With 4th of July right around the corner, we’ve put together this quick and actionable guide on how to how to throw a 4th of July party no-one will forget in a hurry! From delicious snack ideas to super hosting tips, we’ve got you covered.


Independence day is the perfect time for a wonderful family get to together. Friends, family and neighbours all celebrate the one thing that unites them together; America. Your party can be as big or as small as you like. The best part? Inviting new neighbours and people around could spark new lifelong friendships.

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Looking for 4th of July inspiration for your food, drinks and decor? Make sure to follow our specially curated 4th of July Board on Pinterest! We will be posting 5 new inspiring ideas every day to this board leading up to the 4th!

5 Top Tips to Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season

Plan Some Exciting 4th of July Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Play the Patriotic Party Balloon Game for some crazy back-yard fun. Stuff a few ‘you win!’ notes into deflated balloons, blow them up and scatter them around the garden. Whoever pops the balloons with the notes in, wins a prize!

To get your guests into the party mood, ask them to come dressed to impress! Host your very own 4th of July costume party. Giggles guaranteed.

Love a bit of trivia? Throw an American History Trivia party. Compile some facts about the U.S, making sure to double down on difficult trivia for those history buffs in your group and challenge your guests to a bit of competition. Whoever wins gets to throw down the flag…or get first picks at the dessert table.

Red and blue giant Tic Tac Toe is a firm favorite amongst little guests. Set-up some tape lines in the form of a tic-tac-toe grid, cut some ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’ out of cardboard and paint. Simple, family fun game!

Spice up Your Food

Nothing says 4th of July quite like hotdogs, burgers and fries. For a traditional classic hotdog, loads your bun with BBQ bacon bits and crispy fried onions, then slather with some mustard for a tasty treat.

Looking for something more zingy? Try a Carolina Slaw Dogs instead. Spice up your Independence Day’s quintessential cuisine with some Grilled Chicken Bacon or Ranch Sliders. Poke a 4th of July Flag through the middle for an extra special touch.

Got a sweet tooth? Your guests are sure to love these scrumptious red, white and blue M & M cookie bars. Round them off with some American style cupcakes, frosted flag donuts, and mini stars berry pies.

And…Don’t Forget Your Veggies

Serve your veggie guests (and veggie lovers!) these dishes at your 4th of July party and you’ll be a hero in their eyes! Most 4th of July parties rarely cater for vegetarian guests, so we’ve put some ideas together everyone’s sure to love.

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches with Cilantro Pesto

Spicy Grilled Bean Burgers

Vegan Jerk Jackfruit Burger

Ultimate Patriotic Cheese Board

Herbed Feta Dip

Air Fried Potato Chips

Watermelon and Spinach Salad

Add a Little Patriotism to your Punch

Freshen up your party with some seriously cooling drinks. In the height of summer when the sun is blaring down, your guests will be glad to see one of these delicious concoctions before their eyes.

Patriotic Punch is an absolute must for any 4th of July party. Simply mix some Kool-aid with cranberry juice, add ice and then cut the ends of a twizzler to use as a straw. Kids (and big kids) alike will go crazy for this holiday drink.

Of course who can forget the classics? Sip on some old fashioned lemonade to cool off, or slurp this orange dream punch for a zestier kick.

In need of some drink ideas for your party? Take a peek at our drinks board on Pinterest. From cocktails to mocktails, lemonades to fruit juices, we’ve got ideas to cater for everyone’s taste this season.

Get your DIY On

DIY 4th of July crafts are one of the best ways to up that patriotic feel. Plus, they’re the best option for a budget friendly Independence Day. Tie some red, white and blue balloons together to create a stunning wall garland.

For a rustic, budget friendly tablescape, arrange some white and red flowers in a deep blue vase and decorate with American flags. Perfect centerpiece.

For a super festive front door, make this gorgeous, but simple wreath. Sure to wow your visitors this season are these mason jar lanterns, just in time for fireworks, or these American flag mason jar flower holders!

Light up the Sky with Fireworks

No 4th of July party would ever be complete without some dazzling display of fireworks lighting up the sky. As a group or even better a neighbourhood, light up some fireworks or keep it more low-key with some Catherine Wheels and sparklers.

Whilst your eyes gaze up at the stars (or the end of your back-yard), jam to this all American classic song playlist. Think Born in the U.S.A, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue, Home and many more!

Whether you’re keeping it small and cozy or are going loud and proud this holiday, we hope you have an epic 4th of July party!

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