Become a pro in the kitchen this holiday season with these easy Christmas cookies recipes!

From traditional butter Christmas cookies to Grinch ‘fur’ cookies, you’ll love this tasty list of easy to follow cookie recipes.

If you’re following the trendy ‘25 days of Christmas cookies’ this year, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this page. Enjoy!


1. Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies

Gooey butter easy Christmas cookies

Who doesn’t love a traditional gooey butter Christmas cookie? Finish with a handful of sprinkles to give this tasty treat a colorful look.

2. Dark chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

dark chocolate candy cane cookies

Make Christmas a little sweeter this year with these fun and not to mention tasty dark chocolate candy cane cookies.

3. Christmas Lights Cookies

christmas lights cookies

Fancy yourself a whizz at hand iced decorating? Make it a family affair and turn these gorgeous Christmas lights cookies into a sweet children’s craft!

4. Christmas Sugar Swirl Cookies

christmas sugar swirl cookies

Put a heavenly red and green Christmas twist on the traditional sugar cookies for a real crowd pleaser.

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5. Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

candy cane kiss cookies

Love your kisses? We’re talking candy cane kisses of course. Make these easy Christmas cookies and you’re sure to be a hit with the whole family. They’re that *good*.

6. Christmas Tree Cookie Cups

christmas tree cookie cups

Transform sugar cookies, some buttercream frosting and cookie dough into the most adorable Christmas tree cookie cups.

7. Grinch Crinkle ‘Fur’ Cookies

grinch crinkle fur cookies

Feeling ‘Grinchy’ this Christmas? Try one of these insanely tasty ‘crinkly crankly Grinch’ cookies and you’re sure to wash away those Christmas blues…or rather greens.

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8. Grinch Cookies

grinch themed easy Christmas cookies

Can you tell we really love the Grinch movies? All jokes aside, these Grinch cookies are super soft, and kids especially will love tucking into them.

9. Traditional Butter Cookies

traditional Christmas butter cookies

Keep things super simple with these easy to make traditional Christmas butter cookies. Dip in dark or milk chocolate to complete the shop-bought look.

10. Easy Brownie Christmas Trees

easy christmas brownie trees

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a tasty brownie recipe thrown into the mix. Make these easy Christmas brownie trees for a real quick treat this festive season.

11. Santa’s Cookies (Double Chocolate M+M Cookies)

double chocolate m and m cookies

Leave a gift for Santa this year with these heavenly, melt in your mouth double chocolate M + M cookies

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12. Snowflake Cookies

easy snowflake cookies

These snowflake cookies decorated with white and blue icing make for a sweet Christmas display. Guests of all ages are sure to love this frosty treats!

13. Stuffed Christmas Snowballs

stuffed christmas snowballs

You’ll go crazy for these stuffed Christmas snowballs. Think classic Russian teacake mixed with the most heavenly peanut butter mixture ever.

14. Oreo Christmas Pudding Cookies

oreo christmas pudding cookies

These oreo Christmas pudding cookies are sure to be a hit with the adults this Christmas. Unbelievably easy to make, you’ll wish you grabbed this recipe sooner!

15. Snowfrost Blizzard Cookies 

snowfrost blizzard cookies

These winter blizzard cookies taste just as amazing as they look. With a delicious helping of cream cheese these cookies are super soft and chewy.

16. White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies

ginger white dipped chocolate cookies

The white chocolate splash takes these ginger cookies to a whole new level! You’ll be wanting more of these for sure.

17. Christmas Wreath Cookies

christmas wreath no bake cookies

Can you believe these no bake Christmas wreath cookies only take 20 minutes to make?! We’re in love with the finished look.

18. Eggnog Frosted Chai Snickerdoodle Snowmen

eggnog frosted chai snickerdoodle cookies

Add a little pick-me-up to your Christmas days with these eggnog frosted chai snickerdoodle snowmen cookies. Seriously, if you love chai, you’ll go crazy for these cookies!

19. Hot Chocolate Meltaway Cookies

hot chocolate meltaway cookies

Buttery, hot chocolate cookies topped with melted ganache, marshmallows and tiny candy cane chunks. What’s not to love?

20. Snowman Top Hat Christmas Cookies

snowman top hat cookies

How cute are these snowmen top hat Christmas cookies? Top with some red, white and green sprinkles to complete the festive look.

21. Melted Snowman Cookies

melted snowmen christmas cookies

Bring out your inner child this Christmas and recreate these insanely cute melted snowman Christmas cookies. Sure to make a fun children’s craft or even thoughtful gift idea.

22. Soft-baked Cake Batter Cookies

soft bake easy christmas cookies

These soft baked cake batter cookies taste just like the original cake batter mix! Why lick the spoon when you can have a tasty batch of these whipped up?!

23. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

hot chocolate cookie cups

Have you seen anything cuter than these hot chocolate cookie cups?! Don’t be fooled by their menacing look, they’re pretty easy to make, even if you’re new to the whole Christmas baking thing.

24. Soft Batch Christmas Sprinkle Cookies 

soft batch christmas cookies

These soft batch Christmas sprinkle cookies are a super easy Christmas sugar cookie. No rolling the dough! Ideal for a quick and easy Christmas bake.

25. Peanut Butter Balls

peanut butter balls

Searching for a simple Christmas cookie idea that’s completely unique? Add these delicious peanut butter balls into the mix for a fun and tasty Christmas treat.

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