These crazy fun summer activities for kids are sure to be a hit now that the weather is hotting up. After months of being cooped indoors, kids are desperate to have some fun in the great outdoors. To help you plan your kid’s activities, here are 30+ super fun summer activities for kids with lots of energy to burn.


Crazy Fun Summer Activities For Kids

  1. Become a Palaeontologist for the day. In a circle container, add some dinosaur figurines into water, and let freeze overnight. The next day, with some basic tools, let them chip away at the ice to find the dinosaur! Turn into an educational activity for curious kids.
  2. Giant Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe. With some tape, mark out a tic tac toe grid. The idea of the game is to try to get tic-tac-toe by throwing Frisbees on the grid. It’s a challenge for sure!
  3. Host a Nature Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. Psst, we’ve created a nature scavenger hunt for you, with rhyming riddles and puzzles too!
  4. Build sandcastles from Kinetic Sand. Kids love building with this sand! It’s mess free too.
  5. Build an obstacle course.
  6. Build a massive kerplunk. With some wire mesh, pit balls and a few plastic wires, you can set up your own outdoor kerplunk. On a raised platform, circle the mesh wire together, skewer the wires like you would kerplunk sticks and add the pit balls. Kids remove the wires one by one until all the balls fall.
  7. Create some puffy sidewalk paint.
  8. Hot Lava Game. A classic game! The objective is to make sure kids don’t touch the floor (because it’s ‘lava’). Simply throw a few old blankets down on the grass and let their imagination do the work.
  9. Build an outdoor fort.
  10. Parachute Game. Fun for the whole family! Get a parachute (or a non-fitted bed sheet), fill the center with ping pong balls and move the sheet up and down. The idea is to get the ping pong balls off the sheet as quick as possible.
  11. Balloon Pinata. Fill some balloons with water, and string them across a line in your garden. Kids get to burst them open by hitting them with a stick. Wet, but amazing fun!
  12. Relay races.
  13. Create Pet Rocks. Find some rocks, paint them and add some googly eyes for some crazy crafting fun.
  14. Host an Outdoor Movie Night. Grabs some popcorn, a projector and a white sheet or screen and host an outdoor movie night under the stars.
  15. Pull an all night ‘stake-out’. Pitch a tent in the garden, tell spooky stories, and roast some s’mores on a campfire.
  16. Pool Noodle Race Track. Cut a pool noodle in half, prop the noodles up against something and race toy cars down them.
  17. Angry Bird’s Game. I LOVE this idea. Draw some angry bird faces on red, green, white and yellow balloons, blow them up and build a cardboard box tower, making sure to place the angry birds between gaps in the boxes. Kids try to dislodge the angry birds with bean bags or rocks like in the game!
  18. Balloon Race. Best with a team of players, kids race against eachother to pass on a balloon, but they can only hold the balloon between their legs. They can’t use their hands or arms to touch anything! It’s a true race against the clock.
  19. Corn Hole.
  20. Artwork Dartboard! Fill some balloons with paint, stick them to a white canvas and with darts or something sharp, try to pop as many as you can to create your own masterpiece. You’ll be surprised at what you create.
  21. Lawn Scrabble. Draw gigantic letters on pieces of cardboard, deal them out to each play and set up a giant game of lawn scrabble in your own backyard.
  22. Outdoor Bowling.
  23. Giant Jenga. Grab some wooden blocks and create your own outdoor giant jenga game.
  24. Panning for Gold. This is a great activity for toddlers. Sprinkle some gold confetti pieces in the water or place some real fool’s gold for some geological fun, and have them fish it out. To make it more of a challenge, add in some small stones and rocks so they have to sort out the gold from the stones.
  25. Outdoor Twister. You can either play the floor game, or if you don’t have the official Twister game, then you can either paint some spots on a bed sheet, or place some paper papers on the floor and label them with the colours! Better yet, spray paint some circles on the grass.
  26. Ring Toss.
  27. Nerf Wars. This one can be a lot of fun. Just make sure to lay down some ground rules when using the Nerf ‘guns’ e.g. no aiming for the face, objects, windows etc.
  28. Nature Painting. Using twigs and leaves, make your own nature painting by pressing them against some paper whilst wet with paint!
  29. Balloon Capture. A fun and unique game, fill some balloons with helium, this is important because they need to float up, mark them with numbers e.g. 50, 100, 200 etc, attach the balloons to the ground with a bit of string, grab some hula hoops, and throw the hula hoops over the balloons. The person with the most points wins!
  30. Have an outdoor tea party.
  31. Grow an Herb Garden. For curious kids, let them plant their own seeds and bulbs to get them interested in growing their own garden. Kids often love these type of relaxed activities too.

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