7 Seriously Lucrative & Legit Side Hustles At Home [Make Up To $60,000 A Year]

In this guide, we’ve found *the* 7 most lucrative and legitimate side hustles at home. The best part? They can be done whilst working in your pyjamas.

Side hustles aren’t just side hustles anymore. They’re replacing the average 9-5 worker’s income, and in some cases, doubling it!

Side hustles are one of the quickest and most legitimate ways to earn extra money. According to CNBC, the average American earns an extra $10, 972 a year from their side hustle, working around 12 hours a week on it. With more and more people dreaming of financial independence and flexible working, it’s no wonder side hustles are becoming the new norm.


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But, we’ll be honest, it can be difficult knowing which side hustle idea to run with for 2 reasons;

  • There’s a lot of scammy websites out there
  • Some ideas sound great but actually have you working lots of hours for very little money

Whilst digging around for some seriously creative ways to make money online, we found these easy to start and lucrative side hustles you can do from home that require little to no prior knowledge. It’s completely up to you how much time you spend working on these which is great if you have a lot of external commitments.


1. Virtual Assistant

Business owners, executives and corporations are always looking for virtual assistants to help support their daily responsibilities. If you’re organized, reliable and detail-oriented, this could be an extremely lucrative side hustle for you. Virtual Assistants’ may be needed for a number of tasks ranging from social media post curation to diary management. Every day could be completely different.

Potential Income: $40-60/hour

Best Place to Find Jobs: Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs and Blogging Groups

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be a seriously lucrative side hustle that doesn’t require much background knowledge. If you have a knack for putting ideas into words and love the idea of writing, this could for you.

Whilst it can be a little difficult to get into, with just a little practice and experience, you can charge good rates for your articles and posts. And you don’t need to use Fiver to build your portfolio either.

Mega online media outlets such as Thrive Global have a community section where you can submit an article for consideration before it gets published live. Whilst you might not see much traffic from it, or earn any money, you will build your portfolio which in turn helps you snag those higher paying jobs.

I also highly recommend checking out Creative Revolt. She has built a successful freelance writing business within 4 months (making $5,000+ a month) and shows budding writers how to do it too.

Potential Income: $200+ per post

Best Place to Find Jobs: ProBlogger’s Job Board. LinkedIn. Once established, your own website with inbound leads.

3. Selling Handmade Items

Looking to put your creative skills to good use? Selling your own handmade items or digital products is a fantastic side hustle with an unlimited earning potential. Sarah Titus made over $2 million dollars from selling printables alone.

Check out our earlier post which details 13 items you can make that sell like hotcakes online. Courses are also super popular right now. As the e-learning industry grows, there’s only going to be an upward trend of people buying courses online.

With some social media skills and promotion on platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, starting your own creative business could provide you with a great source of income.

Here are some Shopify success stories to show you what’s possible.

Income Potential: ($-$$$)

Best Places to List Items: Amazon Homemade, Etsy, Shopify.

4. Blogger (not what you think)

I know, I know you’ve probably heard this one before, and whilst you’ve most likely read that blogging can take years to start earning money, it’s not always that way.

  • Chasing Foxes started making good money 3 months after starting their blog.
  • Everything Abode has also just tipped the thousands mark on their earnings (and fairly quickly too!).
  • Making Sense of Cents earns around $50,000 a month just in affiliate income alone.

You don’t have to blog for years before seeing serious money coming in. Blogging is a great option for those wanting to work from home and earn money at the same time. With a blog you can work when you want to – there are no strict rules or hours to adhere to like a traditional job. Great if you have kids or other responsibilities!

Having founded 3 blogs, the two hosting providers we recommend are;

1. Bluehost

2. Siteground

Bluehost is great if you’re a beginner! With Bluehost you can launch your site in minutes. For just $3.95/month you can launch your very own blog! Plus, using our special discounted link you can get a free domain for a year.

Siteground is amazing! They have great customer support, their websites load super fast (even on their most basic shared plan they offer CDN built-in which usually costs loads of money), they offer a free domain for a year and you can have your blog up and running in under 5 minutes!

For just $3.95/month, you have all the tools necessary to launch a super successful blog. To secure this great price, simply click here!

N.B I’ve used both hosting providers and I personally prefer Siteground because of their personalised customer service and super reliable website up-time (99.9%), but I’ve never had a problem with Bluehost. They’ve always solved any problems I’ve had.

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5. Become a Scopist

We’ll admit, we have never heard of this one before, but it’s a super neat side hustle for anyone with a meticulous eye for documents. A Scopist is someone who transcribes and edits reports for court reporters.

Court reporters record notes on steno machines. From there, their notes are translated into English. A Scopist is responsible for checking that the report has translated accurately and into grammatically correct English. No foreign language knowledge necessary.

Income Potential: Scopist’s can earn between $30,000-$50,000 a year.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Find out how to become a Scopist here.

6. Online Tutor

Love teaching people? There are many types of tutoring you can offer, ranging from exam tutoring, foreign language help, or even teaching English online.

If you have expertise in a certain subject such as Biology, check out TutorMe.

TutorVista is also an option if you have subject expertise such as Physics, Maths, Chemistry or Biology.

Are you a native English speaker, why not teach English online? VIPKID and QKids are both great options to check out. VIPKid accepts applicants from anywhere around the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and hold a Bachelor’s Degree. This is very popular with stay at home moms who are looking to earn money on the side whilst caring for their kids.

Income Potential: $14-30/ hour

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7. Proofreader

Good ol’ proofreading. Have an eye for grammatical mistakes, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure? If you can look at a piece of writing and quickly pick up on minor errors, this might be the side hustle for you. With some basic tools such as Google Docs and Grammarly, you’ll be able to launch your own Proofreading Business.

Income Potential: Proofreaders can earn between $40,000-$60,000 a year.

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