120+ Decluttering Ideas: The Big List of Things to Declutter Now

If you’re wanting to declutter but have no idea where to start, take a look over these decluttering ideas to ditch the overwhelm.

This gigantic list features over 100 things you absolutely have no need keeping in your home.

You’ll be so glad you got rid of the clutter, and the best part? You won’t miss any of these items!

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you find something you no longer need, either bin, recycle or donate it.

I highly recommend setting up three separate bins and labelling them when you’re decluttering so you don’t get confused.


When decluttering, ask yourself these three questions;

  1. When was the last time I used this?
  2. If I got rid of it, would I buy it again?
  3. Could I use this moving forward?
  4. Do this have sentimental value?

These four simple questions can help you quickly and easily declutter your home.

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  1. Old magazines
  2. Scatter cushions
  3. Out of Date Cosmetics (Hint: There’s a little M on the back of the bottle which will tell you how good it’s for after it’s been opened e.g. 6M would mean 6 months!)
  4. Candles you don’t like the smell of
  5. Faux plants that are faded or dusty
  6. Old throws
  7. Permanently stained coffee tables
  8. Paper bills and statements (opt for paperless)
  9. Old chargers
  10. Old electronics
  11. Flyers and leaflets
  12. Telephone directories
  13. Takeaway menus (they’re online!)
  14. Pet toys your pet no longer plays with
  15. Old rugs
  16. Board games no-one plays anymore
  17. Watched DVDs
  18. VHS Tapes
  19. VHS player
  20. Wall art you no longer like
  21. Duplicate photos
  22. CD’s you haven’t listened to in years
  23. Reward Member Cards
  24. Unused Gifts
  25. Books You Have Read/No Longer Will Read
  26. Old Soaps and Lotions
  27. Water Bottles
  28. Notepads and Notebooks
  29. Broken or Out of Use Folders
  30. Faded Towels
  31. Travel Sized Samples
  32. Jeans that Don’t Fit You
  33. Shoes you Don’t Wear
  34. Clothes that don’t match with anything
  35. Gym equipment you don’t use
  36. Purses/wallets
  37. Owner manuals (all online)
  38. Clothes hangers
  39. Soft toys
  40. Your baby clothes your mom gave to you
  41. Broken light bulbs
  42. Chipped Mugs
  43. Chipped Dishes
  44. Socks with Holes
  45. Empty bottles
  46. Bed Linen
  47. Old Craft Projects
  48. Old Toothbrushes
  49. Rusted Knives
  50. Garden Tools
  51. Excess Cutlery
  52. Old Paint
  53. Craft Supplies you haven’t used in years
  54. Old baking tins, baking supplies and sheets
  55. Extra pens and pencils
  56. Excess mugs
  57. Stained Tupperware containers
  58. Placemats you don’t use
  59. Tights or stockings with ladders
  60. Delicates with holes or fraying edges
  61. Tattered holiday décor
  62. Novelty items you no longer want
  63. Cookbooks you absolutely don’t use
  64. Recipe cards and articles
  65. Faded patio furniture
  66. Old patio cushions
  67. Multiple wads of paper
  68. Kid’s artwork (save your favorites, keep photos of the rest)
  69. Photos on your phone
  70. Coupons to places you never go or eat
  71. Newsletters you don’t want to be a part of anymore (send a unsubscribe form)
  72. Emails you don’t want to receive anymore (hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom)
  73. Expired spices, herbs and seasonings
  74. Expired cans and tins
  75. Faded and old bath towels
  76. Mouldy shower curtains
  77. Old fashioned home décor
  78. Uncomfortable clothing
  79. Clothes that have never fit properly
  80. Swimsuits/Swimgear you don’t feel fabulous in
  81. Extra bags
  82. Old kid’s school backpacks
  83. Spare sheets, table linens and covers that never get used
  84. Apps on your phone you don’t open
  85. Kitchen appliances you never use
  86. Old sunscreens and lotions
  87. Sunscreens that don’t offer enough protection (check for factor and UVA + UVB)
  88. Old birthday cards
  89. Expired medical bandages and medkit items
  90. Tangled mess of cables and wires
  91. Lumpy, flat bed pillows
  92. Fancy dress outfits you won’t wear again
  93. Old receipts of items you can no longer return
  94. Blow up mattress that deflates quickly
  95. Jewelry you haven’t worn or won’t wear
  96. Pyjamas you never wear
  97. Old sunglasses or broken lenses
  98. Reading glasses with the wrong lens strength
  99. Old contacts and texts on your phone
  100. Facebook friends list
  101. Art or hobby supplies you no longer need
  102. Expired medicine and vitamins
  103. Old toilet brushes
  104. Old shower curtain liner
  105. Cleaning supplies you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole
  106. Overly harsh bleaches and cleaners
  107. High heels shoes that hurt too much
  108. Jackets you never wear
  109. Old umbrellas and raincoats
  110. Garage tools you have no need for
  111. Bags of extra nails and screws that come with furniture flat packs
  112. Delete social media accounts you no longer use
  113. Excess pet items, bowls, collars, chew toys
  114. Excess glassware, vases and bowls
  115. Takeout sauces and condiments
  116. USB Drives (make sure to wipe them first)
  117. Random bobby pins and hair ties
  118. Extra buttons
  119. Extra travel and make-up bags
  120. Battered suitcases and hold-ons
  121. More than one hairbrush per person
  122. Old hair styling tools
  123. Gift wrapping supplies
  124. Outdoor sports equipment no one uses
  125. Old souvenirs
  126. Tattered fridge magnets
  127. Used printer ink cartridges
  128. Broken printers
  129. Recalled baby items
  130. Random office supplies
  131. Useless kitchen gadgets
  132. Expired food
  133. Empty packages and cardboard boxes
  134. Broken kid’s toys they don’t play with

One thing to keep in mind when decluttering is to make sure you actually have permission to get rid of other people’s items.

It’s always a good idea to ask your kids, family or housemates if you can’t donate, recycle or trash their items!

As always I recommend donating, recycling or even selling your items wherever you can.

Charities, local libraries and recycling centres are always happy to take in boxes of donations.

Check out this handy post from Apartment Therapy for a big list of donation centers near you.

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