Life can be tough at all ages, but it can be especially tough when you’re a teenager.  Physically and emotionally, your life is changing, and it can become a little overwhelming. From exam stress to body image, sometimes our confidence and self-esteem can take a hit. Don’t worry you’re not alone, here are 3 top tips on how to build your confidence from one teen to another!


Try not to compare yourself to other people

This can be tricky. Let’s face it, we all have been guilty of this at some point. We often see a post on Instagram or Facebook and think ‘why can’t I be like that?’ or ‘I’ll never be able to do anything like she can’. Look at it this way, you were never born to be someone else! You are far too unique to compare yourself to others. Your talents, gifts and successes are incredibly distinctive. Instead, think about what it is you want to achieve and create an action plan to reach those goals. Focusing on yourself, and creating your own path will help you to achieve more without comparing yourself to others.


Create an achievement list

Sometimes we just need something to remind us of what we have already achieved. A simple, but powerful technique is to create an achievement list. It is as simple as listing what you have already accomplished! Easy right?! Creating an achievement list not only allows you to reflect on your amazing accomplishments, but it can also boost self confidence. When you have finished, post the list somewhere you can see it on a daily basis. If you’re thinking ‘Does it have to be a big achievement?’ the answer is definitely not! An achievement is different to everyone! Are you eating healthier? Are you reading more books? Did you get a better exam mark this month? List it.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the accomplishments are, they are still massive achievements to be proud of!


Change your mindset to handle mistakes or ‘failures’ in a more positive way

Try not to think of ‘failures’ as permanent failures. Instead, embrace them as opportunities to learn. ‘Failing’ encourages you to think about new ways of doing something, or different ways of thinking about something. Did you know that mistakes can actually make us more successful? Most successful people have ‘failed’ or made mistakes at some point, but it allowed them to be where they are now. Failure is not separate to success, it’s a part of it.


To quote Coco Chanel, ‘a person should be two things; who and what they want’. Above all, just remember to be yourself.