Looking to tighten your belt and your budget in 2020? One of the biggest barriers to eating healthy is often the cost of the food!

But fear not, there are LOTS of healthy, nutritious and filling foods you can buy that cost less than 40 cents per serving.

Not all healthy food has to be organic, non-GMO, or insanely expensive! In fact, many healthy options come in cans too!

To help you out, here are 9 super delicious, healthy but cheap foods that will help you to prepare balanced, delicious meals every time.

1. Eggs

Price: $0.19 per egg. $3 for a dozen.

Eggs are a versatile and flexible protein, a true powerhouse of nutrients. One egg is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6 and vitamin A.

And don’t throw away the yolk either! Whilst the egg whites contain nutrients such as selenium and riboflavin, it’s the yolk that is jam packed with essential nutrients.

You can make omelettes, frittatas, egg muffins, egg fried rice or even shakshuka.

2. Rolled Oats

Price: $0.10 per serving.

There’s growing evidence that suggests eating rolled oats helps contribute to a well balanced diet, and reduces the risk factors associated with heart disease. A convenient source of fiber, rolled oats are great for digestive health.

Aside from enjoying oats in oatmeal, you can make banana bread, savoury oats or better yet, oat pancakes!

3. Canned Tuna

Price: $0.38 per serving.

We often think of seafood as being super expensive, but canned tuna is one of the cheapest forms of seafood around. It’s a good source of essential nutrients, such as omega 3 fatty acids, high quality protein, selenium and vitamin D.

Plus, canned tuna has a long shelf life.

Add to sandwiches, salads or flatbreads.

4. Brown Rice

Price: $0.11 per serving.

Brown rice is a healthy whole grain that is convenient, easy to cook and can be a very filling base. Brown rice contains the bran and the germ which makes it a much healthier and nutritious option than white rice.

Brown rice is loaded with fiber and is an excellent source of manganese, magnesium and copper.

Why not try making a delicious vegetable fried rice?

5. White Russet Potatoes

Price: $0.20 per serving (one medium potato).

Sweet potatoes often get all the credit for being ‘the’ healthy version of this carb, but the truth is all potatoes are packed with nutrients our body needs!

All potatoes contain protein, potassium, and vitamin B-6, which contribute to a well balanced diet. So don’t feel guilty picking up those white potatoes.

Plus, they’re so versatile – they can be paired with almost anything.

6. Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Price: $0.25 per serving (one bag)

If there’s a food you should always keep in your freezer, it’s frozen mixed vegetables. Versatile, easy to use and a quick way to add more vegetables to your plate.

There’s a common misconception that frozen means it’s not healthy, but that’s simply not true. In fact, vegetables (and fruits) are frozen at their peak freshness, which helps to lock in all of those essential nutrients.

Pro Tip: Larger bags of frozen mixed vegetables tend to be cheaper per serving, especially during the winter months when most vegetables are out of season!

7. Black Beans

Price: $0.16 per serving (dry beans), $0.35 per serving (canned beans)

Beans have a high level of fiber, and are a perfect source of protein for vegetarians and vegans alike.

One cup of cooked black beans contains half of the amount of fiber you need in one day!

If you want to save more money you can bulk buy dry beans, batch cook and freeze in small batches. Simply thaw when you’re ready to add them to a delicious meal.

Black beans make a great addition to a vegetable (or meat) chilli, a salad or a black bean taquito.

8. Whole Wheat Pasta

Price: $0.37 per serving (half a cup)

Whole wheat pasta is a much healthier alternative to white pasta. Loaded with fiber, whole wheat pasta helps improve digestive health. Whole wheat pasta is also packed with key antioxidants and protein.

Simply pair with a rich tomato sauce, some frozen vegetables and you’ve got a delicious, cheap meal.

9. Pinto Beans

Price: $0.30 per serving (half a cup)

Packed with protein and fiber, pinto beans are a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal.

If you love the taste of refried beans, the kind that are often served at restaurants, simply mix pinto beans with some spices and garlic for a tasty side.

10. Tofu

Price: $0.20 per serving

Tofu is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, or those simply looking to add a high protein, low fat food to their every day meals.

There is evidence to suggest that eating soy in moderation may help to reduce cholesterol and the risk of certain cancers.

Why not try a delicious pan fry tofu with veggies for your next uber low-cost meal?

11. Lentils

Price: $0.12 per serving

These mild tasting legumes make a perfect addition to any curries and soups. They also make a fantastic meat replacement for burgers and bolognese sauces. Plus, they contain more protein per pound than most meat products.

12. Chickpeas

Price: $0.30 per serving

Packing a serious amount of fiber, chickpeas can be added a number of delicious dishes.

Try roasting them in olive oil or adding them to curries, soups, or even better why not make your own DIY hummus by blending them?

Try roasting them in olive oil or adding them to curries, soups, or even better why not make your own DIY hummus by blending them?

13. Canned Salmon

Price: $0.20 per serving

Love salmon but not its price tag? We hear you! Why not try canned salmon instead to add a bit of variety to your weekly meals?

A natural source of high quality protein, canned salmon is rich in omega three fatty acids, which is essential for optimal brain health.

Looking for a hearty family meal? Make some salmon burgers that the whole family will love!