We all want that perfect, round, lifted booty, but who wants to spend hours and hours in the gym squatting?

With these quick lazy girl butt workouts, you’ll have no excuse not to get your booty moving. Some of these butt shaping workouts only take 5 minutes!

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1. Christina Carlyle’s Booty Building Workout

If you’re tired of squatting, Christina’s booty building workout is perfect for you. The best thing about these exercises? They don’t use any equipment. Just your body weight.

These are great for anyone with knee or back problems too as there’s no jumping involved.

2. Workout Labs Timed Butt Firming 10 minute workout

Workout Lab’s 10 minute butt firming workout is great if you want a timer to stick by and a printable version of the exercises. This handy workout does the exercise in real time so you know exactly how many reps you should be doing. Check it out here.

3. Fitness Blender 5 minute butt and thigh toning workout

Simple, but super effective. These 5 minute butt lifting and toning exercises are guaranteed to get your feeling the burn.

What I LOVE about fitnessblender’s workouts is the estimate calories burned tracker and real time tracker added to their videos. 

4. Blogilates 3 minute turbo butt shaper

If you get bored easily during exercise routines and need a bit of motivation, Blogilates is the channel for you. Cassie is super passionate about fitness and her videos are always high energy.

Be warned; you will sweat during her workouts, but man do they feel good afterwards!

5. Blogilates 7 minute at home no equipment butt shaping workout

6. Fitness Blender 5 minute butt lifting exercise

7. Love Sweat and Fitness 5 Minute Peach Booty Workout

This super high energy workout will give your butt a  serious lift & a nice round shape. Sure to leave your buns burning in just five minutes! This video is quite fast paced so feel free to pause it at anytime you need to.

8. The live fit girl 5 minute Booty Barre Sculpting Workout

Barre has become super popular in the world of online fitness. The Barre trend is designed to get you a dancer’s body without the dancing, incorporating pilates, strength conditioning and cardio into the mix.

This awesome workout incorporates ballet style moves (they’re simple I promise!) to tone that booty.

9. Cardio Booty HIIT Workout

For those who love super high energy, but short bursts of intense exercises, this one’s for you.

Still only taking 5-10 minutes to complete, this one involves a LOT of jumps, so be prepared to seriously get your sweat on! I tried this one the other day, and man I was sore for 3 days. Check it out here.