Anyone who’s tried meal prepping knows it can be anything but exciting.

Who wants to eat grilled chicken breast and broccoli every day? Not many of us, that’s for sure.

But we also know that individually prepping delicious meals 3 times a day seems like an impossible feat when your day is incredibly hectic.

So where do we strike the balance?

Believe it or not, there are many healthy meal prep ideas out there that are insanely delicious, take less than 30 minutes to make and are incredibly imaginative.

These are weekly healthy meal prep ideas you’ll actually crave.

By using some simple cooking tips and storage hacks, you’ll be blown away by just how easy cooking delicious food can be!

Let’s get started.

We recommend noting these easy meal prep ideas down in a notebook or your favorite recipe organizer.


  1. Make a Meal Plan & Organizer

Decide what you’re going to cook ahead of time to simply your life and prevent meal planning stress.

On a Sunday, choose all the recipes you wish to cook and create a grocery list based on the produce you’ll need.

In the beginning, it’s best to start with 2-4 recipes for ease, and then vary your recipes as you become more used to meal prepping

2. Batch Cook

To save oodles of time, batch cook your meals and multi-task at the same time.

You can cook the chicken at the same time as steaming or boiling your veggies too.

3. Use Mason Jars

Store your meals in some mason jars after cooking. Not only do they look pretty, but they’re incredibly practical, sturdy and handy for microwaving.

Plus, they’re BPA free, a nasty industrial chemical in most plastic containers linked to hormone imbalances.

4. Use Frozen Vegetables & Fruits Too

Surprisingly, frozen vegetables and fruits retain their freshness much longer than fresh produce.

The act of freezing the produce seals in all those key minerals and vital vitamins.

Don’t be afraid to swap out fresh for frozen to save time cooking and to make your meal even more nutrient rich.

5. Invest in the Right Containers

Investing in the right containers doesn’t just mean buying mason jars, it also means buying containers that allow you to portion-size your meals easily.

You’ll want to have varying shapes and sizes of containers for foods such as salads and snacks like yogurt and fruit.

Zip lock bags are great for dry snacks.

For meal prep, glass containers are preferred to plastic ones for more than just their chemical structure too; they also don’t alter the taste of your food, no matter how long it’s left in there. 

5. Keep Your Long Term Goal in Mind

Whether you’re looking for healthy meal prep ideas to lose weight, save time or just to feel overall fitter and more energised, it helps to have a constant, daily reminder of why you started meal prepping in the first place.


Jot these recipes down in your notebook and later pick which recipes you want to try first!


1. Fruit and Yoghurt Bistro Boxes

PREP TIME: Less than 10 minutes



Get your week off to a great start with this easy breakfast meal prep idea.

Packed with filling protein, fresh fruit and a healthy serving of energy boosting granola, these fruit and yoghurt bistro boxes are perfect for busy mornings.

If you prefer your breakfasts on the lighter side, this is an easy meal prep idea to incorporate into your weekly breakfast routine.

2. Egg White Scramble & Sweet Potato Hash

PREP TIME: Less than 10 minutes

Vegetarian, Meat Dish (If you add Turkey), Paleo


This super healthy breakfast meal prep recipe is packed full of high quality protein, and is incredibly lean when it comes to heart healthy fats and cholesterol thanks to the egg white scramble.

This is one healthy meal prep idea that will fill you up until early afternoon, and will prevent those focus-destroying stomach grumbles from appearing.

3. Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

PREP TIME: 20 minutes

Vegan, Gluten Free


Just look at that pinky goodness! Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowls are loaded with nutrients, ready in 20 minutes, and perfect for breakfasts on the go.

And bonus, this meal prep breakfast bowl uses frozen mango, raspberries and peaches for a sweet kick.

Not only can you save time on peeling, but your body gets an extra dose of vitamins and minerals that have been sealed into these frozen goodies. Win-win.

4. High Protein Breakfast Egg Muffin Meal Prep

PREP TIME: 5 minutes



Packed with protein, these vegetarian egg muffins are the real deal when it comes to prepping a filling breakfast.

Low carb, this meal prep breakfast recipe is perfect for those following a paleo or keto diet.

Chop some cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves and broccoli chunks and add to the mix for a serious dose of vitamin A, C and K.

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5. Breakfast Taco Scramble

PREP TIME: 10 Minutes

Meat Breakfast


Finding a healthy taco breakfast recipe is a bit of challenge. Normally, they’re loaded with unhealthy cholesterol, salt and other additives we can’t even pronounce, let alone know what they are.

This easy meal prep breakfast taco scramble however is completely different.

Loaded with high quality protein from the turkey meat and eggs, combined with wholesome wedges and a sprinkle of cheese, this is a flavoursome dish not to feel guilty about.

Oh, and did we mention it’s only 450 calories a serving?

6. Orange Cranberry Waffles with Cranberry Compote

PREP TIME: 25 minutes

Vegan, Gluten Free


Jazz up your morning breakfasts with these scrumptious orange cranberry waffles with cranberry compote.

Whilst you might not want a sweet breakfast every morning, this is one dish you’ll definitely want to keep in your cookbook for future mornings.

Prepped in just 25 minutes, you can have a sweet, wholesome and surprisingly healthy breakfast ready to go.

Bonus; these waffles are vegan and gluten free.

7. Overnight Oats in a Jar

PREP TIME: 5 minutes



A modern twist on an old classic, overnight oats in a jar are a staple for any breakfast meal prep schedule.

Before you move onto the next recipe thinking this will be another ‘boring oatmeal recipe’, think again.

This recipe comes with a rich nutty, and fruity flavour thanks to the fresh blueberries and helping of chopped pecans or walnuts.

Oh, and this recipe requires no cooking! One of the many benefits of meal prep.

8. Banana Cream Pie Chia Breakfast Pudding

PREP TIME: 10 minutes

Vegan, Gluten Free


This banana cream pie chia breakfast is loaded with fresh banana and a creamy coconut flavour.

Perfect, easy vegan breakfast recipe, ideal for morning meal prep.

Thanks to the chia seeds, this breakfast is high in fibre, high in Omega-3 and will boost your energy and metabolism throughout the day.

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Store in a glass meal prep container or mason jar for a grab and go breakfast.

9. Veggie Packed Freezer Friendly Breakfast Burritos

PREP TIME: 25 minutes



These veggie packed freezer friendly breakfast burritos are perfect for mornings when you want a super filling, veggie loaded, protein packed breakfast.

Store bought breakfast burritos are notoriously loaded with salt, chemical preservatives, not to mention saturated fats.

No need to worry though, these healthy breakfast burritos serve up all that tasty goodness with pure plant power.

10. Feel Good Apple Muffins

PREP TIME: 25 minutes



Fancy something a bit sweeter in the mornings? These feel good apple muffins do what they say on the tin; make you feel good.

Super moist, dense in a good way and a tad sweet makes these muffins a divine breakfast even the gods would enjoy.

Smear with a bit of honey or butter for a wholesome breakfast option.

11. Meal Prep Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

PREP TIME: 5 minutes

Whole 30, Paleo


It’s no secret salmon is good for you, but finding ways to incorporate it into a breakfast dish can be a little tricky.

Luckily, this easy smoked salmon meal prep breakfast bowl has done the hard work for you.

Paleo and whole 30, this healthy meal prep idea is loaded with healthy carbs, high quality, lean protein and a whole host of nutritious veggies.

Talk about getting all your nutrients in on one plate.

12. English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

PREP TIME: 25 minutes



Sometimes we all crave a little starchiness to start out day.

Traditionally starchy foods have been kept well away from anything that’s labelled healthy, but we need starch just as much as we need any other food group.

Starchy breakfasts such as this insanely delicious English muffin pizza provides a good dose of vitamin B, iron, calcium and folate, all of which our body needs to function properly.

Don’t be scared to add a little more starch to your diet!

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13. Tuna Omelette

PREP TIME: 13 minutes

Gluten Free


A tuna omelette might sound a little odd, but when put together it’s a match made in breakfast heaven!

Full of high quality, lean protein thanks to the eggs and tuna, this breakfast omelette is sure to keep you feeling full until early afternoon.

Pack in some fresh veggies such as bell peppers and red onion for a crunchier, sweeter kick.

14. Easy to Make Oatmeal

PREP TIME: 2 minutes



Oatmeal is a real staple when it comes to meal prep, but finding ways to spice up an average bowl of oats can cause a lot of us meal preppers to shy away for this plat powered breakfast.

Luckily, this recipe shows you how to transform your oatmeal into an insanely delicious grab and go breakfast.

Just look at all those tasty options!

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15. Santa Fe Low Carb Chicken Meal Prep

PREP TIME: 30 minutes

Meat Dish, Paleo


This Santa Fe low carb chicken meal prep dish might just be the perfect dish for meal prep beginners.

If you’re used to making chicken and greens but are bored of that bland, simple flavour, try spicing it up with this simple, yet easy to follow meal prep recipe.

This is one of the many healthy meal prep ideas for lunch you won’t want to miss out on. Ideal for those following a paleo diet.

16. The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

PREP TIME: 10 Minutes



Look at that tower of veggie goodness! If you’re a true veggie lover, and miss biting into a real sandwich at lunchtime, try this ultimate veggie sandwich.

Stuffed with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, heart healthy avocado, sprouts, tomato and plenty of onion, this is a sandwich with a difference.

Don’t worry about it being dry either, the slight dab of mayo and mustard makes this a real lunchtime treat.

17. Italian Cous Cous Salad

PREP TIME: 25 minutes

Meat Dish


Fresh, zingy and full of filling protein, you needn’t worry about those mid-morning grumbles with this Italian cous cous recipe.

This recipe makes up to 4 healthy adult sized servings, and can fill around 6 meal prep containers.

Perfect healthy meal prep lunch idea for busy mornings!

This recipe is light tasting while still being satisfying.

The dressing is the perfect amount of tangy, it’s packed with spice, yet tastes a little sweet too.

18. Sesame Noodle Bowls

PREP TIME: 15 minutes

Meat Dish


This dish looks so yummy! Spice up your lunches with this authentic tasting Chinese dish.

Noodles are considered one of the healthier carbohydrates you can eat thanks to high vitamin A, calcium and iron content.

Just 64g of noodles can contain 15% of your daily iron allowance.

Plus, this zingy sesame noodle bowl only takes 15 minutes to meal prep. Super easy lunch idea.

19. Roasted Cauliflower Tacos with Chiptole Romesco

PREP TIME: 30 minutes



Tacos may sound unhealthy, but this easy 30-minute lunch meal prep idea is anything but.

Stuffed with smoky, roasted cauliflower and a spicy romesco-inspired sauce, this vegetarian recipe is completely plant-based, is gluten free and can also be adapted to be oil and grain free too.

The perfect blend of spice and sweet, this heady dish contains roasted almonds, roasted and fresh garlic, fire-roasted tomatoes, lime juice, spices, chipotle peppers, and a little maple syrup.

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20. Honey Sriaracha Glazed Meatballs

PREP TIME: 30 minutes

Meat Dish, Paleo


If you’ve been searching high and low for a simple meat based meal prep lunch idea, this is it.

Replace the boring and bland chicken and veg with these honey sriaracha glazed meatballs.

Filling thanks to the protein, you can guarantee you won’t feel hungry until your next meal.

The honey sriaracha glaze is so good, and is surprisingly easy to make. Perfect for meal prep beginners.

21. Easy Vegan Red Lentil Dahl

PREP TIME: 15 minutes



Using just one pot and ready in under 20 minutes, this easy vegan red lentil dal is a super flavorful, plant-powered meal!

Curries are notoriously difficult to meal prep due to their super fresh ingredients which can go bad very quickly.

This gem is a little different. It tastes just as good once it’s been frozen and thawed out.

Serve with quinoa or rice for a wholesome, filling meal.

22. Sheet Pan Garlic Ginger Chicken & Broccoli

PREP TIME: 30 minutes

Meat Dish


Another great alternative to the traditional chicken and broccoli; jazz up your lunches with this easy sheet pain garlic ginger chicken and broccoli.

Pack in all the greens without compromising on taste!

Prepped in just 30 minutes, this refined sugar free dish is mindlessly easy to make, and is perfect for meal prep beginners who want to transition into tastier (yet non-time consuming) dishes.

23. One Pan Italian Sausages with Veggies

PREP TIME: 15 minutes

Meat Dish


Need a taste of Italy in your life? This ‘one pan Italian sausages with veggies’ dish is ideal for those days when you just want something warm and comforting without the hassle.

Prepped in as little as 15 minutes, this wholesome meal is ideal for those busy grab and go days.

Top tip for roasting veggies: use a 15×21 inch pan to prevent the veggies overlapping and therefore steaming, which causes them to lose their roasted and crunchier texture!

24. Honey Sesame Chicken

PREP TIME: 10 minutes

Meat Dish, Paleo


Stir fries are such a great choice when it comes to healthy meal prep.

Not only do they store and reheat well but they also keep their taste long after cooking.

These super popular honey sesame chicken bowls are another recipe to add to your notebook if you’re looking to meal prep with chicken.

Packed with protein and a ton of nutrients these all rounder bowls are a meal prep must try.

25. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

PREP TIME: 15 minutes



Craving pasta? I love pasta so much, and despite many people advising against pasta, it’s surprisingly good for you.

Pasta contains good amounts of zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron which can be hard to get if you cut carbs (which you should never do).

Top this dish off with some much needed veggies and you’ve got a fresh, easy to meal, healthy meal prep idea.

Even better, swap out refined ‘white’ pasta for whole-wheat pasta for an added fiber kick.


  • You will save time.

Something I get asked a lot is, ‘how am I really saving time by meal prepping?’

If I have to make time to meal prep my breakfasts and lunches, isn’t it better to spend the 20 minutes in the morning and make my meals from scratch? Surprisingly, no.

One of the many benefits of meal prep is saving time. Lots of it.

I tested this theory out when I was a meal prep beginner, and I shaved an extra 2-3 hours a week off my cooking time.

Like, that’s crazy! As I became more efficient with it, it ramped up to 4-5 hours saved a week.

More time to spend to myself or hit snooze on the alarm (but that’s for another post). It takes far less time to meal prep than cooking every meal from scratch.

  • You will save money.

I was a little surprised at this one, but when I first started meal prep, my food expenditure dropped by around 41% a month. It’s not super crazy money but enough to want to continue with it.

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The average American spends around 44% of their food dollars on eating out, fast food meals or grab and go lunches.

Even with coupons and special deals, eating out is expensive.

That’s why meal prep can easily help you cut your grocery bill almost in half.

Bulk cooking and freezing is a great way to save money every month. Your waistline will also thank you.

  • You will prevent food waste.

Meal prepping is great for mopping up the scraps and leftovers, or for turning nearly expired veggies and meats into yummy dishes. The average American household throws out $640 of food a year.

Meal prep helps to nip this wasteful habit in the bud.

  • You will save calories.

Serving bigger, calorie busting portion sizes becomes almost impossible with meal prepping.

The glass containers are only so big, and unless you take two to work, it’s unlikely you’re going to eat more than you should.

Eating out of a pre-sized container with a lid rather than off a plate where you can keep piling your food high, is an easy way to save and cut back on your calories.

This makes meal prepping ideal for those looking to lose weight.

  • You know what’s in your food!

When you make your own meals you know exactly what is going into it; no nasty additives, chemicals or preservatives, just pure wholesome food.


How to healthy meal prep:

  1. Using your notebook, make a list of the healthy meal prep ideas you want to try.
  2. Pick out 2-3 recipes in the beginning that you could use weekly.
  3. Make a grocery list based on those recipes. Try to find dishes which will use the ingredient more than once to save money and time.
  4. Cook with less oil, swap out creamy sauces for healthier ones (as in the recipes), and where possible switch your refined carbs to whole-grains.
  5. Keep to the meal prep container size and try not to overfill to prevent ‘calorie stuffing’. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach, I promise! You won’t go hungry.
  6. Store your meal prepped dishes in meal prep containers to keep them as fresh as possible.

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