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Feeling completely overwhelmed with studying?

Lacking the motivation to study?


Want clear, actionable, step-by-step strategies that will improve your grades?

This 65 page guide is broken down into 6 easy to follow chapters, and a visual learning road map to help you study smarter, and not harder!

The strategies in this guide helped me to achieve 45A*s in my modules, 12A*s overall in high school, and achieve 1st grades (85%+) in my university assignments.

You don’t have to be a genius to get good grades, you just need an awesome set of strategies that actually work for your learning style!

I am 100% dedicated to helping you improve your grades, boost your confidence in your abilities, and maximise your potential.

This guide will help you to do exactly that!

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Here’s a quick snapshot of what the guide includes!

good example Tried and Tested Strategies

10 unconventional study strategies you probably haven’t heard of before, with step by step examples and illustrations showing you exactly how to use them with your class material!

good exampleThe only note condensing method you will ever need

I show you how to turn hundreds of your dull and boring class notes into the ultimate study revision guides using real subject material.

good exampleDiscover your learning styles

I help you to figure out how to maximise your study sessions even further with a handy checklist and the ‘8 learning styles’ cheat sheet.

good exampleLearning road map & summary checklist to keep you on track

Short on time? Struggling to stay on track? The handy learning road map and summary checklist will ensure you know what to do next to boost your grades!

good exampleBonus #1 – Master the Foundation for Success

Do you often find yourself putting off assignments or studying? Or maybe you just struggle to find the motivation to study!

This bonus guide includes 5 top strategies to help you find your motivation to study even when you don’t want to, plus I show you how to overcome procrastination using the super ‘hulk’ method!

good exampleBonus #2   – Join the exclusive Student Survival Facebook Study Group & receive your free progress tracker!

Consider this as your personal support group! This newly established exclusive study group was set-up with students just like you in mind!

Looking to meet other like-minded students who want to succeed in their studies?

Want to keep track of your exam marks, assignment scores and essay grades? You can with the progress tracker and study group!

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P.S I wanted this guide to be super affordable, but still extremely valuable. That’s why this whole guide costs less than a 30 minute session with a private tutor!