FREE Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt [Rhyming Riddles & Clues]

This Christmas scavenger hunt printable, complete with rhyming riddles and hunting clues is the perfect way to spread a little holiday cheer and festivity this holiday season!

Simply print out the Christmas scavenger hunt riddles and hide them throughout the home for your loved ones to follow to find a hidden surprise at the end! This scavenger hunt is perfect for kids and the whole family.

I’ve also included a super simple Christmas scavenger hunt checklist for kids to play ‘find and go discover’ too.

This way the whole family can be included!

My last two scavenger hunts, the natural treasures nature garden scavenger hunt and my golden treasures indoor scavenger hunt were so popular I decided to create a Christmas, Santa scavenger game this year!


I have such fond memories as a kid racing around the home attempting to find all the presents and mini printable cards my parents and family laid out.

After making a warm cup of cocoa, which I’ve since revamped in the most magical and Christmassy way possible, we would get together with little checklists and hunt for the Christmas themed items.

That’s why I’ve put together this classic old school Christmas scavenger hunt for kids.

christmas scavenger hunt printable printed out on christmas background desk

It’s 3 sheets in total, although I will be adding more printables as time goes by, and kids, using the Christmas scavenger hunt clues try to find something related to those items.

For example, kids can find anything relating to a reindeer it doesn’t have to be an actual reindeer, although a surprise trip to Lapland or Santa’s local grotto would be cool!

As a former educator I love seeing the beaming smile on their faces when they find a secret, hidden treasure. They just love checking things off!

The last two sheets are ideal if you want to play a scavenger hunt game regardless of what decorations you may or may not have up yet! I’m a total last minute decorator too.

Although this year I’m determined to get my decorations and DIY projects done early.

And if you’re looking for a family Christmas scavenger hunt with rhyming riddles and printable clues or are just on the lookout for one suitable for adults, I’ve put together a 12 card hunting game.


This Christmas scavenger hunt is perfect for adults to play along with kids!

I’ve tried to make these Christmas scavenger hunt riddles as easy as possible, using only common items you might have around the home during this festive season.

Think Christmas trees, cookies, wreaths and even simple, common everyday items such as shoes, mirrors, beds, closets etc.

Christmas scavenger hunt rhyming riddle printable clues to print on Christmas background

You could easily use this Christmas scavenger hunt for presents or for cookies or even something like finding a Christmas Eve box.

Simply print, cut out and hide in the secret locations as suggested on the printable cards themselves.

I always like to put them in a little envelope and hide a small gift with the clue, especially if I’m playing with a bigger group or family.

That way everyone has a chance to at least get a small present as you’re hopping from room to room. It also keeps the family busy and out of the kitchen whilst you’re baking those delicious Christmas cookies too!


BONUS CHRISTMAS TIP: With Christmas being a little different this year, you might be looking for a simpler and more cost effective way to go about gift giving. I’m a huge believer in gifting memories and not things.

After all it’s the experiences we treasure the most from life, not the physical items which come and go with trends, seasons and decluttering sessions.

That’s why I’ve put together this zero waste gift giving guide, chock full of thoughtful and in some cases frugal gift ideas that everyone will love. Perfect gift ideas for kids, him, her and the planet!

I don’t know about you, but I always felt guilty wrapping up super expensive gifts with one-use Christmas wrapping paper only for it to be torn apart and then binned in mass.

It’s so wasteful and this year I’ve decided to follow my own advice and try this low waste, eco-friendly idea a go! Let me know in comments if you’re thinking of doing the same – would love to hear your thoughts on this!


If you’re simply looking to set up a Christmas scavenger hunt with riddles, you don’t need a lot of stuff.

That’s the beauty of scavenger hunts, you don’t need a lot of supplies to have a really fun and festive time!

  • Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt clues (get them at the bottom of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or envelopes, depending on which you decide to go with
  • Small gifts as you’re finding each clue (optional)
  • Main gifts for the end of the scavenger hunt


Simply follow the instructions below for a quick Christmas scavenger hunt set-up!

1 – Print out the scavenger hunt clues (download the printable clues and sheets at the end of the post). Make sure to scale to correct size before printing (see notes below). I recommend printing on card stock so the cards aren’t super flimsy.

2 – Cut out the cards. Each card is in order, meaning the 1st card to print is the first clue. The second clue is to the right of it, and so on. I’ve added little numbers to them so you know which clue comes next.

3 – Using the numbers on the cards, place the Christmas scavenger hunt clues in the correct locations around the house. I tend to make them super visible for younger kids, and hide them really well if adults are playing.

4 – Hide the final gifts in the nearest closet to the penultimate clue in your house (that’s where the final clue leads to).


After so many questions with my last two scavenger hunts, I’ve decided to put this FAQ section together which will hopefully answer all of your burning questions.

Will This Scavenger Hunt Work For My House/Family?

Similar to my indoor scavenger hunt and nature walk scavenger hunt, I’ve made the clues in this Christmas scavenger hunt as common as possible.

The clues lead to places and things you’ll most likely have in your home during this festive period such as a freezer, oven, bed, Christmas Tree, wreath etc.

I try to stay away from anything too specific so that every family can use these printables.

How Many Clues Are There?

This Christmas scavenger hunt has 12 clues in total, including the first one which kind of starts the scavenger hunt.

There will be 12 different locations the hunters will need to go to find the main gift at the end.

I Can’t Seem to Get the File to Open For Me. What Can I Do?

Ah, tech…it’s so useful and then other times it causes us so many headaches.

I recommend trying to open the file on a desktop using Google Chrome or a similar browser if you’re having trouble.

If that doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section below making sure to provide your email address (don’t worry, it doesn’t get published), and I’ll send you a copy of the scavenger hunts personally.

Can I Make the Scavenger Hunt Longer or Shorter?

The clues are written to go in order with all 12 clues so it makes sense to play the full game, but you can of course take some cards out if you wish. However, the clues won’t tie together very well.

Most the cards relate to the previous one the hunters found.

By all means, you can lengthen the scavenger hunt. Just add more riddles after the last clue.

You can make the ‘present in the closet’ a small token like a plate of cookies for example, and then carry on playing for the bigger gifts.

Do You Have Blank Cards Or Editable Checklists I Can Use?

Unfortunately, not yet (although I am definitely looking into this!). I designed these myself using a graphic design software, so at the moment they’re not editable.

Is This Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Adults Or Just Kids?

This Christmas scavenger hunt is for kids…and big kids too! The traditional checklists are definitely more kid like.

The riddles aren’t too tricky which makes it great for families with younger kids or tweens.

I’m in the process of making some Christmas scavenger hunts for adults too, so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to use this one, simply hide the cards really well.


Download your free printable Christmas scavenger hunt right here using my Google Drive link.

This will open up the printables in a new tab for ease of access.

To save them to your computer simply click the downwards pointing arrow. Or, if you’re ready to print, simply hit the print button.

Make sure to select the correct paper size and scale for your printer.

These files are A4 size, so may need to be scaled to around 92% for US Letter. I’ve sold so many printables on Etsy I could recite the scaling sizes in my sleep! Hah.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Enjoy!

Charlotte x

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  1. Thank you so much. I planned to make my own clues, but didn’t get it finished. I am so grateful for this – My kids will be so pleased. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. I just want to say thank you so much! My son is 13, and between constant quarantine and being older, my son wanted to do something to make it fun Christmas Day and to make the day last longer. He had the best time. And I really hid things to make it hard (per his request!) We also hid every one of his presents with no clues. LOL! He had a blast! He said that was his favorite part of the day, was the challenge. Thank you!!


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