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Despite what many beauty brands advertise, paying hundreds of dollars on a chemical ridden skincare routine may not be the best course of action for healthy skin.

If you’re suffering with skin problems, it might be time to start drinking your way to a healthy, glowing complexion instead.

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All of these drinks help to improve your skin’s radiance, clarity and overall health – so drink up!

Important Side Note:

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1. Green Tea

Jam packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins, green tea is the perfect way to fight off inflammation, redness and UV radiation damage. Green tea is also antibacterial and can help treat acne.

For a natural sweeter kick, why not add a touch of honey or lemon to amp up the skincare benefits of this powerful drink.

2. Tomato Juice

Full of vitamin C and an antioxidant called lycopene, tomato juice acts as a natural internal anti-ageing barrier.

Tomato juice has been proven to help improve the complexion as well as protect against sun damage.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water not only tastes delicious but is also full of vitamin C, potassium and calcium, all designed to help improve your skin’s elasticity and complexion (read super clear skin and less wrinkles!).

Add some coconut water to your diet and watch your skin glow!

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Wait, we can drink this stuff?! Yes! Actually, it’s far more effective when drunk as opposed to being applied onto the skin.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, aloe vera juice has been proven to slow the ageing process of skin, improve complexion and help treat skin problems such as acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Pro Tip:

N.B. Don’t just buy any kind of Aloe Vera Juice – some kinds are actually not that beneficial to us because companies mush up the ‘waxy’ part of the plant (which we can’t digest!) and this can give some people upset stomachs!

I use this brand for my Aloe Vera Juice because they only extract the JUICE (aka the good stuff). Check it out here!

5. Cucumber Infused Water

Simple but effective. Cucumbers are filled with skin-boosting minerals such as potassium, magnesium and silica which all help to give you that radiant, hydrated glow.

6. Spearmint Tea

Suffering with acne or persistent inflammation? Spearmint tea is a life saver.

Spearmint tea has been shown to reduce the level of the male ‘androgen’ hormone (if it’s high!) and restore overall hormonal imbalances. This is great news for those suffering with hormonal related acne or PCOS.

7. Pomegranate Juice

Filled with vitamins A, C, and E, Pomegranate Juice helps to promote new cell growth, fade hyper-pigmentation (and blotchy skin) as well as reduce the look of stubborn fine lines. Some studies have said it also helps protect your skin against sun damage.

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8. Soy Milk

Soy milk is another drink which helps to protect your skin from UV radiation and sun damage by fighting off free radicals which is necessary for beautiful and youthful looking skin.

Enriched with zinc, folic acid, proteins and calcium, soy milk is one to add to your shopping list for sure!

9. Coffee

Surprised to see this one here? Coffee, when drunk in moderation, can actually help to improve your skin tone and complexion.

Research suggests that black coffee can help to fight of UV radiation and kill potentially cancerous cells. Who knew your morning cup of Joe was that good for you?