For centuries elderberries have been used to treat colds, flu and various common ailments. Over time though, they’ve lost their popularity, and although they’re not easy to find in the average supermarket, they can be found at health stores. Even better, why not go elderberry picking?

Here are delicious, immune boosting elderberry recipes that the whole family will love!

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What is the Elderberry?

Elderberries are small purplish fruits originating from the European elder tree. The most common variety in the US is the North American Elderberry. Some species of elderberry are edible, whilst others are not, so if you plan to harvest your own, make sure to do your research!

What are the health benefits to Elderberries?

1. Immune System Boosting

Elderberries are extremely potent in flavonoids, more specifically anthocyanins. This is what gives them their deep purplish colouring. Flavonoids are extremely powerful antioxidants that work to boost the immune system.

Elderberries also contain anti-viral agents which are thought to be strong enough to kill off viruses and pathogens that enter the immune system, keeping in strong and resilient.

2. Cold and Flu Killer

Jam packed with Vitamin C, elderberries have been shown to reduce fever, inflammation and reduce the symptoms and duration of colds and flu. Elderberries are also ‘anti-catarrhal’ meaning they help to relieve a stuffy nose and head congestion naturally.

3. Improves Digestive Health

Full of fibre, elderberries help to relieve constipation, reduce excessive gas and increase your overall digestive health. Fibre is also needed for weight management, blood sugar regulation and has been linked to increased life longevity.

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Immune Boosting Elderberry Recipes

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