Looking for tasty but low carb paleo dinner recipes that are easy to make and fit great into your busy weeknight schedule? Look no further. I’ve got you covered!

Some of these recipes are also keto, whole30 and vegetarian friendly.

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1. Instant Pot General Tso’s Chicken

Low carb, keto and paleo. What more could we ask for? This simple weeknight chicken dinner recipe made in the pressure cooker.

Love your takeout? This super healthy alternative has all the amazing flavours of your favourite Chinese takeaway!

2. Chipotle Chicken Skillet

Honestly, you would never think that this is a healthy paleo recipe! This is the fast food of paleo, except this version is a LOT healthier. Only taking 25 minutes to make, this delicious dinner looks just as good as it looks!

3. Egg Roll In a Bowl

This has got to be one of my favourite recipes ever! The egg roll bowl is very easy to make, filling and tasty. Belongs on any healthy eating meal plan for sure. Plus, this dish is also suitable for the whole30 plan and low carb.

4. Low Carb Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing

Perfect for turkey leftovers! This cauliflower low carb recipe is the ultimate pick-me-up comfort food. Surprisingly, this cauliflower recipe is super soft and tasty.

5. Chicken Fajita Whole30 Stuffed Peppers

With just 10 minutes for meal prep, these stuffed peppers are sure to delight the chef in the kitchen. Quick to make, but super filling, these whole30 paleo peppers are perfect for a quick dinner.

6. Whole30 Chilli

This ridiculously easy to make low carb chilli dish is perfect for those weeknights after a long, busy day. Just the perfect amount of spice to warm the soul!

7. Zucchini Ravioli

Looking for a healthy twist on a classic? This Zucchini Ravioli recipe isn’t just creamy, cheesy and flavourful, it’s also low carb! 

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8. Paleo Baked Chicken Nuggets

Love your chicken nuggets? There’s no need to cut them out if you’re on a paleo diet! These tasty treats are perfect for kids and big kids alike!

9. Vegan Sweet Potato Patties

Looking for a filling, tasty dinner? These sweet potato cauliflower patties are vegetarian friendly (vegan and paleo options included!). No eggs needed either. Win-win.

10. Crispy Air Fryer Gluten Free Vegan Potato Latkes

Looking for a low carb side dish? These vegan potato latkes are crispy, fluffy and super flavourful. Plus, they’re allergen free for 8 of the major allergies! Great if you need to make a side dish for guests.