23 Charming Coastal Bedrooms For An In Home Beach Retreat

Looking to make your room feel more beachy? Bring the outside in with these stunningly simple coastal bedrooms.

Shake off the post-holiday blues with a quick seaside redesign. With bright whites and baby blues, slightly-worn fabrics and coastal-inspired accessories, everyday can feel like a beach retreat.

To achieve that true beach feel, you’ll want to pair a stark white or light background with weathered wood furniture.

For a more cozy feel, add some woven baskets, knitted rugs and plump scatter cushions to the bedroom.

Use fun small-scale seaside motifs for a more jovial, nautical vibe. I’ve made sure to include both traditional and modern coastal bedrooms for your inspiration. 

23 Coastal Bedrooms For Every Bedroom Size and Space

  1. A true sailor’s sanctuary, complete with statement art piece
coastal bedroom with navvy stripes

2. A woven wicker coastal themed bedroom with textured linens

coastal bedroom light blue and white fabrics

3. Beautiful in blue: high ceiling frame with interlocking blue panels

hamptons style coastal bedroom with bright blue accessories

4. Gorgeous art deco inspired coastal bedroom

art deco style coastal bedroom

5. Seashore netting makes for a simplistic coastal themed twin room

coastal themed twin room with seashore netting

6. Light, bright and airy bedroom with panoramic sea views

elegant upscale seaside costal themed master bedroom

7. A tropical coastal bedroom, complete with minimal accessories

tropical coastal bedroom floridian style palm trees

8. 3 shades of blue, pair up contrasting shades of blue for a true underwater feel

underwater themed bedroom with seashore accessories

9. White oak and gold finishes give a more elegant and cozy look

beach hut style bedroom, maine and hamptons inspired

10. A princess style woven headboard pairs perfectly with this oh so tropical coast bedroom

tropical princess style coastal bedroom with woven headboard

11. Faint baby blue accents for a dash of color to an otherwise white room

white wash and baby blue accent seaside room

12. A Hampton’s style beach hut with serious summer nautical vibes

coastal bedroom with nautical vibes and accessories

13. A feminine styled coastal bedroom with scatter cushions and throws

pastel princess master bedroom, seaside inspired look

14. Beautiful wide-open canopy bed with pristine white fixtures

coastal bedrooms ideas

15. Cozy, warm and inviting look with deeper pink, blue and yellow hues

vintage coastal bedroom look

16. Quaint seaside bedroom with lots of character and charm

classic coastal bedroom with statement pieces

17. Messy, two toned bedroom perfect for guest room styling

messy coastal guest bedroom

18. Deeper, bolder colors with marine themed artwork

coastal artwork on bedroom wall

19. A retro, urban city take on a coastal themed bedroom

retro coastal bedroom with vintage artwork

20. A true Hampton’s style bedroom with an autumnal twist

hamptons style seaside bedroom with autumnal twist

21. Classic, minimalistic coastal bedroom with a white wood finish

Classic, minimalistic coastal bedroom with a white wood finish

22. Add darker oaks for a more country-inspired theme

stunning country coastal bedroom

23. Swap out the blues with purples and greys for a distinctive look

unique coastal bedrooms look

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