With Easter fast approaching (and kids’ excitement building!), I thought I’d put together a list of healthy Easter snacks that kids will love. Just because it’s Easter doesn’t mean we need to add more and more sugar to our kid’s diets.

Say goodbye to fussy eaters and hello to more veggies with these fun and super creative healthy recipes!

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1. Easter Egg Humus Toast

How cute are these Easter Egg Hummus Toast figures? Super quick to make and very easy to load with veggies!

From: Easter Egg Humus Toast | Fork And Beans

2. Easy Bunny Bagels

These mini Easter Bunny Bagels are perfect for small appetites. You can choose to make either Mr or Miss Bunny (or even both) for a cute Easter breakfast surprise.

From: Bunny Bagels | Handmade Charlotte

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3. Apple Fruit Baskets

These little fruit baskets are sure to make a delicious addition to any Easter breakfast. Super healthy and a great way to make fussy eaters love their five a day.

From: Fruit Baskets | The Gunny Sack

4. Sandwich Bunny Rolls

I LOVE these, and kids do too! These super adorable bunny rolls are perfect for quick nibbles, a children’s Easter party or even a school lunch. Plus, the choice of fillings is unlimited!

From: Bunny Rolls | Skip To My Lou

5. Easter Brunch

Looking for a delicious, yet nutritious Easter brunch? This quick recipe is sure to brighten up any kid’s day.

From: Easter Brunch | Worth Pinning

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6. Carrot Patches

Could we get anymore healthier than carrots and hummus? If your kids didn’t like carrots and humus before, they will with these super cute carrot pots.

From: Carrot Patches | Taste and Tell Blog

7. Fruit Kebobs

Fruit, fruit, oh my! These cute little bunny fruit kebobs are perfect for any snack break.

From: Fruit Kebobs | One Little Project

8. Easter Bunny Waffles

Who doesn’t love waffles? These cute little bunny waffles topped with delicious fruit make great Easter treats.

From: Easter Bunny Waffles | Fork And Beans