These free Easter Scavenger Hunt clues, riddles and ‘find & discover’ printables are the perfect way to spread a little joy and holiday cheer this Easter!

Cute as bunnies, the whole family will love these ‘egg-celent’ activities!

There are 3 activities to choose from (although, you can have all 3 if you like!):

  1. Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues to Place Around the Home
  2. Find and Go Discover Easter Scavenger
  3. Traditional Easter Hunt with Checklists

My last two scavenger hunts, the natural treasures nature garden scavenger hunt and my golden treasures indoor scavenger hunt were so popular I decided to create an Easter one this year too!

Pair with my free Easter I Spy Printable game for some egg-xtra fun!

Simply print out the Easter Scavenger hunt printables and clues and hide them throughout the home for your little ones to follow to find a hidden surprise at the end!

This scavenger hunt is perfect for kids and the whole family.


easter scavenger hunt clues and printable riddles on an easter themed background

I wish we had something as cute and adorable as this when I was a kid! I would have loved attempting to find all the mini printable cards and hidden surprises the family had laid out.

Instead, we used to stuff mini chocolate eggs into brighter plastic eggs and hide them around the garden, which was great, until the adults forgot where they’d buried them! Hah. Oh well. 

I’ve tried to make these Easter Scavenger hunt clues and printable riddles as easy as possible, using only common items you might have around the home during this jolly season. 

Think Easter decorations, chocolate bunnies, and even simple everyday items such as a tv, dining table, washing machine etc.

There are 16 clues in total, each of the printable clues are numbered, and whilst some are ‘in order’ i.e. the clues follow on from each other, most of them are ‘open’.

You can mix and match them if you wish to add more cards to the mix. Completely up to you.

You could easily use this Easter egg hunt for presents, for cookies or even something non-edible like small, collectible toys.

Simply print, cut out and hide in the secret locations as suggested on the printable cards themselves.

I always like to put them in a little envelope and hide a small gift with the clue, especially if I’m playing with a bigger group or family.

Little sachets of chocolate are perfect as a quick idea.

That way everyone has a chance to at least get a small present as you’re hopping from room to room. It also keeps the family busy and out of the kitchen whilst you’re baking those delicious Easter cupcakes too!


Children love ticking off items as they find them! That’s why I’ve put together this classic old school Easter Scavenger hunt checklist for kids.

traditional easter scavenger hunt printable for kids with checklist on easter themed background

It’s 2 sheets in total. I’ve included a general scavenger hunt whereby kids have to use their imagination and sensory skills to find items, as well as a traditional Easter theme scavenger checklist full of common Easter and household items.

The first activity is ideal if you want to play a scavenger hunt game regardless of what decorations you may or may not have up yet!

easter egg hunt checklist printable free download pdf on easter themed background


Download your free easter egg hunt clues right here using my Google Drive link.


This will open up the printables in a new tab for ease of access. Please note, sometimes the file might take a few seconds to load.

To save them to your computer simply click the downwards pointing arrow. Or, if you’re ready to print, simply hit the print button.

Make sure to select the correct paper size and scale for your printer.

These files are US Letter size, so will print perfect on both US letter and A4 sized paper. You can resize for A5 or smaller if you wish.


If you’re looking to simply set up an Easter scavenger hunt with riddles, you don’t need a lot of stuff, which is why I love them!

You’ll need:

  • Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt clues
  • Scissors
  • Tape or envelopes, depending on which you decide to go with
  • Small gifts as you’re finding each clue (optional)
  • Main gifts for the end of the scavenger hunt

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Simply follow the instructions below for a quick Easter scavenger hunt set-up!

1 – Print out the scavenger hunt clues (download the printable clues and sheets above). I recommend printing on card stock so the cards aren’t super flimsy. These clues are set to print on US letter size (also will print well on A4).

2 – Cut out the cards. The first and last card obviously must stay in order to start and end the easter egg hunt.

3 – Place the Easter scavenger hunt clues in the correct locations around the house. I tend to make them super visible for younger kids, and hide them supper well if adults are playing.

4 – Hide the final gift according to the last place on the last printable card.


I’ve put this FAQ section together which will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Will This Scavenger Hunt Work For My House/Family?

Similar to my Christmas scavenger hunt, indoor scavenger hunt and garden treasures hunt, I’ve made the clues as accessible and common as possible. The clues lead to places like the tv, drawers, washing machine, bed etc. I tend to stay away from anything too specific so that everyone can use these printables.

How Many Clues Are There?

This Easter scavenger hunt has 16 clues in total. You will need to find 16 different locations to hide the printable clues. The last clue will lead to the main surprise or gift, no matter how big or small this might be. 

I Can’t Seem to Get the File to Open For Me. What Can I Do?

Ah, tech…it’s so useful and then other times it causes us so many headaches.

I recommend trying to open the file on a desktop using Google Chrome or a similar browser if you’re having trouble.

If you’re using a work computer, work email address, or VPN it’s not likely to open due to your company’s strict server settings.

If that doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section below making sure to provide your email address (don’t worry, it doesn’t get published), and I’ll send you a copy of the scavenger hunts personally.

Can I make the scavenger hunt longer or shorter?

Yes! Whilst the clues are numbered, most of them don’t hint to the previous hunting location. You can add more clues and riddles into the mix if you like where appropriate.

Make sure to read the previous card to make sure adding more clues makes sense.

Do You Have Blank Cards Or Editable Checklists I Can Use?

Unfortunately, not yet (although I am definitely looking into this!). I designed these myself using a graphic design software, so at the moment they’re not editable.

Why are Easter Eggs Hunted at Easter?

It’s a fun concept, and I always wondered where the idea came from. Typically, bunnies give birth to a large litter of baby rabbits (kittens). This is symbolic of new life. Legend has it that the Easter Bunny lays eggs, decorates them and hides them as part of the festival. Many believe that finding easter eggs is lucky, but for others it’s a fantastic children’s activity!

Is This Easter Scavenger Hunt For Adults Or Just Kids?

This Easter hunt is for kids, though the whole family can join in too! The traditional checklists are definitely catered towards younger children.

The riddles and printable clues aren’t too difficult which makes it great for families with younger kids or even tweens.

Hoppy Easter!

Charlotte x