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Straight A Student’s Ultimate Note Taking Methods

Want to improve your grades and learn how to get straight a’s? You can. This is one of my favourite cornell note-taking methods, ideal if you’re wanting to improve your note taking techniques! I show you the exact same method I used to achieve 45A* grades, including a step-by-step easy to follow note taking system! Yes, you need a system!

The biggest myth school ever taught you

You just might be surprised what the biggest myth school ever taught you is…If you want some idea as to what this powerhouse post contains, here are a few ideas! Designed with college students and young professionals in mind, this post shows you why grades don’t always equal success in the real world or in your professional life. Plus, I cover why ‘failure’ is a good thing!

6 Common CV Mistakes You’re Making

Has your CV been rejected? Not sure why? Desperately looking for a career change? Here are 6 CV mistakes most applicants make, but more importantly how to avoid them! This post is full of the best CV tips for your career advancement and professional development. This is especially relevant if you’re a college grad, young professional or college student looking to apply to jobs.This post also covers the worst CV mistakes young college graduates make too!

6 Top Tips on How to Nail your Next Public Speaking Event or Presentation

6 top public speaking tips on how to perfect your presentation and public speaking skills from an 8 times award winning public speaker. Chock full of effective public speaking tips and presentation tips for the novice or even advanced public speaker. Plus, don’t forget to grab your key action point summary sheet on how to become a better public speaker!

The Ultimate Guide on How To Write a CV the Right Way

CV writing. Do those two little words scare you to death? They won’t anymore! Here’s the ultimate guide on how to write a CV the right way, including in-depth examples, a free CV template and detailed line-by-line analysis to make sure your CV lands on the ‘firm yes’ pile! Looking for some much needed career advancement? Want to make CV writing a breeze? I’ve got you covered.

3 Reasons why Feeling Lost, Stuck and Without a Purpose is a Good Thing

At some point we all feel lost, stuck and without a purpose. It’s natural, but did you know it’s actually a good thing?! Yes, feeling lost in life, stuck and without a purpose is actually great for you as a person! Here’s why, plus grab your free action plan to get back on track today, find your purpose and get motivated to start turning your ambitious thoughts into a reality!

How To Get Straight A’s/A*’s Even if you Don’t Attend a Good School

Want to know how to get straight a’s in high school or college even if you don’t attend a good school? You’ve come to the right place. I was in your situation once too. Here I cover all of the best study techniques, study methods and study hacks I used to achieve 12A*s, plus I show you how you can teach yourself difficult content, and how to find any resource you want online for free! Plus, I share the best study tricks in the ultimate study techniques guide for college and high school students.

How to Stop Doubting Yourself

Do you doubt yourself? Well, I’m going to change that – doubt your doubts. Ask yourself why are you doubting yourself? Is it logical? No? Well, here’s how you can stop doubting yourself for good! This post features self-care tips, some serious life motivation and much needed life lessons. Plus, get your positivity affirmations worksheets to learn why you are doubting yourself and more importantly learn how to fix it!