9 Best Math Youtube Channels to help you Ace your Next Test

Charlotte Bailey, Founder of Typically Topical, Study Skills Expert, Top 2% Student.

June 2019

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Studying Math can seem like a chore, especially if you’re not a ‘natural’ at it (like me!). To help you ace your next math exam, here are 9 of the best Math Youtube Channels. 

I’ve included a wide range of channels for different learning styles. They are not ranked, although I have mentioned personal favourites you should definitely check out!

9 Best Math Youtube Channels for Students

1) Mathantics

With over a million followers, you know this channel isn’t messing around when it comes to all things math.

With a super colourful display and easy to follow tutorials, it’s easy to see Mathantics is a clear favourite amongst math students.  

2) Eddie Woo

A personal branded channel dedicated purely to his love of mathematics, Eddie is a favourite of mine. Eddie Woo is a current math teacher, and the majority of his videos are filmed in a class setting.

I don’t know about you but this class setting helps me to pay extra attention.

Eddie covers a wide range of topics from inverse functions to simultaneous equations, and his energy is incredible. My personal feeling is that this channel is more suited for high school and college students. 

3) Patrick JMT Math Videos

If you’re looking for quality math videos which use examples right from the beginning, Patrick is your guy. Think of this channel as no frills meets uber quality.

His videos are simple, effective and pretty old school often using only a piece of paper to show workings out. With just over a million followers, Patrick is definitely one to add to your watch list. 

4) Study Pug

StudyPug is another good source of quality math videos. Specifically aimed at high school students, their tutorials are colourful, easy to follow and use real in-depth examples to help you understand the concept better. I will add though – they do promote their math subscription based service quite heavily.

5) Khan Academy

Another good source of high quality math videos is Khan Academy, with heaps of videos on their channel, you’ll be spoilt for choice. My only critique is how dark the videos are – if you prefer lots of colour, then this channel probably isn’t for you.

6) Numberphile

If you have a love or interest in maths beyond purely studying it to pass a test, Numberphile is for you. This channel specialises in uncovering mystical, mind-bending and complex mathematical theories, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re only for those with a keen sense of maths.

Thanks to the presenters’ fun and bubbly personalities, they make learning maths fun. You’ll be hooked and binge watching in no time. Think Netflix for well…numberphiles.

7) Math Mammoth

Need to brush up on your basic math skills? Are you a parent teaching lower grade maths to your child? Homeschooling? Math Mammoth is definitely for you.

Maria is a math teacher and a homeschooler with a degree in mathematics and educational studies. With her easy to follow tutorials, it’s no surprise her videos are a hit with parents and children alike. Fun fact: Maria (the host of the channel) wears a toy Mammoth on her shoulder during her videos. 

8) Organic Chemistry Tutor

I know, I know…I promised you the best math channels, but The Organic Chemistry Tutor covers both math and science in his videos. With a blacklit background, but lots of colourful examples, you’ll be a math (and science) whizz kid in no time. OCT has just under a million followers too.

9) Ted-Ed

Ah good old Ted. Ted-Ed is a branch of the famous Ted Talks. Whilst Ted-Ed isn’t solely dedicated to mathematics, they do have some interesting videos which explain the theory behind mathematical concepts.

The beautiful graphics alone persuaded me to add this to the list. More of an interesting watch as opposed to serious study help.

Over to you

And…there you have it, 9 of the best Math Youtube Channels to help you ace your next Math test.

Let me know in the comments which channels you’ll be adding to your watch list!

Go get those grades, Charlotte x