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Many think becoming rich is impossible, but the truth is anybody can become rich at any age. And no, you don’t need to become a world-class athlete or a superstar.

Here are 7 habits to get rich at any age from self-made millionaires to help you get started.

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Important Side Note:

If you’re in debt, I highly recommend reading Dave Ramsey’s book ‘The Total Money Makeover’ which you can check out here. It has helped MILLIONS of people climb their way out of debt and achieve financial security quickly.

He also has another great book called The Legacy Journey. Check it out here!

Habit #1 Delayed Gratification & Patience

Rich people build for the long term, knowing what they do today will benefit their future self. They have the patience to wait for financial abundance, and often aren’t lured by get rich quick schemes.

If you’re in business, a good way of looking at this is to keep giving the best value to your customers, even if it means earning less at present, because your reputation for providing value will lead to huge profit streams in the future. 

Habit #2 Be Proactive

People who are proactive take the initiative to make things happen. They don’t wait for the solution to fall into their lap, they make sure they find a solution.

People with a proactive mindset are always seeking opportunities and open to continual learning. If no opportunities are readily available, they’ll create them. 

Habit #3 Set clear & concise financial goals

Work backwards. Ask yourself ‘how much money would I like to have?’ or ‘what would I like my finances to look like?’, then work out what you would need to earn/save each month to achieve that goal.

Then split your big financial goal into smaller, more measurable goals. This will make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed when setting out to achieve them.

Habit #4 Avoid credit card balances

Credit card balances spells trouble, especially when interest is wacked on to your ever-growing debt.

These monthly payments can easily eat into your monthly savings making it impossible to ever move forward financially. Instead, create an emergency fund for life’s unexpected surprises.

Habit #5 Take 100% responsibility

Unfortunately, many people choose to take the victim mindset when it comes to wealth and success. But here’s the thing, blaming, complaining and giving excuses just puts other people in control of your life.

The idea that we’re a victim of external events isn’t true. It’s how we respond to them that matters. Remember, you have the power and choice at all time to change your life. 

Habit #6 Do what you love

There’s conflicting advice on this, but here’s the thing. In whatever industry you look at, be that insurance, property, web design, life coaching, pet training, there’s always those at the top of their game earning WAY more than the rest in that field.

Most of the time, the reason they’re there is because they truly love and care about their profession.

Doing something just because of its monetary potential won’t carry you through rocky times.

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Habit #7 Work to increase your income (+ diversify sources of income)

Do a financial audit of your life.

How many income streams do you have? Are you working for someone else and only have that one salary to rely on? Are you self employed but busting your booty for those client payments?

The average millionaire has seven streams of income, yes, that’s right. Seven. That doesn’t mean that you have to work seven jobs or work seven times harder.

In fact, your money should be working for you not against you. This means looking at diversifying your sources of income e.g. passive income, investing, side hustle etc.

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