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Looking for some seriously creative monthly bullet journal layouts? Take a look at these beauties for some inspiration.

I’ve also added some quick pen tips below and materials needed for each layout so you can replicate it yourself!

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Pro Tips:

If you’re new to bullet journaling or aren’t sure where to get started with supplies, I’ve created a small list below of the best materials and supplies for bullet journalling (which I use myself!).

Let’s face it no-one wants to waste money on a bad set of pens or a low quality notebook!

Best Bullet Journals:

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Dotted Journal

Moleskine Soft Cover Dot Grid Notebook (not real mole skin!)

Dingbats Wildlife Dotted Notebook

Best Bullet Journal Pens:

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

IBayam Journal Planner Pens

Pigma Micron Pen Set (Black Pens)

1. Month In Review

This simple two toned month in review layout is great for reflecting on your expenses, goals and lessons learned.

Using just a black fineliner and two coloured brush pens, you can create the exact same spread.

Materials: Fineliners, Brush Pens

2. Busy Bee Layout

This gorgeous busy bee layout is giving us serious bullet journal envy.

Used as a monthly log to track key personal and work events, this design makes use of a black fineliner for the main outline, 2 yellow/orange tone brush pens, thin tape and a stained piece of paper.

When I attempted to make this spread, I used an old black tea bag to stain the piece the paper before adding it to my bullet journal. This gives it the swash, faded look.

Materials used: Fineliners, brush pens, washi tape

3. Monthly Habit Tracker Layout

The monthly habit tracker makes use of Mildliners, a specific brand of fineliners. Super easy to create, this tracker is great if you’re trying to reinforce a new habit or break an old one.

Materials used: Fineliners, brush pens, mono pens

4. Planetary Monthly Spread

This insanely stunning planetary layout is perfect if you want to track simple events throughout the month.

If you’re into astronomy or astrology, this design is perfect for your personality too. Surprisingly, this masterpiece only uses a few coloured fineliners and brush pens.

Materials used: Fineliners, brush pens

5. Stunning day by day spread

This image focused design is great for daily planning. With simple lines, you can add your events to each day. This stunning bullet journal spread uses fineliners, two toned blue brush pens. 

Materials used: Fineliners, brush pens

6. Calendar Style Monthly Layout

Love the traditional calendar style, but want to add your own decorative twist? This layout maximises the uses of the daily boxes, allowing for more detailed notes.

Using various coloured tapes, fineliners, custom stamp, and cardboard, you too can create this design.

Materials used: Fineliners, brush pens

7. Minimalist Monthly Spread

Looking for something simple but effective? This monotone design is great for a no frills bullet journal monthly spread.

Black fineliners are your best friend when it comes to creating this black and white beauty.

Materials: Black Fineliners

8. Classic Daily Layout

Want to add a touch of elegance to your bullet journal? This is the spread for you.

Making use of a grey faded wash, and black fineliners for the outline, this classic daily layout will always keep you up to date. I LOVE the black satin strip page keeper too.

Materials: Black Fineliners

9. Creative Notes and Goals Tracker

This stunningly simple yet creative notes, monthly spread and goal tracker proves that sometimes less is more. Using black fineliners and a few coloured brush pens, this beautiful monthly spread can be yours.

Materials: Fineliners, brush pens

10. Mood and Habits Monthly Tracker

This mood and habits tracker is a great way to visually track your emotions and new habit goals. I LOVE the plant idea.

To use this spread, simply add the number of days to the plant pots and following the key in the right hand corner, colour in the plants with the corresponding mood.

Materials: Fineliners, brush pens

11. Circle Monthly Spread

If you only have one of two events happening each day, this spread is perfect for you. Using just three coloured brush pens and a black fineliner, this gorgeous ocean design will make monthly planning a breeze.

Materials: Seabird tape, fineliners, brush pens

12. 2 Page Month Spread

Another ocean themed spread, except this one makes use of the smudged watercolour spread.

Simple, but effective this 2 page month spread tracks the time this lawyer spends in work vs court. This could also be used for school vs part time work, or work vs side hustle.

Materials: 2 coloured fineliners, a bright blue brush pen and a fineliner

13. Game Themed Spread

This game board themed monthly spread is incredibly creative. If you find yourself procrastinating, this bullet journal spread could easily spur you into action. The cute little to do list on the corner is great for an overall monthly tracker too.

Materials: Fineliners, thin brush pens

14. Character and Movie Themed Spread

Have a favourite movie or book? Why not transform one of your bullet pages into a scene from that book or movie.

This Harry Potter dementor themed bullet journal spread is perfect for all Hogwarts fans. Super simple too – using only blue and black fineliners, and black marker.

Materials: Blue and black fineliners, and black marker.

15. Weather Themed Monthly Layout

 Using the blue mildliner and staedler fineliners, you too can create this simple, yet beautiful decorative bullet journal spread.

Materials: Mildliner & Staedler fineliners

16. Holiday Themed Layout

Now this is what we call a creative spread. Love certain holidays? This stunning halloween 2 page spread makes use of thick brush or marker pens, and black fineliners. You might need some spare time to create this one though!

Materials: Black fineliners, coloured brush pens