11 Genius IKEA Hacks Your Pets Will Love!

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for ways to treat our beloved pet, but sometimes finding ideas they’ll love can be difficult, especially if you have a fussy pet or a ‘fussy furry’.

Here are 11 genius DIY IKEA hacks your pets will love (as tried and tested by pet owners worldwide!).

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1. Pet Steps

We all know a pet who needs a little extra help getting to higher places. Great for elderly pets, new puppies just finding their feet or those with illnesses.

2. Cat Hammock

Cat’s love to have their own little space, and often that’s off the ground. This adorable little hammock makes a great addition to any pet lover’s home. Simple and easy to make, your cat will love it! 

3. Plastic Bag Holder Turned Small Pet Sanctuary

IKEA’s plastic bag holder makes a great little home and play maze for guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters. 

4. Small Pet Mansion

Do you treat your pet like royalty? Here’s a super adorable mansion for smaller pets to make them feel like the king or queen of the castle. This genius hack uses the IKEA Expedit unit.

5. IKEA Kallax Cat Scratching Post

This cute little hack creates an all in one play pen for your cat, using the purposeful IKEA Kallax unit. We all know how much space a scratching post, bed and toys can take up, so why not create an all in one. 

6. Upgraded Pet Feeding Bowls

Ever kicked over your pet’s bowl by accident? Have a pet who has to bend their neck down really far to eat? This little hack isn’t only stylish but it’s practical too. 

7. Vintage Dog Bed

Looking for a stylish pet bed? Simply mount some wooden legs from IKEA onto a vintage suitcase for a comfy, and adorable pet bed. Great for travel lovers who want to infuse a bit of their personality into the home too!

8. Pet Feeder and Storage

Transform an IKEA dresser into a handy pet food storage container and feeder. I personally would have kept the dry food in its bag just so it doesn’t go stale, but if your pooch goes through a TON of pet food quickly, this could be a great idea. This uses an IKEA Rats.

9. Small Pet Bunk Beds

I LOVE this idea. Whilst more suited to smaller pets, a bigger bunk bed could be made. If your pets are best of buds, why not make them bunkies?! This simple bunk bed is made from 2 Duktig Doll Beds.

10. Custom Dog Bed

Does your dog love to be close to you? Here’s a super cute design to lift their spirits whilst you work! The pet bed is actually made from an IKEA Dollbed, and the surrounding unit is comprised of 2 IKEA Fullen Sink cabinets. Super easy to make!

11. Litter Tray Holder and Accessory Supply Cupboard

No-one likes their cat’s litter tray in the living room, but this simple hack solves this. Super simple to put together! The best thing? It doesn’t look like a cat litter cabinet! Plus, there’s tons of room to store other cat supplies.

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