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Want your home to smell amazing all the time? These easy to implement tips and tricks will help you to quickly transform your entire home, and make every room smell truly divine!

In this post, you will find tips on how to eliminate odours in every area of the home, as well as scent hacks on how to make it smell amazing (naturally too!).

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How To Make The Bedroom Smell Good

Bedrooms are like our own little sanctuary after a hard day’s work, so naturally it makes sense we want our rooms to smell clean and fresh.

How To Eliminate Odours In The Bedroom

– Wash all duvets, pillowcases and blankets.

– Clean and dust inside drawers.

– Clean air conditioner filters and remove trapped dust.

Pro Tip: Use this high reach dusting kit specifically designed to clean filters, high reaching places and cobwebs.

– Get your mattress deep cleaned every 6 months.

– Open the windows to allow for ventilation.

– Fill a sock with activated charcoal and place in the room. This will absorb any musty smells.

Bedroom Scent Hacks

Add these wax potpourri sachets to your dresser drawers to make your linen smell amazing.

Place some dryer sheets into closets and drawers.

Place some air purifying plants around the bedroom.

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Add an essential oils diffuser to the room.

Open up a window and allow for plenty of fresh air to circulate.

Keep an open container of baking soda at the back of the closet to absorb any humidity, damp or fusty smells.

How To Make The Bathroom Smell Good

There’s nothing worse than a damp, musty smelling bathroom, or a bathroom that smells like drains. These quick hacks help your bathroom to smell like a luxurious spa.

How To Eliminate Odours in the Bathroom

– Wipe down mirrors and glass with vinegar.

– Replace hand towels regularly, and remove wet towels.

– Regularly bleach the toilet brush and clean the holder.

– Scrub the toilet bowl regularly.

Pro Tip: Use this drillbrush bathroom cleaning set to power-scrub tiles, tub and bathroom surfaces.

– Wash bath mats once a week.

– Pour baking soda down the drains and flush with boiling water to eliminate drainage smells.

Bathroom Scent Hacks

– Hang a Eucalyptus Herb Bundle from the shower frame to make your bathroom smell like a five star spa. This quick tutorial from Apartment Therapy shows you how to bundle the herbs together. Every time you take a hot shower, the gorgeous scent will fill the entire bathroom.

– Use a plug-in air freshener & air sanitizer.

– Light a scented candle.

– Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated at all times. This is the one room that is more prone to damp, musty smells than anywhere else in the home.

How To Make The Hallway Smell Good

Ever wondered why big department stores have the perfume counter at the front of the store? It’s because the florally, strong perfumed smell gives customers a great welcoming impression.

Psychologically, we are naturally attracted to nice smells. You can treat your hallway like a shop front, especially if you frequently welcome guests.

How To Keep Your Hallway Free Of Odours

– Hang wet clothes elsewhere in the house. Don’t leave them hanging from the stair banister.

– Remove ‘smelly’ or wet shoes from the shoe rack, wash them clean, and store elsewhere. If you have to leave your shoes in the hallway, find an old pair of socks, fill them with baking soda, tie a knot at the top and stuff the socks in the shoes. Baking soda eliminates odours.

– Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets once a week and leave for 20 minutes. Simply hoover up afterwards.

Hallway Scent Hacks

– Add a reed diffuser to your hallway for a heavenly smell when walking in. This post by Sugar And Cloth shows you exactly how to make your own DIY essential oil diffuser. This can be used in other rooms too.

Pro Tip: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender and Bergamot are some of the most pleasant smelling essential oils.

– Fill a vase with fresh, scented flowers and place it near the doorway or on a dresser near the entrance.

Pro Tip: Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Gardenia and Sweet Pea are some of the world’s most pleasant smelling flowers.

– Rub Vanilla extract on the hallway light bulb. The heat from the light will make your hallways smell divine.

How To Make The Living Room Smell Good

We spend so much time in the living room, and often it’s our central hub for family gatherings and events. Here are some genius scent hacks to make sure your living room smells incredible.

How To Eliminate Odours In The Living Room

– Wash cushions once a month.

– Deodorise any soft furnishings i.e. sofa and carpet. You can sprinkle baking soda over them, leave for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum up.

– Dry clean the curtains once every 6 months.

– Wash the dog bed frequently! You can put it in the dryer first to remove any dog hairs and then wash it with a natural, laundry soap or a doggy shampoo (this will make sure not to irritate your dog’s skin).

Living Room Scent Hacks

– Burn Palo Santo sticks to add a cozy woodsy, citrusy smell to your living area. Simply light the tip to allow a slow burn and wave it about until it fizzles out.

– Light a DIY coffee scented candle. I love this tutorial by The Lovely Drawer. She shows you how to make your own coffee scented candles.

– You can always buy candles if you prefer. Here are some of the most recommended brands/scents to try;

Yankee Candle (Bahama Breeze)

Mind & Body Serenity Calming Candle (Lavender Thyme)

Homesick Hawaiian Scented Candle

– Fresh flowers are always a good idea for a living room. Just keep away from pets if you have any, as certain flowers/plants can be toxic.

– Open the windows for ventilation.

– Place coffee beans in a jar and place a vanilla tea light on top. The candle will warm the beans and release a divine coffee aroma into the air.

– Place dryer sheets in between the cushions of the sofa for a fresh linen smell.

How To Make The Kitchen Smell Good

Often a hub for socialising, partying and entertainment, it makes sense that we want our kitchens to smell welcoming to both our guests and our family. Luckily, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to create heavenly smells!

How To Eliminate Odours In The Kitchen

– Clean the wooden chopping board (which can easily trap germs and smells) by sprinkling salt on it and wiping over with a lemon slice.

– Wipe any grease off the stove top hood and clean the filters.

– Clean and wipe down the inside of the fridge with vinegar. Make sure to clean the individual shelves too.

– Wash out the trash can with vinegar and baking soda (both of which eliminate smells).

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Kitchen Scent Hacks

– Create a stove top home fragrance like this one. This cozy, citrusy recipe by House of Hawthornes simmers lemon pieces on the stove. Word of warning; never leave this unattended. EVER.

– Brew some fresh coffee

– Open the window to allow for ventilation

– Toss some lemon slices into the trash for a fresher scent

– Light a clementine candle for a super fresh orange scent. This post by Apartment Therapy shows you how to quickly make one.

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