6 Indoor House Plants You Absolutely Can’t Kill By Overwatering

Ever over watered a house plant? You’re not alone. *Slowly raises hand* As a former serial plant drowner, one thing I do know is that it’s easy to kill your plants with too much kindness. Being overzealous with the watering can can be a death sentence for many plant species.

Fortunately, there are some house plants that LOVE water and wet soil (and when I say love, I mean love). Here are 6 indoor house plants you absolutely can’t kill by over watering.

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A Few *Must Read* Planting Tips Before We Jump Right In

Whilst these plants love an abundance of water, you’ll still want to make sure your plant pots have drainage holes and your drains well. This prevents the soil and roots from becoming waterlogged.

Terracota pots are an excellent choice. Their porous clay allows for excess water to evaporate. Plus, they allow you to see exactly how much water your plants truly need. If you spot wet patches on the bottom of the pots, this is a sure sign to hold off on watering for a day or two.

Boston Fern

Whilst you may feel you’ve been transported back to the Jurassic age, Boston Fern’s are a great option for beginners. These ferns thrive in super damp environments that mimic their native habitat; the forest floor. This makes them an extremely hardy plant and one of the easiest, low maintenance indoor plants to care for.

Pro Tip: Just watch out for their leaves turning yellow! If the level of humidity in the room is too low, place a saucer of water nearby. As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity level surrounding the fern.

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Want to add some tropical flair to your home? This bold and strikingly beautiful plant has huge leaves, and spikes of bright red, yellow, orange or pink flowers. Due to its large root system, Canna’s will need a 3-5 Gallon pot to grow indoors, and they thrive in consistently moist soil, so don’t be afraid to water if the soil is on the dry side!

Baby’s Tears

Despite their unusual name, Baby’s Tears will do anything but make you cry. Considered fairly easy to care for, these bright green creeping plants love moist soil, and will add a much needed splash of greenery to any room. When planted in pots, Baby’s Tears’ vines hang over the sides, making them a perfect choice for small hanging planters. Love terrariums? These make the perfect foliage coverage for soil too.


Known for their tall grass-like shoots and umbrella shaped buds, Cyperus plants are ideal for over-waterers. They’re native to tropical swamps, so it’s virtually impossible to overwater them! Plus, if your house plants often succumb to root rot, Cyperus is perfect for you, thanks to their native home environment. The ‘Cyperus albostriatus‘ and ‘Cyperus alternifolius‘ are varieties that are popular and easy to find.

Elephant’s Ear

Aptly named for their striking resemblance to an elephant’s ear, Elephant’s Ear plants have gorgeous black or green leaves highlighted with silvery veins. Looking for a statement piece? This is it. Whilst not the easiest house plant to look after, they do love well-drained (think Terracotta pots), but consistently moist soil.

Pro Tip: If the stalks start to droop, it needs more water!


Another Jurassic Park moment. Selaginellas love moist, damp environments. With a strong link to the fern family, Selaginellas make a perfect choice for those wishing to make a terrarium. They can be used as ground covers, or alternatively look great in hanging baskets due to their gorgeous emerald green vines. Soil should be kept damp at all times, and again thanks to their prehistoric background, require a high level of humidity to thrive.


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