The world’s most successful women all have something in common; they live by different rules than the rest of us. To accomplish so many things in their life, they need to establish a routine that enables them to work smart, not hard.

But what does that routine look like? Why do they stand out? And more importantly how can we replicate that success and pave our own path in life?

This post features 11 of the top habits that successful women always abide by. I’ll also only be featuring habits of women who have achieved self-made success as opposed to inherited wealth, businesses etc.


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She Dreams

One thing that’s rarely ever mentioned about successful women is their intrinsic ability to dream. To set goals, often ones that seem unrealistic to most, and believe these are possible no matter what stands in their way. They aren’t afraid to set big, lofty visions for the future and take action to achieve them.

She Works Smart, Not Hard

This is something that many people get wrong. They think working more hours means getting more stuff done, but studies show that we’re truly only productive for around 2-3 hours a day. Successful women know that there’s value in rest, and ramping up work hours doesn’t necessarily equate to a successful day. They focus on what’s actually going to move the needle with their goals, and prioritise those tasks first.

She Doesn’t Rely on Motivation

Motivation ebbs and flows all the time, and highly successful women know this. Relying purely on motivation to drive themselves forward is a big no-no. They realise that in order to achieve their goals they’re going to have to persevere even when they don’t feel like doing anything, or they feel low or just want quit. Successful women don’t let their emotions rule their actions.

She Fails, and Fails Fast

Like everyone, at some point successful women will make mistakes or are faced with a situation they don’t know how to overcome. Highly successful know that failure only comes from success, and so failure is necessary to eventually become super successful. They embrace failure rather than avoid it; after all, like Oprah once said, ‘if you’re going to fail, fail fast’.

She Listens Only to Herself

Successful women often don’t take much notice of externa opinions and beliefs. They’re not easily influenced by people around them, and instead listen to what they believe to be true, and follow their gut feeling. They realise that standing out from the crowd is the fastest way to realise success.

She Shows Humility

Humility is the ability to appear and remain humble despite having achieved a lot. Humility is actually one of the most attractive qualities in a woman, and that’s not to successful women aren’t openly proud of their achievements, they are, but they don’t brag about them all the time. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who only talks about their achievements.

She Absolutely Does Not Make Excuses

Making excuses is something successful women do not do. They realise that their success is dependent upon them and no-one else. Instead, they figure out why something didn’t work and put a plan together to take get on track.

She Knows How to Say ‘No’

The more successful you become, the more people will want of you. Successful women have learnt the key skill of saying ‘no’ and know not to feel guilty because of it. They realise saying yes to everything can quickly lead to burnout as they risk having too much on their plate.

She Pays Herself First

Successful women know how to manage their money. Financial planning, money management and cash flow are second nature to successful women. They are constantly thinking of new ways to improve their income sources and spend more time thinking about money than the average woman. They aren’t scared to try out new ideas and diversify their income.

She Oozes Confidence

Without a doubt, successful women are highly confident and have an unwavering faith that things will always work out for them. They believe that the universe has their back and they are guaranteed to achieve success at some point, whether that’s now or in the future. They know that success is assured if they are willing to work for it.

She Takes Risks

Taking risks is key to success. Playing it safe is something that’s not high on any successful women’s agenda. They are super clear about their goals, visions and plans and will try anything to make it work, even if it seems risky. But, the key here is that they take calculate risks. They know that the biggest risk of all is to take no risk.

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