14 Genius IKEA Hacks To Finally Get Organized Like A Pro

I love IKEA Hacks and seen as you guys loved the last hacks round up I did, here are 14 genius IKEA Hacks to finally get organized like a pro.

I’ve included everything from fridge storage hacks to kids playroom organization.

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1. Fridge Hack

Using the PLUGGIS storage containers, you can organise your fridge into neat sections. Ever opened the fridge only for something to fall and smash to the floor?

With these beautiful, yet simplistic containers, even the weirdest shaped items won’t try to break free!

2. Children’s Let’s Play Cooking Kitchen

This one is one of my favourite ikea hacks for kids. This little hacks involves simply painting a footstool black, drawing a stove on the top step, and adding some colourful knobs to get the burners going! You can use chalkboard paint for the stove drawing.

3. Phone Charging Station

Simply mount this bar and hanging basket near a changing point and place your gadgets in the basket. No more cluttered surface tops and desks.

4. Makeup Mobile Vanity Station

Need to organise your makeup? Hate leaving it on desks, or spilling out of makeup bags? This clever little hack will have you organised in no time. This hack uses the IKEA Raksog Cart and Godmorgon Clear Plastic Dividers.

You can use each layer to break down your makeup routine, putting skincare and your prep routine on the top section, your foundation and concealers on the second tray and palettes, glosses and shadows on the bottom tray.

5. Coffee Station

Love your coffee? This handy little coffee station is great if you prefer easy access to your cups, creamers and coffee. 

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6. LEGO Organiser

Kid’s bedrooms and playrooms can get super messy? Who wants LEGO bits stuck in their foot all the time? Ouch.

This neat IKEA desk not only leaves the room tidy but is great for your budding architect to build their masterpieces on. 

7. Bedside Butler

For when the average bedside table just won’t do. Not only is this functional, but incredibly modern and sleek too.

Using two Mosslanda Picture ledges, simply fix one upright and another on top. As shown in the image, if you want to add a nightlight to the ‘table, you can.

8. Cupboard Organiser

These spice racks are not just for the kitchen. Don’t know where to store containers and detergents? Have children and want to keep them away from chemicals? These spice racks are perfect.

9. Baby Clothes Organiser

Would you believe this uses the same Bekvram spice rack as in hack no#8? Endless uses for an IKEA spice rack. You can ever store baby books, boots and small toys here too!

10. Bookcase Masterpiece

The king of all IKEA hacks, the classic billy bookcase. Using just some trim and paint, these simple bookcases can be transformed into a total centerpiece for the room.

11. Maximise Laundry Room Space

Perfect for smaller laundry rooms, this little hack allows for more space when drying. Simply open the racks up when needed and close when you’re done.

12. Bathroom Organiser

Don’t know where to hang your towel? Want easy access to your toiletries? This simple, yet elegant design is perfect for compact bathrooms.

13. Indoor Herb Garden

Have green fingers? Then this one’s for you. Using the IKEA Vurm Wine Bottle holder, you can create your own indoor herb garden. Stylish, pretty and functional. What more could you ask for?

14. DIY Metallic Salt and Pepper Shakers

These shiny salt and pepper shakers will a bit of colour and glitz to any kitchen or dining room. Whilst this one might look difficult, it’s actually fairly easy to do yourself, and only takes 5 minutes! 

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