17 Gorgeous Tiny House Ideas That Maximise Style And Function

As rent soars and city apartments are becoming increasingly smaller, more and more people are turning to tiny homes as a way to combat the ever-growing problem, and for good reason too – they’re absolutely stunning!

Here are 17 genius tiny house ideas that maximise both style and function.

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1. Chrome Finish

Think that having a tiny house means you have to sacrifice luxury? Not at all. This 50sq ft tiny house has spaciously high ceilings, a two tiered loft area and the upstairs area can fit a queen sized mattress.

This beautifully decorated tiny home even has a pull out trundle bed for a one child family.

2. White Wash and Wood Contrast

3. Fold Away Dining Table

This tiny house kitchen hack is a great decor idea, especially if you love cooking and dining in. This fold away dining table transforms any tiny house into a home in a matter of seconds.

4. Cozy Black and Grey Theme

Now this is what I call cosy. With its warm grey and natural wood flooring finishes, this 28sq ft tiny house offers a super cosy living space with ample storage. The dim lit lights and soft furnishings also add homely feel.

5. Wide Windows and Bright Light

6. Forest Log Cabin Theme

7. Monochrome Contrast

8. French Doors, simple look

This tiny house design proves that sometimes less is more. This super clean wood finish coupled with the large french door and wide open living room space looks beautifully simplistic.

9. Homely Upstairs

10. The Rustic Finish

11. Small but functional

Whilst not everyone’s taste, this green panelled tiny house has a clever hack hiding up its sleeve. The pull out rail is a great idea if you have room left to spare but don’t have enough space for a small wardrobe.

12. Luxurious Geometric Finish

This monotone tiny house proves that you should never be afraid of embracing dark colours too. The stylish decor, custom corner suite and patterned rugs effortlessly blend together to form a truly stunning tiny home.

13. Lots of Storage

Storage hacks galore! Talk about making room. This tiny house makes full use of the living room space with drawers under the floor, under the stairs and even under the seats. A super clever space saving hack.

14. Pull Down Bed

15. Functional Kitchen

I love this design! Making use of two sets of stairs, this tiny house makes room for two bedroom areas, perfect for small families. The built in spice rack is a fab idea for any budding chefs too.

16. White Frills

17. Holiday Log Cabin Feel

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