) All you have to do is throw three or four cubes into your dryer, along with the wrinkled garment. Then let it run for about 10 minutes. The ice cubes will melt, creating moisture and a steam-like effect that will zap wrinkles out of garments in no time. Even the Housekeeping Institute recommends this one. No ice? Use a damp wash cloth instead.

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