We all hate the feeling of being stuck at home and having nothing to do. That feeling is even worse when we want to be productive and feel like we’re not wasting our time cooped up inside. But it’s often hard to know exactly what to do during this time!

To help you out, here are 100+ super productive things to do when you’re bored and stuck at home.

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105 Productive Things To Do When Bored & Stuck At Home

1. Organize the cupboards

2. Read the book you’ve always wanted

3. Find and listen to a podcast

4. Sort your email inbox

5. Unsubscribe to junk email

6. Meal plan for the next week

7. Call a long distant friend

8. Learn something new with an online course

9. Trace your ancestry

10. Organize your laptop files

11. Watch a youtube documentary

12. Catch up on studying

13. Create a budget savings plan

14. Try out a new recipe

15. Practice mindfulness

16. Meditate

17. Home Exercise/Yoga

18. Watch a TED Talk

19. Organize you desk

20. Vacuum

21. Declutter your paperwork

22. Organize your cleaning supplies

23. Donate old clothing

24. Do your laundry

25. Do the dishes

26. Learn a new language

27. Learn to play a musical instrument

28. Write an ebook

29. Start a blog

30. Research money making opportunities

31. Enrol onto an online degree course

32. Have a dance party

33. Plan your next vacation

34. Create a vision/goal board

35. Redecorate your bedroom

36. Start to bullet journal

37. Update your LinkedIn profile

38. Research new jobs

39. Clean out your social media following

40. Create an emergency home kit

41. Create a first aid kit

42. Clean kitchen surfaces

43. Join an online book club

44. Ask your kids to help downsize their toys/clothes/playroom

45. Train your brain with puzzles

46. Help the kids with their homework

47. Hang up photos/artwork around the house

48. Sort through family photos/albums

49. Organize medicine cabinet

50. Pre-chop veggies and fruit

51. Make a deposit into your emergency fund (or create one)

52. Revisit old goals – and make adjustments as needed

53. Create a gratitude journal

54. Write a list of bad habits you want to break

55. Repot house plants that have outgrown their current habitat

56. Write a 5 or 10 year plan

57. Organize your phone apps/files

58. Write a grocery list

59. Sort through photos on phone

60. Update your media kit/resume

61. Create reminders for important events

62. Read an ebook for your business/classes

63. Take out the trash

64. Make a ‘pumped-up’ song playlist

65. Create a debt repayment plan

66. Organize your nightstand

67. Clean out your bag/purse

68. Make a copy of important documents

69. Detangle and organize loose cables

70. Deep clean pots and pans

71. Research and start a new diet

72. Paint a room in your home that needs TLC

73. Plant bulbs in your garden/indoor pots

74. Draw something

75. Write creatively!

76. Create a bucket list

77. Create a ‘dream’ pinterest board and fill it with your goals

78. Create a scrapbook

79. Write a poem

80. Plan an indoor date night

81. Sort your recycling

82. Dye your hair

83. Write a letter to your future self

84. Feng Shui optimize your apartment

85. Learn to code

86. Decorate cookies/biscuits

87. Organize your work/school planner

88. File your taxes

89. Find your Myers Briggs personality type

90. Back up your computer/files

91. Order new business/networking cards

92. Schedule your appointments

93. Order groceries online

94. Create a morning/evening relaxing ritual

95. Embrace aromatherapy

96. Plan a spa/pamper evening for yourself

97. Call your parents

98. Refresh your high school knowledge

99. Search pinterest for simple crafts at home

100. Fix something in your home

101. Plan a month off sugar

102. Organize your wardrobe space

103. Tidy under the kitchen sink

104. Pre-plan gifts for special occasions

105. Watch stand-up comedy