Choose from these classy bachelorette party ideas to plan a weekend that really captures the spirit of leaving singlehood behind. From the amazingly unconventional, to simple and low-key, we’ve included it all.

When you hear the word ‘bachelorette party’, many things may come to mind; drinking, overly priced themed decor and a LOT of money spent.

However, gone are the days (thankfully!) when a bachelorette party was limited to bars, strippers and hangovers (although, I can’t promise you still won’t get one of those…).

With these classy and budget friendly party ideas, you can celebrate your departure from singlehood in style.

With the average bachelorette party costing in excess of $1,074 for a two day experience, we thought we’d put together a list of affordable, yet awesome bachelorette party ideas that don’t break the bank, yet still give you and your guests an experience to remember.

Whether you’re looking for a big getaway or a low key night in, we’ve made sure to cater for all types of wedding guests.


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1. Go Glamping

Why not get everyone together for a luxe weekend away under the stars. Imagine a decked out cozy cabin in the mountains, a Swiss chalet with cups of hot chocolate or a chic tent on an amenity filled campsite with champagne on ice.

Throw in some bachelorette party games, a local trip to the town, a food tasting experience and of course refreshments, and you’ve got yourself a memorable bachelorette party.

Whether you’re looking to gaze at your local constellations or travel further afield, sites such as and have options around the world.

2. Get Creative with Scents

Candle, bath bomb and flower shops such as Paddywax, Candlefish, Lush and other department stores often host private ‘make your own’ events.

Create your own scented keepsakes, or make them for the Bride as a gift (depending on how well they turn out you might just have a laugh or two!).


Not only is this a fun activity, but it smells absolutely divine! Turn it into a competition with the Bride or event host as a judge.

Smaller, local shops may also offer a similar experience without noting it on their website so it’s best to enquire.

Pair with other local attractions and sights, and you’ve got a super creative bachelorette party idea.

3. Go on a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

This one requires a little planning, but is a unique game to play with your gals.

Hire a car or jeep for the weekend and head to local cities or national points of interest for a fun weekend get-away with the girls.

In each city, there is something specific you have to find! It can be a local delicacy, a city cocktail or a landmark. Make it as local or national as you want!

4. Plan a Wine Tasting Experience

You don’t have to head to a bar or club to have a good time! Round up your group, hire a car and head to your local winery or vineyard for an afternoon (or evening!) of wine tasting.

Fancy getting dirty? Some vineyards like this one in Rutherford, California let you kick off your shoes, let your hair down and stomp the grapes yourself.

Hire a limo or party bus for an elevated feel or hire an open top jeep for a truly outdoor experience.

For more vineyard bachelorette party ideas, check out AirBnB’s experience hub. You can of course just use them to glean some ideas, and support local businesses instead!

5. Chill out with a Luxury Spa Day (& Yoga)

Spa days are a classic go-to when it comes to unconventional bachelorette parties, and for good reason too! Everyone loves a bit of pampering.


From manicures to pedicures to Swedish massage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The best thing? Each spa experience can be tailored to the individual guest. A true day of luxury.

Fancy working up a little sweat before you get pampered? Head to a restorative yoga class (hint, the name’s deceiving).

6. Go Wild with a bit of Adventure

You’ve got hundreds of options available to you when it comes to a bit of thrill seeking! Strap on a harness and go bungee jumping, or do a sky dive if you’re feeling brave.

Want to feel the wind rushing through your hair but with less risk? Why not don your glad rags and go rollerskating for a whizzingly fun evening, or even complete an obstacle course.

Ziplining, sand boarding and rock climbing are also popular with adrenaline seeking bachelorette parties!

Not sure what activities are available near you or in your planned destination? Check out PlacePass, and discover a list of local experiences you can book.

7. Host an Elevated Girl’s Night In

On the lookout for a super low-key, cheap bachelorette party? Swap your wine for champagne and your takeaway for a finger buffet (full of tasty nibbles of course), and you’ve got yourself a budget friendly bachelorette.

Whilst we know you’re not in middle school anymore, why not host an old fashioned slumber party too, but with an adult twist.

Bring out the drinking games, rom-coms and junk food for a cheap night in.

Want to elevate the experience? Host a movie night in your back yard, and play your movies on a portable screen outside.

8. Test your Mixology Skills

If you’ve ever wanted to flex your cocktail making skills, now’s the time to do it! With a well stocked bar, put yours and your guest’s mixology skills to the test.

If you’re ready to advance your technical know-how and learn something new, hire a mixologist for a few hours and have them teach your group some snazzy tricks of the trade!

9. Let Loose at a Music Festival

Get everyone together for a night of music, laughs and sing-alongs! Book a concert or if your bachelorette falls around the right time, head to a popular music festival.

Anything from Coachella in the West to Lollapalooza in the Mid West to Glastonbury in the UK will be music to your guest’s ears and is sure to cater for everyone’s individual taste.

Love retro swing music in particular? Highly recommend checking out Caravan Palace or Post Modern Jukebox!

10. Get some Color in your Cheeks with Paintball

Needless to say, paintball is a high energy activity sure to get the blood pumping! This is like the hide n go seek version for adults.

Group your party together and head out to a paintball range. Split into teams and have fun getting pelted (or ideally, not pelted) with paintballs.

Just make sure to pencil this one in a few weeks before the wedding – those paintballs can leave some bruising.

11. Host a Bachelorette Brunch

Cheap, cheerful but oh so tasty! Who doesn’t love a gal’s brunch?!

Design your own Bachelorette Brunch menu and make this brunch a memory to cherish!

Play some bachelorette themed games around the table which are sure to elicit giggles, smiles and nostalgic memories, sip on some cosmos and break out the bubbly, and host a lunch worth sharing!

Perfect party idea for smaller sized bachelorette groups.

12. Spend a Day on the Water

Have a bit of extra cash to throw around? Hire a small yacht, boat or jet skis for the day, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, book a river-rafting experience.

Coordinate drinks accordingly – think Sea Breeze cocktails, Malibu Sunsets and Aperol Spritz aperitifs. All refreshing drinks for a warm summer’s day.

Oh, and whilst you’re topping up your drinks, make sure to top up your sunscreen too!

13. Get Psyched Out

Does the Bride to be have some burning questions she would like answered? How about adding to her crystal collection?

Head to a psychic show or better yet, book a spiritual retreat for the group.

Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, all make excellent group classes. If you’re looking for a spook or fright, book a paranormal or ghost tour for a ghoulish themed bachelorette.

14. Get your Game On

For the best of both worlds, split your day into two halves; partly spent indoors playing specially made bachelorette games, and the other half spent out in the city.

After you’re done playing all sorts of games guaranteed to end in giggles, why not schedule an at-home beauty session with the pros who can glam you up with hair and make-up services before a night out.

15. Do Some Good

If the bride-to-be is active with rights groups and charities, why not turn the bachelorette party into a ‘do-good movement’.

Think about the causes that are close to the group’s hearts, and send some loving vibes into the universe. Get involved with local volunteering campaigns in your area such as ocean clean-ups, 5k fun runs, or even host a bake sale for charity.

There are endless options available. Plus, who said you can’t do happy hour after your good deeds?

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When it comes to Bachelorette party ideas, there are endless options available to you. Why not try some of these unique ideas to host a party of a lifetime.